- BREAK GLASSES, predict economic damage.

- If glasses, are colorless, the COLOR will tell us more about this vision, for example, if the glasses are red relates to our vision about love, if the glasses are orange, refers to our ambitions.

- In the case of CONTACT LENSES, means:
• If it comes to contact lenses that are used to make our eyes look a different color, it means that we want to please the opposite sex, more.
• If it comes to contact lenses to see better, and in our waking life we do not use that type of contact lenses, means that our vision of things is distorted.

- If we dream we wearing sunglasses and a black LEATHER JACKET tells us that we are hiding reprehensible conduct.

- LOSE GLASSES, warns us about our lack of care for others.

- If in our dream we see a young MAN WEARING GLASSES, STARING AT US, represents an enemy, and the dream tells us that that person sees us as enemies because of a gossip or a misunderstanding. This dream we advises caution.

- If in dream we just SEE GLASSES, indicates that our words will be misinterpreted.

- If we dream, we wear SUNGLASSES, means we have bad feelings towards someone. It may also mean that we are trying to hide a reprehensible conduct; in this case, the dream advises us to change our behavior.

- If we dream, we wear SUNGLASSES WITH GOLD RIMMED, tells us to defend our interests, even though they might think that we are being bad, or too severe, may even have feelings of guilt, in which case, the dream we are advised to get rid of those feelings that are unjustified.

- If in our waking life not wear glasses, but in the dream we WEAR GLASSES, means that our view of things is distorted.

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