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Dreams: Lo-Lu

- If we throw out the load, misery and sorrow.
But if we see other people throw out a load, means we will have worries and sorrows.
- Carrying cargo on a vehicle means interesting financial promises.

This dream, tells us that we will have good luck in money matters.

In this case, the important thing is to see the meaning of the things we see in the place: Mountains, rivers, valleys, roads, etc., and look for the meaning of each one and thus relate them, to understand the meaning of the dream, for example: If we see a mountain and almost at the top of it clouds, it means: That soon we can achieve success. If we see a forest and it is a pleasant sight, it means that soon we will understand the cause of our fears and we will overcome them.

To dream of a lock, tells us it is very likely that soon we will have to face some problems or in a dilemma.
- If we open the lock means that we will solve the problem.
- If we do not open will not solve our concern.
- If we force the lock indicates that we will not stop, at nothing to achieve our goals.
- If we wake up in time to open the lock only reflects the effort we make to awaken.
- If in our dream we see a closed door, and noticed that the lock has blood speaks of an opponent who is trying to, everything we do we fail (someone who wants us to close all doors); but if we open in the dream represents the possibility of defeat that person.

- If we are LOCKED, means unforeseen obstacles.
- If we are LOCKING UP SOMEONE, it means that we will find the means to neutralize the actions of our adversaries.

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- If in our dream we see a locker means that there are aspects of ourselves that we have kept hidden.
- If a school locker, tells us that there are feelings or knowledge that we must recognize.
- If in our dream we see someone using a Locker, tells us that there is someone who can see through us and can easily decipher our skills, feelings, desires, or plans, which advises us to be careful.
- To dream that we cannot open our locker, tells us that we are in an unstable situation. This dream advises us to be more confident and analyze the situation well

To dream about a locksmith, indicates that we will receive help and support to solve complex and vexing problems.

It reveals our desire to reach a higher level, sometimes in the dream other signs may appear, telling us how we can reach that higher level we long for.

This dream warns us that there is a serious threat of ruin and various difficulties.

- If we dream that something is logical means something is not logical, for example: That we are acting illogically.
- But if we dream that something is illogical, it means that something is logical.

- If we dream of a blue mercedes and we notice that they lack the logos and names of the mark (As it is the shield of the mark, that they take in the grill), means that we have freed of the dominion that some people had on us; And if it is a beautiful and expensive mercedes, in addition to the above, tells us that people see us with respect.
- If in our dream the most notorious is the logo of a Mustang or a Ferrari (The Horse), tells us that we will have the courage to face difficult battles.

- If it is an ICE LOLLY, it means the following:
1. If we taste it, and its taste is pleasant, it means pleasures.
- If it is a LOLLIPOP, it means the following:
1. If we only try it means: Pleasures.

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Lollipop stick:
- To dream of lollipops sticks (The raw material, that is, the new sticks ready to make an ice lolly or lollypop), means that we already have the means to be able to have pleasant moments.

- If in our dream we see ourselves alone or feel lonely, it means that we are a bit confused or we do not have our main objectives clear enough, which advises us to think things through and see what really matters to us.
- If in the dream we see a friend or relative who has already left this world, and he tells us that he is alone but happy, it means that he is already in Heaven but misses us.

Loofah bathing:
- If in our dream we see a loofah bathing, means that it is important that we get rid of a guilty feeling which is unjustified.

- If we dream that we are BATHING and that there are more windows than usual, besides that we feel uncomfortable because we think that SOMEONE CAN BE WATCHING OR SPYING, it means that there is someone who is attentive to everything we do, so we must be prudent.
- If a woman dreams that her BOSS IS LOOKING AT HER, it means that there is something hidden that she should know about him. It can also mean advice that tells her that it is best not to give too much confidence to her boss, since he is not a decent person at all.
- If we dream that we are in bed and there we see even a BLACK CAT LOOKING at us, it means that the dream is related to our girlfriend or partner and tells us that we must realize something that is happening around us and that It is happening to us unnoticed.

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Look bad to someone:
- If we dream that we act informally, for example, that we are late for appointments or that we look bad to someone, it means that there is a risk that we will make a bad impression. So we must strive and take care of certain important details.

