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Dreams: La

Lab Tweezers:
- If in our dream we see lab tweezers (Those that are used to take small objects) and cotton, it means that there is a delicate issue that we must handle with great prudence.

This dream could indicate several things, according as this, for example, if we are placing a label to a package, warns us that we will have good news, but if the paste into an object, warns us that we incidentals.

Labor union, Syndicate, Trades union:
If the dream is positive, it means that our work interests are well protected. But if the dream has a negative context, then it means that our work interests are not well protected and we can become victims of abuse.

- He tells us that our business due to our initiatives go according to our hopes.

It means that we will need skill and cunning to pass a test or to get out of a difficult situation.
- If we dream that we are in a Labyrinth and see a giant spider, it tells us that we will need skill and cunning to get out of the trap we've fallen.
- If we dream that we are in a Labyrinth full of mud, it means that if we are not careful we can get to fall into a difficult situation in which our reputation and credibility are affected.
- If we are inside a Labyrinth, portends troubles and difficulties of all kinds unless we get out of it, in which case indicates that we will find an unexpected solution that will allow us to go out with either a muddled affair. It also indicates our ability to react to the absurd.
- If we dream that a certain place is like a Labyrinth and therefore we prefer to get out of there, it represents an issue that was very tangled or that has many risks, and therefore we prefer to get out of it. It may also mean that there is a tangled issue with many risks and is better avoided.

This dream augurs happiness in love and good fortune.

- Dreaming we missed something to get or achieve what we wanted, it tell us that we must analyze well our most important projects in order to avoid failure or fall into a long waiting period. This dream advises us to be surer of ourselves and not to forget the lessons we have learned in life.

- To dream that we have many lacks, for example: Lack of affection and shortage in our life, it means the opposite, that is, we have many good things in our lives. What advises us not be pessimistic.

Lacoste (From: The brand):
- If we dream we wear a garment of the Lacoste brand or a garment with a crocodile logo, it means that we have the courage and determination to make things right.

The ladder can also purchase a highly spiritual meaning, who knows the number of steps (should be a sacred number: 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, or 13), and sleep through the atmosphere in these cases represents the ascent of the soul to God or the descent of God to the soul to give Her grace.
- UPLOAD IT TO THE TOP and then lower, announces positive change in our lives.
- If only are we LOWERING IT, is because something is not right.
- SEE THE STAIRS, BUT NOT upload, warns us that something is wrong, normally we might have a bad fit, or we need to do more.
- If we GO UP WITH DIFFICULTY, tells us that we require a greater effort in our projects.
- View a ladder PLACED ON A WALL, means there is a danger.
- View a ladder ON THE FLOOR, means illness, unless the lift up, then it means: healing.
- If we FALL into our dream a ladder AND FEEL DIZZY, it means that our personality is changing, to know where is the change, we should pay attention to the meaning of the other things that occur in our dream.
- If we FALL from a ladder, BUT NOT FEEL DIZZY, it means that our projects can fail, so the dream start advises us to do much more.

- This dream is a reflection of our attitude towards life.
- If in the dream we see a fine lady elderly, means that we must respect more social and moral norms if we want them to do the same, for example: If a man wants his wife to be faithful, must begin be faithful, himself. It can also mean a tip that tells us that if we dialogue so polite and friendly, it will be easier to convince others.

If in our dream we see a ladybug, means we will have good news and good fortune soon.

See: "Lake"

This sign speaks of our emotions, and can also tell us something about our love relationships.
- Dreaming of a lake, where the waters are clean, we are told that our feelings are well founded.
- View a lake that is surrounded by vegetation, tells us that we have the desire to live loving emotions.
- If the water is murky, it means tough love.
- If the edges are dry, meaning that we fear not achieve our amorous desires.
- If we are fishing in the lake, tells us that we have the desire to find a mate.
- If in the lake fish are dead and it is cloudy, it means bad luck in love.
- If there are other people with us, what we say and do gives us information of our own personality.

Lama (Eastern priest):
- This dream tells us that we will have some divine help.
- Can also be a comfort, good money luck, good luck in spiritual or in the familiar.

Lamborghini (From: Car model):
- If in our dream we drive a Lamborghini, it means that others see us with respect and as young athletes.

- If we dream that we are lame, means that we can�t achieve what we want.
- If we dream that another person is lame, means she does not accomplish what they want.

Listen lamentation in our dream warns us that can occur something unfortunate or misfortune.

A lamprey represents someone who is taking advantage of us or a person who is exploiting us somehow.

The land is associated with motherhood and family.
- If you dream that you ploughing the land, means we will have prosperity in our family.
- If you dream that you collect the seed, it means prosperity and harmony in close proximity.
- If you dream that you can not work the land, is a notice telling us that we must begin to do more to achieve our purposes.
- If you sleep lying on the ground once, then you have desire for possession.
- Dream that we are in the bow boat and the distance we see land and mountains, means that we will soon see the end of a stage in our life, which ended favorably.

In this case, the important thing is to see the meaning of the things we see in the landscape: Mountains, rivers, valleys, roads, etc. and look for the meaning of each one, and thus relate them, to understand the meaning of the dream, for example: If we see a mountain, and almost at the top of it clouds, it means: That soon we can achieve success. If we see a forest and it is a pleasant sight, it means that soon we will understand the cause of our fears and we will overcome them.
- A beautiful landscape represents good prospects for the future.

