This sign represents everything we must overcome to free ourselves and expand our personality.

- If we dream of a GIANT BEAR, it means that we must learn to manage our strength, instincts and/or excess courage.

- If in the dream we see a truck carrying a giant BILL (of money), it means that we should not focus only on trying to find a way to get more money, but on doing things well, since otherwise they await us economic difficulties.

-If a man dreams of a GIANT GRAY CAT, it means that there is a woman interested in him, but she causes him a lot of depression, for the reason that she is very indecisive, or because she has not been able to understand her way of thinking.

- If in our dream we see two giant COCKROACHES, it means that we must put a limit on a certain treacherous and despicable person, since otherwise it will cause us many problems.

- If in the dream we see a GIANT SPIDER, it means that in order to achieve what we want we must stop being reckless, since we can also fall into a trap. But if, in addition, the giant spider has blood-stained legs and claws, then the dream tells us that if we fall into the trap, it can cause us pain and sorrow.

- To dream about a STONE GIANT means that we are being too stubborn and advises us to change our attitude, for example: Accept someone's help.

- If we dream of an UGLY AND GIANT PERSON, it means that we must learn to control/avoid certain harmful people.

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