- If suddenly we get lost, so DO NOT KNOW HOW TO RETURN HOME, BUT suddenly in the distance we see a building as a building or monument that is near our house and so we were relieved because know that to get there find the way back home, it means that we are concerned about an issue, but something that has to do with building, something happened there, with their meaning, or with someone we met there, can help us to resolve the issue.

- To dream that we GOT LOST indicates that the current situation takes a disturbing aspect; it can also mean that something in us related to the spiritual or moral is dead.

- But if we dream that we GOT LOST IN THE TRAIN OR SUBWAY PLATFORMS, then, tells us that we are going through a time of doubt and uncertainty.

- To dream that we misplaced our HIGH SCHOOL CERTIFICATE and for that reason, we will have to take the high school again means that we must better analyze the situation, because we are not yet sufficiently prepared. But if we instead of take the high school again, but if we take instead of the high school again, will the open high school or adult education, to make it faster, tells us that we are frustrated with some circumstances that we face and we would have taken advantage of our education or more have gone further, but also tells us to look where we know it can be a solution, as it can be a specialization course, a book, tips, a Web page, and so on.

- To dream about to stray an OBJECT, means that our efforts will be futile and costly.

- If we dream to we stray a CHAIN JEWELRY (Of any material), tells us that we have saved from going to jail or simply tells us that there is no chance of us to go to prison, so we do not have to worry about.

- To dream about to SEE A STRAY PERSON indicates someone seek our support in a difficult situation.

- View KNOWN SOMEONE, LOST, indicates the person seeks support at a difficult time.

- If we dream that WE LOST A FAMILY who brought with us (Small someone who needs our care as a son, nephew, grandson, cousin or small), tells us that our efforts will be futile and costly, even our family could get to suffer the consequences, especially if in the dream it is night.

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