- If we dream that someone speak in another language, it means we mistrust and are restless, who speaks to us, who can be a dangerous enemy.
- It can also mean lack of communication with those around us, the same means if we are talking in another language.

Language of the deaf-worlds:
- If we dream that we communicate through the language of the deaf-mute with someone we like, means that if you want know is that person like you, you must pay attention to certain signals, for example: If when you are near that person, she(he) touch her(his) hair or celebrate everything you do is because she(he) likes you, but if it is indifferent or is more interested in looking at someone else, it is because she(he) not like you.

- Dreaming of a computer or a lap-top in good condition promises us success in our work.

Laptop sleeve:
- If we dream that we go to a certain place with our laptop, but it happens that we forgot the case for the laptop, it means that we should not forget to take good care of our work, for example: Always have a backup; patent any invention, book, innovation, etc., that we have made; do not leave it within reach of our pets; etc.

It means success. But if we see a container broken with lard, it means: Disgrace.

- To View larvae in our dream, it means that we must face with effectively and attention, the difficulties we are presenting.
- Dreaming about a larva attacks us, means that we must overcome our fears and face with effectively and attention, the difficulties we are presenting.

- It represents the truth and clarity of things.

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Laser pointer:
- If we dream of a store of laser pointers, and we want to buy one, but our grandmother tells us not buy or she makes us gestures to we not buy, is a tip that tells us to avoid difficulties would be best not to bring out a certain person.

- To dream that we see a closed door, but without the latch on, means that we have put our hopes in something, but we still need a bit to achieve definitive success. It can also mean that there is something we should not forget.

Indicates that possess some important secrets we reveal only a select few.

- A latrine with excrement means economic good luck.
- If we see it full of garbage, it means that in the following days we must be careful with that we buy or think of doing, as it can be harmful.

- To dream of a laundromat, means that there is a danger that a disease from getting worse, because it has not been properly addressed, he advised us to get an amulet for good health, and so do not take risks.
It can also mean that it is important to defend our interests, or our situation could be complicated.

- Dreaming of a laundry, means that there is a danger that a disease gets worse, because it has not been addressed properly, it advises us to get an amulet for good health, and so no chances. It can mean that it is important to defend our interests, or our situation could be complicated.

- If it is OTHER PEOPLE who laugh, it means there is a danger of someone making fun of us.
- If WE are the ones who laugh, it means that we are not realizing that we are causing problems for others.

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Laura Bozzo:
- If we dream that we are in a program of debate (We take part in), as in the program of Laura Bozzo, it means that we can suffer a shame, and that our adversaries can discover our intentions and use them against us

It symbolizes the victory and immortality.
- Dreaming of the laurel and even better if we are crowned with him, predicts a victory or success will be rewarded with some academic or honorary distinction.
- Also predicts that we will be able to beat our lower instincts achieving a higher victory and immortality.

- Dreaming of lava, means long-repressed passions.
- If in the dream we see a tsunami of lava, means approaching a disaster in our lives because of our long-repressed passions.

It reflects a desire to like and seduce with modesty and simplicity.

Law of Karma:
The Law of Karma is one of the manifestations of God, and dreaming of the law of Karma, means the same as: God >>

- See a beautiful and care lawn indicates that our ambitions will be achieved soon.
- If we stand on crushing, indicates that before our ambitions are realized, we must overcome many difficulties.
- If we're in love shows that will be reciprocated.
- Shabby means bad luck.

It means that our interests can be seen at risk, if we do not have some support.

- To dream about a claim, means we have economic or business deals that are not reliable, so we must be careful.
- If in our daily living we present a newly lawsuit and we dream that reject us, it means the opposite, that is, means that it will be accepted.
- If we dream that authorities evicted someone, but without we see exactly who are being evicted, means that the future is uncertain, for us and for our opponents, because one of the two will have to suffer failure, loss, humiliation or frustration.
a) To dream that authorities give custody of our children to our ex wife (ex husband), means that we think our children no longer love us, which is unjustified, because they still love us even though we do not notice.
b) If we dream that authorities give us the custody of our children, means we think our children still love us, what is true. But if we have no children, and dream to have children and who give us their custody, then it means that we think someone still loves us (For example: Our partner, ex .....), which is true.

- If in our dream we see ourselves as lawyers, means we will be responsible for someone's problems.
- If in our dream we see a lawyer, means we have some difficulties.

by letter.

Lay down:
- If in our dream we see that we lie down and then fall asleep, it means lack of attention, which tells us that it is possible that something inadvertent is happening to us, something that we are not realizing, either in ourselves or in our affairs, so it is a call not to be negligent or trust us. And the same means if we dream that we are about to fall asleep.
- To dream that our dog is barking, but then instead of seeing that happens, we go to sleep and our dog lies next to us, it means that there is a danger that we are ignoring.

Laying on of hands:
- If we dream that we use this technique, it means stop the evil, which tells us we are doing the right thing to stop the evil around us.

- Laying ALONE portends a period of uncertainty.
- Lying to the WEATHER is only a temporary inconvenience.
- With A SAME SEX PERSON, feel torment so others might say.
- With AN ANOTHER SEX PERSON indicates that our problems have been end.
- If in the dream we see a GRAVE that looks like a mattress, and even more if we lie down in it, means that a comfortable situation or making it more comfortable, we can bring difficult moments. This dream advises us not to go with the most comfortable or easy.

This dream warns us, that is not a good time to rest, and tells us to react and be prepared for any eventuality.

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