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Dreams: Li

- Seeing a vine that hangs from above symbolizes a means of ascension.
- If we are suspended from a vine, the dream augurs us that we will soon reach a higher position.
- If we are climbing the liana indicates our desires to climb positions.
- If we are descending or falling, it foretells a decline in position, or the frustration of our hopes.
- If the vine is on the floor, on a piece of furniture or in our hands, it is a warning about the state of our business. The same meaning is whether we acquire or receive a vine.

To dream of a liberator, for example: Simón Bolívar, means that soon we will receive help and besides, we will have good luck.

Symbolizes knowledge and creativity.

- If the library is empty warns us that we still lack sufficient knowledge to undertake what we propose.
- If we dream of a full library of books guarantees success in our work.
- If we dream we walked along an avenue or street leading to a library, the dream tells us that to be successful and achieve what we want, we need to study more.
- If in our dream we see an evil Jew in a library, the dream tells us that we have a very skilled opponent, who also knows how to observe the situation, he studies you, experience and knows betrayal attack, which advises us to prepare and study their habits to overcome.
- If we dream that we are in a library, and there we see broken glass, the dream tells us that anyone who tries to prevent us from acquiring more knowledge or we continue with our education, which advises us not allow it.

This dream reveals that in real life are accumulating resentment, fear and contempt for others.
- If lice we ATTACK reflects that there are people that we can’t control despite considering them inferior to us.
- If we dream that we HAVE LICE means we have a feeling of contempt, fear, rejection, or resentment towards someone, in this case the lice represent a person we would like to keep as far as possible.

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This dream means that there will be discussions that would be preferable to avoid.

License plate:
If in the dream we see the license plate of our car, it means that someone is aware of everything we do.

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- This dream augurs coming times of happiness that we share with our loved ones.
- If in our dream we see someone sucking or licking the breast of a woman means that soon we will have safety and protection.

- If in the dream someone tells us a lie, the dream warns us of probable betrayals by someone we appreciate.
- If in the dream we lie, it means that we are deceiving ourselves, since there is something we do not want to recognize, even though we know that it is true

This dream tells us that we can count on help in difficult times, so it will be good to take advantage of that help that others can give us.

Life Jacket:
It means that unconfessed fears invite us to be prudent.

- To dream that we are lifeguards, it means that we are able to help others.

Lift truck:
A Lift truck represents our work, so if the dream is positive, it means that we are doing well, but if it is negative, it means that something is not right in our work.

If in our dream we see a pup of liger (Mixture of lion and tiger), it represents a friend or a new love with whom we must be prudent, since it could become an enemy or a problem, and how is a liger, tells us that it is a mestizo person or someone whose one of his parent is a foreigner.

The light is associated with what is True, and the new knowledge.
- If in our dream we see a good light, it means that we have confidence in ourselves, which is good, but if the light bothers us means the opposite, ie we need to have more confidence in ourselves.
- A light in the darkness, always represents hope, this can be, for example: the light at the end of a tunnel or just a light out in the dark.
- If in the dream we see that light comes on, it means that soon acquire important knowledge or to discover something that was hidden.
- It can also happen in the dream see the light off, then it means confusion, in this case, tells us that we must seek the True and better analyze the situation.

Light (From: For example: Light a candle):
- Turn on a light, portends good news.
- Light the fire, augurs or marital happiness and serenity.
- Light a match, we promises: good luck, especially if made of wood.
- Light a candle, augurs disease.

Light switch:
- If in our dream we see only a blue light-switch announces success of our projects.
- To dream that we turn on the light, means that soon acquire important knowledge or to discover something that was hidden. But if we turn it off, then it means difficulties.

- To dream that we activate a lighter or we run a lighter, it means that we will have good luck and good ideas.

- To dream of a lighthouse off, it means that we still lack a lot for an end our difficulties.
- Find a lighthouse on, our problems will end soon.

Lighting rod:
This dream tells us that we will have useful help from someone, who will help us protect ourselves from an unforeseen event.

This symbol reveals the aspiration for a more spiritual life or the need to get rid of an anguish that is being lived.

The lightnings represents the Divine power to create or destroy.
- To dream of lightning means a radical transformation in us that is generally for good.
If the lightning emits a blinding light it means, that we must check our interior.
- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WE LIKE, but there is also a storm and lightning, it means that we better look for someone else or we will get into many problems.
- If we dream that lightning strikes a TREE, it means that one of our projects may end badly, so it is better that we think about something else.

If in our dream we see a lightsaber, it means that we have understood some things more clearly, which will also allow us to defend ourselves better.

by letter.

Like (From: like or Someone you like):
When we dream with someone we like or someone who looks like who you like, the dream is related to that person and the two most common are:
a) If she(he) rejects you or despises, it means that in real life, that person does not like you.
b) If in the dream the person you like does not reject or despise you, it means that if she(he) likes you (But only if we are still single).