Looking for:
- LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WE KNOW, shows our concern for that person.
- IF WE ARE LOOKING FOR, IS NOT A PERSON, then, tells us that approximate some difficulties, but we should not worry too much because we can easily overcome. But if in dream found what we were looking for, then it means that everything will be fine or we find something we needed to know and is related to the meaning of the thing we found.
- Dreaming LOOKING FOR, SOMETHING IN THE AFTERNOON, means approaching difficulties and we have little time to act.
- Dreaming LOOKING FOR WORK, means that even we are not sufficiently satisfied with our achievements.
- Dreaming LOOKING FOR SOMETHING AND CAN NOT FIND, tells us that soon we may have concerns and difficulties if we are not prudent and discreet enough.

This dream means a probable failure and it is a warning to start working harder if we do not want to suffer failure.
- To dream that we lose a fight means a probable failure.
- If we dream that we are playing a game of football or another sport and lose, it means a probable failure.
- If we dream that we are watching a football game or another sport and our team loses, it means a probable failure.
- To dream that we lose by default (Because we do not present ourselves to the game or competition) means a probable failure because of our lack of courage. This dream advises us to fight to achieve our purposes.

Lose consciousness:
- If we dream that we are unconscious or lose consciousness (By a blow, accident, fatigue, suddenly, etc.) means we can lose control of the situation.

Lost, get:
See: “Misplace”

- If in the dream we see a loser, the dream advises us to try harder to achieve or preserve the things that interest us.
- If we dream that someone tells us, that we should not associate with losers, it means that we should try to avoid relating to problematic and conflicting people.

When in our dreams we win the lottery, it represents losses of money or goods.
- To dream that we win the lottery augurs us lost.
- If we dream that a young man wins the lottery, it means that one of our enemies will have a loss of money or otherwise.
- To dream that we have the winning ticket of the lottery, means: lost, usually money.
- If in the dream we simply see a lottery ticket, it tells us that our future is uncertain.
- If in our dream we see a woman who is watching on TV who won the lottery, tells us that to avoid loss of money or property, we must put aside our shyness and start defending our interests.

Lottery ticket:
- To dream that you have the winning ticket, generally means lost money.
- If in the dream just see a lottery ticket, tells us that our future is uncertain.

Lotus (From: Automobile):
- To dream a Lotus or to drive one, it means that the others see us as young athletes, besides that they see us with respect

- To dream of a lout, means that it is likely that we will be used or manipulated without we being aware of it.

- The love of a mother tells us in the family security and good fortune.
- If you are in love, it means good luck in love, and the same means if someone falls in love for us.
- To dream that nobody loves us as friends, means loneliness.

Love, falling in:
- It tells us that we will be successful in love, and the same means if a person who falls in love with us.
- But if we who falls in love for a cop of the opposite sex, means that soon we may be lucky in love, but only if, you stop to repress.

Love, meanings associated with:
- If we go on a date and everything happens smoothly, predicts a new love.
- If in our dream we see our partner being unfaithful, it means that she(he) is dissatisfied with our character or with the way we behave.

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Love, Platonic:
To dream that you have a platonic love means that for good luck in love must try harder or put a little more effort.

Love seat:
The chairs, armchairs, sofas, love seat, etc., have the same meaning and tell us how our current situation is, depending on their appearance, and what we see in them.

The lovebird is a bird of the parrot family, so if our dream we see a parrot without distinguishing what kind of parrot is, means we can soon become victims of gossip of all kinds; but if we remember well that it was a lovebird, its meaning is related to love.
- If we dream we call a one lovebird and it come flying towards us, it means good luck in love.

- If a woman sees in her dream your ex-boyfriend or someone with whom she has an affair and sees him DRUNK, means that person can’t give any stability, which advises her forget it.
- If we dream that we are seeing a COUPLE OF LOVERS KISSING, means that we are too involved in the life of someone else (Usually a family member or a friend), which tells us that we need to give some space to that someone.
- To dream that we are AMAZED OUR GIRLFRIEND(BOYFRIEND) WITH A LOVER (A lover in the sense of a person who is having an affair) and began to beat his lover, it means that something is wrong in our relationship and go on ahead many difficulties and problems. It can also be a sign that tells us that we avoid formalizing or go further with our girlfriend (boyfriend) because otherwise we expect many problems.
- If we have in our waking life partner, and dream that WE HAVE A LOVER, tells us that there may be some problems or difficulties.

