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Dreams: Q

Qualifications/Rating/Report card:
- To dream that we cannot find the rating lists of our exams, is related to present or future concerns, and tells us that if we are not prudent and discreet enough, something can go wrong.
- To dream that we failed an exam, means that we must analyze the situation well and study more, in a more specific way: If we recently had an exam, he tells us that we have not studied enough, or we have not done it well enough. But if we haven't had an exam recently, then this is a difficult issue that we are facing, and it means that we need to better analyze the situation, as we are not yet sufficiently prepared.
Dreams usually show us things from the future, but sometimes, they also let us see things from the past, in this case, for example: If it is a test that we took recently, it means that we failed it, or that we got a bad grade; which advises us that next time we take it more seriously. r

- If we dream of something that is of poor quality, it is a warning, telling us that we should seek more knowledge and do better.
- If we dream of good quality things, means that we already have sufficient knowledge and know how to make things right. This dream simply advises us to put into practice what we know do

Quarrel/Streel fight:
This sign tells us that we are being insecure, or it may be the feeling of a calamity.
Other times it reflects the desire to free ourselves from oppressions that we cannot stand any longer, although if it comes to the melee it is internal conflicts.

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It represents the spirit, intellect, wisdom, and divination.
- Dreaming of a Quartz means our spirit and intellect are clear and clean and presages integrity and honesty.
- We can also announce the ability to access knowledge, learning, experiences, and levels of the invisible world.
- Dreaming of a blackened quartz, means the opposite of the above, or that our ideas are not clear. But if we dream we see the glass in the windows of the house you live in someone you know and these are dark, or are dirty, the meaning applied to that person, for example, may mean that the person has ideas unclear.
- If we dream that a quartz bankruptcy, means that there is a risk that our projects are completed wrong.
- If we dream of a quartz charm, means that we will soon have a comfort or protection.
- To dream that you bring two quartz and are clear and transparent means we're protected by our wisdom or good judgment.

It symbolizes our parents or from whom we depend in some way, but if we dream as queens may mean that we have achieved our purpose important or that we are being too ambitious.

Quesadilla (Tortilla stuffed with cheese):
- If in our dream we see a woman making quesadillas, it means that our resources will reach a sufficient level to allow us to contemplate the future with serenity.

Question mark ( ? ):
- If in our dream we see a sack of flour and noticed that it have written a question mark, it means that to avoid money problems, we must get rid of our fears and defend our interests

- Means that we have found the right path, because the snake represents the earth (this world) and the feathers represent Heaven, ie, this sign represents the union of Heaven and Earth.
- Dreaming of a coin bearing the sign of Quetzalcoatl, it means that you have found the truth about something you wanted to know, and if the coin with the sign of Quetzalcoatl is silver mean you should not worry too much about the problems, because you have a special protection.

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- Dreaming of Princess Quetzalpapalotl or with its sign tells us that we must defend our honor and our family.

Queue/Line :
- Dreaming we do row on a BENCH , means that our projects will continue delaying because even lack of stability in the economic.
- If we dream that we are lining up to get on to a BOAT , means we must wait a little longer to achieve positive change . It may also mean that there is the possibility that a positive change is delayed (for example : If we are in school, you can refer to it is likely that we fail to the next grade , in which case advises us to do more and to get a amulet to counteract the bad sign and avoid failing ).
- If you dream you are in line to enter the CINEMA , With our ex-girlfriend( ex-boyfriend ) and begins to happen to make us late and we did not get in, tells us that it's not too late to go back with our ex girlfriend(ex boyfriend), but we must try to do it soon because there is little time for that and we are taking too long to try.
- If we are DOING ROW means that the evolution of our projects delayed a little longer.
- Dreaming we do row in a LIBRARY, means that the evolution of our projects will continue delaying because it still lack sufficient knowledge.
- To dream that we lined up to use the PUBLIC PHONE tells us that we must have a little patience to get lucky in love, either because they are going too fast in a relationship or because we must wait a little longer to find someone appropriate.
- To dream that we row, but before the end of the dream WE ATTEND, means that we must learn to be patient.

- If in our dream we see ourselves escaping from something, quickly, it means that we have escaped a difficulty quickly and efficiently; in this case it is convenient to consult the meaning of the thing, from which we escaped, to know what we got rid of.
- If we dream that we drive too fast, it is an advice, which tells us, that we should take things slowly.

If in our dream we see ourselves in this state, it means that we need a bit of tranquility, before moving forward with our projects.
If in our dream we are calm, but suddenly we get the impression that there is a threat, it means that we have a small imbalance in our personality, such as: Insecurity, nervous exhaustion, anxiety, restlessness, so we must analyze the situation well, and not allow ourselves to be carried away by fears without reason.

To dream of a quilt, it means that we will comfort and home safety.

- To dream of quinces in good condition, it augurs fidelity in marriage or in friendship.
- If the quinces are in poor condition, it means problems in love.

- View in our dreams a quincunx, tells us that soon we can get some divine help.
- If in the dream we see a quincunce (Cross formed by 5 points), but we notice that the middle point is missing, it means that we are not knowing how to control the situation well.

Quit a job:
If we dream that we quit a job, the dream augurs us a separation that can be painful, but that will become a liberation.

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