If in our dream we simply see our ex-girlfriend(ex-boyfriend) mean approaching a danger of death, but sometimes it is related precisely with her(him), so it is appropriate to take into account whether you do or remember some special feature.
But if the dream constantly, then, means that even the love.

- If we get ANGRY AT OUR GIRLFRIEND(BOYFRIEND), because a former searches her(him) for likely, means conflicts with her(him), which can lead to separation, this dream advises us to avoid unnecessary arguments.

- If we dream that our ex, we APOLOGIZE, for whatever reason, means that she(he) made us suffer some disappointments.

- If you dream we had a CHILD WITH OUR EX, when in real life we had not children with her(him), meaning we had a good thing with that person, or that we wish would happen or something that will help us return to our ex-girlfriend(ex-boyfriend).

- If in our dream we see our ex but as if it were our girlfriend(boyfriend) yet, and we started to CRY, for whatever reason, but something that angers or hurts us, it means that the continue to love and pain causes us no longer be our partner. But if she(he) also gets to cry, then, means that we feel the same but do not show it (This dream is more common in women).

- If we dream that our ex DIES, represents a symbolic death, for example: What is likely to soon get a new partner or is about to marry someone else.

- If we dream that we DISCUSS WITH OUR EX means: jealousy, heartbreak, reproaches, and conflicts with that person.

- To dream that one of our ENEMIES IS MARRIED TO OUR EX (either ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, as applicable), means that there is a danger, and is related to that enemy.

- Dreaming about GIRLFRIEND'S FATHER (boyfriend's father), means an unexpected surprise, but also tells us that there will be a danger.

- To dream that our ex offer us a GIFT, means joy.

- To dream that our ex we offer a GIFT AND WE RECEIVE, means: difficulties associated with her(him).

-If a man dream that HANG a boyfriend, from his ex-girlfriend, means he feel jealousy and hate of that person, especially because he would like to return to his ex. And means the same, if a woman dream that hang a girlfriend of your ex-boyfriend.

- If in our dream we see the HOUSE OF OUR EX (either ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, as applicable), tells us that the dream is related to our ex, and with the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.

- If in our dream ex GIVES A KISS means that still loves us. But if we dream that kiss and that she(he) disgusts, means that he would like to go back with us, but do not dare try anything because they did not think we could appreciate or despise.

- If we dream that our GIRLFRIEND(BOYFRIEND) LEAVES US AND RETURNS WITH her(his) EX, it means that she(he) still loves some to his(her) ex, plus they are unhappy with something of our character or the way we behave lately.
This dream advises us to avoid situations that may lead to a breakup.

- To dream that our ex GETS MARRIED, it means that person has a desire to marry or are thinking about it.

- If we dream that we have an ex (or a former boyfriend if dreamer is a woman) who MARRIES, AND IS A FAMOUS SINGER or actress(actor) means that we wish to get married, but we are not sufficiently recognized or appreciated.

- If we are married and dream that MENTION THE NAME OF AN EX DURING SLEEP, it means that your wife(husband), is aware of what we do and if we try something with someone else, is going to notice.

- If in the dream we see our ex with a MOUTHFUL OF FOOD, while until we drop and then giving us a kiss, it means that still loves us but there is something that cannot support or accept.

- Dreaming that NOT LIKES TO OUR GIRLFRIEND'S FATHER, suitor, ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, means we will have an obstacle or a danger.

- If in the dream we see a PICTURE OR OUR EX, it means that we want to return to she(he), but for that we must make an extra effort and is more lenient with her(him).

- If in the dream we are having SEX WITH OUR EX, means that even we love or we still obsessed with her(him).

- If in our dream we see that our ex shows her(his) SHOES, means that we still have chances of returning to her(or him if the dreamer is a woman).

- Dreaming with SISTER OR BROTHER OF OUR EX, says it is likely that our family structure is changed yet we are told that there is a looming threat.

- If we dream that kissed our ex and suddenly noticed that SOMEONE SEES US IN DISGUST, means there was someone who did not like the idea that we had that girlfriend(boyfriend) (someone close, as one of our parents or our siblings) and contributed to us to finish with her(he), which counsels us to keep in mind in case repeats the same case .

- If we dream that someone SPEAKS ILL OF OUR EX, means there has been gossip and slander in our relationship (for example: To someone told a lie about her(him).)

- If in our dream we see our ex with SWOLLEN EYES, it means that he or she needs to have a better view of the facts (for example: a misunderstanding).

- To dream that our ex TELLS US THAT SHE(HE) LOVES US and that she(he) not going to forget us, means that we still love.

- If we dream that our ex tries to get back but we only TO PLAY HARD TO GET, means that even we love but we have not given the opportunity to return or are rejecting somehow. And the same means if we dream that our ex seeks us, but us avoid.

- If in the dream we see a friend or ex whom we have not seen in some time and noticed that is wearing a VIOLET SWEATER tells us to remember with longing.


Ex-wife/ former wife:
- Dreaming with our ex-wife(ex-husband), tells us that there is something we do not want to occur, it can mean that we are going through a situation that is uncomfortable.
- If a woman dreams that hit her former husband, means that she want to break free from a situation that she are uncomfortable and annoying.
- If a woman constantly dream about her ex-husband means that even the love. And the same meaning, if a man constantly dream about his ex-wife.
- If a man dreams of traveling in a car with his ex-wife, but then he gets out of the car and goes, means that he and his ex-wife have followed different paths in life, but if it goes up again the car, then, means that it is likely to return.
- If a woman dreams that kills the wife of her former husband, or a man dreams that he kills the husband of his ex-wife, means he(she) want that person to stay away from your ex or want to hurt that person in some way. But if after killing he(she) is happy, means must be more realistic about your situation with your ex.

Ex husband/ former husband:
It means the same as above.

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