- If we dream that we are BATHING and that there are more windows than usual, besides that we feel uncomfortable because we think that SOMEONE CAN BE WATCHING OR SPYING, it means that there is someone who is attentive to everything we do, so we must be prudent.

- If a woman dreams that her BOSS IS LOOKING AT HER, it means that there is something hidden that she should know about him. It can also mean advice that tells her that it is best not to give too much confidence to her boss, since he is not a decent person at all.

- If we dream that we are in bed and there we see even a BLACK CAT LOOKING at us, it means that the dream is related to our girlfriend or partner and tells us that we must realize something that is happening around us and that It is happening to us unnoticed.

- If in the dream we see one of our ENEMIES, AND WE NOTICE THAT HE LOOKS AT US, it means that enemy will not hesitate to slander us or attack us in any way, so we must be cautious and be prepared.

- If in our dream we see a friend or FAMILY WHO ALREADY WAS AWAY FROM THIS WORLD AND WE NOTICE THAT HE HAS THE LOST LOOK, it means that he(she) does not know well where he is and needs our prayers to reach Heaven.

- If we FEEL LOOKING, but we canīt see who sees us, it means that we feel guilty about something.

- If in our dream we LOOK AT SOMEONE FIXALLY AT THE EYES, it means that we are afraid to let see something that we want to keep hidden.

- If the other person LOOKS FIXALLY AT US, it means that there is something hidden that we should know.

- To dream that we see our own HANDS, means that we are worried about something we did recently.

- If we dream that someone known SEE US WITH LUST, it means that we have sexual desires towards that person. It can also mean that we are suppressing ourselves too much.

- If we dream that our NEIGHBOR IS LOOKING TOWARDS OUR WINDOW, which has the curtains closed, it means that there is someone who is inventing gossip about us, and tries to slander us.

- If we dream that we go to the OCULIST, it means that we want to find someone to tell him about our problems, and that he will help us.

- If we dream that we have a PROBLEM IN SIGHT, but without wearing glasses, it means that we lack courage, and a decision to face difficulties.

- If we dream that a RAT LOOKS AT US, it represents a person who is planning to steal or hurt us in some way.

- If we dream that SOMEONE LIKES US stares at us, it means that there is something we should know about that person.

- If in our dream you see that a YOUNG MAN WITH GLASSES LOOKS AT US, represents an enemy, also the dream tells us that that person sees us as enemies because of a gossip or a misunderstanding, which advises us to be prudent.

- If someone married dreams of being in a coffee shop (without company) and suddenly realizes that at the table opposite is his WIFE(HUSBAND) LOOKING AT him(her) FIXEDLY means that his partner has not yet heard something bad to he has been doing, but if he continues the same, he will soon know.

- To dream that we SPY by means of an open slit, between blinds, means curiosity about sexuality.

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