To dream that we abandon something, symbolizes what we want to leave behind, that is, it is something we should leave to keep going.
- If in our dream we left abandoned SOMEONE:
What we abandon in our dream, tells us what or who is it that torment us and what we need to modify or that thing is what we must free ourselves.
- If our FATHER abandons us represent our unwillingness to make our projects.

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- If you dream that we CONTRACT AIDS, means we can soon get to health problems; it can also mean that we are in danger of disease infect. This dream advises us to be cautious and get an amulet for health.
- If in our dream we see DEPRAVED ACTS and then we see anything that has to do with AIDS, tells us to be more disciplined in sexual matters to avoid infect a venereal disease or to develop a psychological problem caused by, for example, which have lately been watching too much pornography.
- If we dream that someone we know, go for a MEDICAL EXAMINATION and the doctor says he has not contracted AIDS means he suffering from a venereal disease. But if the doctor diagnoses AIDS means that this healthy and not suffering from venereal disease.
- If we dream that our sister(brother), tells us that the PERSON WE LIKE have AIDS, means that we must be cautious towards that person, because it could infect a venereal disease, or because there is a person very unfaithful.

- If in our dream we see a bride that means we can soon find someone to marry and we'll be lucky financially.
- If we dream that we tried a wedding dress means that a relative or friend recently died; sometimes it is someone we have not seen in a while.
- To dream that we tried a bride dress, made of white paper, means that any time a family member or friend left this world does, but we should not worry because already in Heaven. This dream is a message that friend or family member, who says that is already good.
- To dream that we are invited to a wedding, means that a friend has died, may also cared for the death of a friend we have not seen in a while.
- Being invited or attend a family wedding, means the same as above.

Catch: (From: Someone caught us doing something bad):
- If in the dream someone catch us doing something in the dream we think is immoral or prohibited means that we feel guilty about something. That may be justified or not, but either way it is important to analyze the situation well.
- If in our dream we catch our girlfriend(boyfriend) with someone else, means that we are afraid to she(he) leave us.

Date (Romantic date):
- If we go on a date and everything happens smoothly, predicts a new love.
- If there is any hiccup means we unrealizable desires.
- If in our daily living we made a date with our girlfriend(boyfriend) and dreamed that she(he) cancel the date because it has a lot of work, it means the opposite, that is, means that it will be us who will have to cancel the date because we have a lot of work.
- But if we dream that we cancel the date because we have a lot of work, then, means to be her(him) who canceled because it has a lot of work.

Ex-girlfriend/ Ex-boyfriend:
If in our dream we simply see our ex-girlfriend(ex-boyfriend) mean approaching a danger of death, but sometimes it is related precisely with her(him), so it is appropriate to take into account whether you do or remember some special feature.
But if the dream constantly, then, means that even the love.

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Ex husband/ former husband:
It means the same as above.

Falling in love:
- It tells us that we will be successful in love, and the same means if a person who falls in love with us.
- But if we who falls in love for a cop of the opposite sex, means that soon we may be lucky in love, but only if, you stop to repress.

- IF YOU SEE IN THE DREAM YOUR GIRLFRIEND, the message is related to her, in this case, the important thing is to check the meaning of the other things we see in dreams, to understand the full meaning.
- If in the dream, YOU ARE UNFAITHFUL to your girlfriend, it means we are dissatisfied with it because of its nature or the way it behaves.
- If the YOU SEE YOUR GIRLFRIEND CHEATING, it means that she is dissatisfied with your character or the way you behave.
- If in the dream KISS SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOUR GIRLFRIEND, means infidelity.

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- If in our dream, we are being unfaithful to our partner, it means that we are dissatisfied with she(he) because of its character or the way it behaves.
- If in our dream we see our partner being unfaithful, it means that she(he) is dissatisfied with our character or with the way we behave.

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- If a woman sees in her dream your ex-boyfriend or someone with whom she has an affair and sees him DRUNK, means that person canít give any stability, which advises her forget it.
- If we dream that we are seeing a COUPLE OF LOVERS KISSING, means that we are too involved in the life of someone else (Usually a family member or a friend), which tells us that we need to give some space to that someone.
- To dream that we are AMAZED OUR GIRLFRIEND(BOYFRIEND) WITH A LOVER (A lover in the sense of a person who is having an affair) and began to beat his lover, it means that something is wrong in our relationship and go on ahead many difficulties and problems. It can also be a sign that tells us that we avoid formalizing or go further with our girlfriend (boyfriend) because otherwise we expect many problems.
- If we have in our waking life partner, and dream that WE HAVE A LOVER, tells us that there may be some problems or difficulties.

If in our dream we see a rival, means that we are causing the loss of a valuable friendship with our attitude.
- If in the dream just see our LOVE RIVAL (Someone who is trying to steal our girlfriend (boyfriend)) means that we must give priority to our interests, for example: Our relationship or our interests beyond our relationship, the case is to analyze the situation well to know what is best for us to do.
- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WE LIKE and also is present our rival, but then he(she) goes, means that soon we will not have to worry about the opponent as it moved away or cease to be our rival.
- If in our daily living we have a rival, and we dream that we are not your enemy and SHARE TO WHOM WE LIKE means that we would resolve things with that person, but as we still like the same person, the more likely it is that the problems continue.
- To dream that our girlfriend (boyfriend) is cheating us and our rival causes your DOG ATTACK US and bites us, represents someone who is trying to separate from her (him), because he (she) wants to steal our girlfriend(boyfriend).

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