To dream that we abandon something, symbolizes what we want to leave behind, that is, it is something we should leave to keep going.

- If in our dream we left abandoned SOMEONE:
What we abandon in our dream, tells us what or who is it that torment us and what we need to modify or that thing is what we must free ourselves.

- If our FATHER abandons us represent our unwillingness to make our projects.

- If we are being abandoned by a IMPORTANT PERSON OR BY OUR GIRLFRIEND (BOYFRIEND) means that we will release us from your domain, if we so desire.

- If we dream that our GIRLFRIEND (BOYFRIEND) ABANDONED US AND RETURNS WITH HER(HIS) EX, it means that she(he) still want a little to his ex, plus it is unhappy with some of our character or how we behave lately. This dream advises us to avoid situations that may lead to a breakdown.

- If POWERFUL PEOPLE OR OUR LOVER abandon us, indicating the possibility of freeing their domain.

- If our MOTHER abandon us means difficulties, usually economic.

- To dream of an abandoned SCHOOL, means that we should not stop studying and striving.

- What in our dream WE ABANDON, is that what we want to free ourselves sometimes our dream shows us clearly that what we want to free ourselves, in other cases we must find the meaning of that we abandon in our dream for better understanding.

- If in the dream our WIFE (HUSBAND) abandons us, it means that we are causing problems to someone with our attitude, or are occurring problems for our cause.

Otherwise there will always be problems and difficulties.

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