- If a man dreams, he sees a woman dressed in black and wearing a sexy neckline, means difficulties related to sexuality.
- If a man dreams of someone he knows and note that she will get to see the breast through the neckline but she immediately cover but smiles at the same time, it means that she sympathizes him, but he not have intimacy or love with her, for example: Because she is married.

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Lucid dreams:
A lucid dream is when we realize that we are dreaming and in some cases, even it is possible to get to control the dream, the first time I had a lucid dream, it happens that in the same dream I began to notice that there was something strange, as something that did not correspond with reality and I realized that I was dreaming, and even try to modify the dream, but when I did, I woke up immediately, although after a little practice I was able to modify the dream.

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It means that we will soon find the solution to our difficulties.

Luger (From: The Nazi Pistol):
- If we dream that we have a luger, but it happens to be decomposed, it means that we will not get revenge in the way we are planning, besides that revenge is not good.

This dream portends a change or an evolution.
Luggage symbolizes our goods, possibilities, instincts, customs, protections and so on.
- If luggage, nobody owns it is the arrival of someone who will motivate a change.
- If we lose our luggage means that we lack confidence and effort to achieve the development we desire.
- If we forget our luggage, it means the same as above.
- If too loaded our luggage until it becomes a hindrance indicates that we are too attached to material things.
- To dream that we forget or lose our luggage during our honeymoon, tells us that to ensure our happiness in our marriage, we should be more confident and try a little harder.

Luggage compartment/ Trunk:
- If in our dream we see a wrapped and bloody corpse in the trunk of a car (Especially if it's a nightmare) tells us that we need a change in our lives, whether in economic, family, work , business or work.
- If we dream that we have sex in the trunk or luggage compartment of a car with someone of the opposite sex means to our suitor no longer pleases us as girlfriend(boyfriend) and we want a change.

It tells us that there are imperfections in any of our work.

- A lunatic in our dream means that bad actions are being prepared against us.

Lunch Box:
- Dreaming with a lunchbox full, it means we will have good luck in our projects, and we have the support of those around us. But if it is empty, it means the opposite.

- Lungs of perfect constitution, healthy and vigorous indicates success in our activities.
- Lungs of weak constitution, means: Bad luck or uncertainty.

- If we dream that someone known to see us with lust, it means that we have sexual desires towards that person. It may also mean that we are repressing ourselves too much.
- If a young woman dreams that someone who resembles a person she likes, sees her with lust, and then tries to rape her, it means she has sexual desires towards that person.
- Depending on the case, it is also advisable to consult: Sensual, pornography, depraved, sex, etc.

Promises: that intimate pleasure of solitude and meditation.

It means that our financial resources will decrease.
- If we dream that we are in a very luxurious restaurant and a moment later, someone steals something (Either by an assault or by carelessness), it means that we should avoid bragging too much, since otherwise a dishonest person could try to rob us something or cheat us.

Lyrics of a song:
- If in the dream we hear a message sung or the voice of someone, who tells us something by singing, we must pay attention to the lyrics of a song, since the meaning of the dream is related to it.

- If in our dream we see a lycanthrope, predicts problems in our activities because of a treacherous and dishonest person.
- If we dream that a lycanthrope try to eat us, tells us that there is a grave danger from someone treacherous and dishonest. Advises us to not trust everyone.
- Dreaming about a lycanthrope lurks some people, it means fear and anxiety about what might cause us a treacherous and dishonest person who have failed to control, or by a situation that we have not been able to control.
- If in the dream see a lycanthrope but more noticeable is that is gray, predicts depression and problems from a treacherous and dishonest person.

- Sometimes it reflects the eagerness to free us of oppressions that we can´t endure more time.
- As it is resolved, lynching will happen in reality.

- To dream of a lynx means that we must face clever and avid adversaries.
- To dream that a lynx attacks a Mason, means that we can avoid a difficult problem

It means pure feelings towards us. Sincerity in affective and friendly relationships.

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