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If in our dream we see someone who looks like someone we know or a family member, represents the family or known person.
- To dream that someone who looks like the person we like to think we're married, it means that the person we love, it is not love us enough, because she(he) thinks we're married.
- If we follow the instructions to see someone who already left this world in our dreams (See: Types of Dreams) and dream to someone who looks to the person we wish to see in our dream, it means that it is that person, who visits us in our dream to give us a message, which is related to the meaning of the other things we see in dreams or dreams with others that we had that night or in the morning.
- If in our dream we see a thing that has a similar with something, represents that something that looks and is related to the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.
- If in the dream we are in love with someone who looks like someone we know, it means that we love that person and that she(he) loves us too.
- If we dream of someone that looks like an old love, and to we try to get closer but then we realize that is another person, represents someone who attracts us and we think we can be a little like the person we loved so much, but in reality there is nothing like also the dream tells us not for us.

This color represents the memory and the nostalgia.

Lilacs (The flower):
Its flowers symbolize the first amorous emotions of the youth.

It symbolizes whiteness, purity, innocence, virginity, being loved and the mystic.
Colored lilies symbolize temptation, the door to evil.

Lily of the valley:
This dream tells us that we will have new opportunities for happiness, love, reconciliation, affection ...

- If we dream that we are training or practicing Lima-lama, it means that we must prepare for an important event.
- If we dream that we are fighting and we win, it means that we will achieve success; but if we lose, it means failure.
- If we fight, but nobody wins, it means that the future is uncertain.
- If we hurt, it means that we have moral suffering.

Lime (From: The bittersweet fruit like lemon):
It means abundance and prosperity, especially if we see many limes.
But if we try it and its taste is very acid, means that it is very likely that we will soon have moments of anguish.

- To dream of a limousine, means that soon we will be able to see the materialization of our aspirations in an unexpected way.
- To dream of a limousine in poor conditions, it means that there is something that can impede us from getting to see our hopes materialized, so it advises us to defend our interests.

Lincoln (From: Car Model):
- It represents success, and driving a Lincoln means that others see us as successful people.
- If we see a Lincoln in poor condition, as if left long abandoned, it means that we are failing to do something that was helping us to succeed.

- If we see a text, writing, paper, document, notebook, etc., and we see something written inside a thick strip or black line, it represents something adverse, for example: If it is the name of someone we know or something that relates to someone we know, means that that person is our enemy, so it is important to keep it in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises.
- If in our dream we see wavy lines, it represents the ups and downs of our life, and if we see ourselves writing numbers on a wavy line upwards, it means that we must take advantage of the highs of life, for example: A love, a journey, a party, the opportunity to expand our business, and so on.

- If a man dreams of lingerie for women, means sexual desire.
- If a woman dreams of lingerie for women, means shyness. can also mean: fear of sex or motherhood.

- To dream of a link in a chain or a necklace, that tells us that we must be more strong and courageous.

- If the lintel is in good condition, it means favorable changes.
- If the lintel is in poor condition, it means money problems that can affect home.

The lion is associated with war, but also with the courage to face a difficult situation. It can mean several things:
- If we see a family of lions, it augurs joy and union in our family.
- If it is a drowned lion, it warns us that we lack the courage to face difficult situations.
- If the lion's aptitude is aggressive, the dream will be associated with the animal instinct, which advises us to be more rational.
- If in our dream we see a hurt lion, it means that we lack the courage to face the difficult situations.
- If we dream that we are a young lion, it means that we have the courage, determination, strength and leadership that is required, however, we need to learn to listen to the advice of those who have more experience than we.

This sign symbolizes good and evil, creation and destruction, sometimes speaks of the need to re-start after a difficult situation.
- If in the dream we see our dead couple with BLUE LIPS, it means it is very important to be careful with what we say and misunderstandings, as they can end our relationship.
- If we STAY SILENT in the face of a person, it means our rejection of him.
- IF WHO REMAINS SILENT is the other person's rejection of him towards us.
- If we are SPEAKING means we have more communication with others.
- If we dream that we KISS someone we like, but that, we feel that your lips are dry and cracked, it means you also likes that person, but she(he) is being too timid.
- If we dream that someone throw us WATER IN LIPS or in the mouth, it means that we must stop talking about more, or we must change our attitude, a more discreet.

- If a woman dreams of wearing lipstick APPROPRIATELY, says she should be a little better than it is, in their daily lives.
- To dream that we EAT LIPSTICK, means it is likely that soon we will have to suffer the consequences of deception, or of our deceptions.
- If a woman dreams of wearing lipstick in EXCESS, means she is acting treacherously.
- If a MAN, DREAM, THAT BRINGS PAINTED LIPS means probable shame and disgrace.
- If a MAN DREAM THAT BRINGS PAINTED LIPS, BUT THEN CLEAN it, means he managed to avoid embarrassment or disgrace. And if a man dreams that brings lipstick and tries to clean, but the lip is not removed, it means that is difficult to avoid shame or disgrace.

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Liquid paper (Correct fluid):
- To dream of corrector or liquid paper warns us, that we must study better the situation to be able to make our projects are fulfilled.
It may also mean that there is something we want to correct or fix, in order to achieve what we want, but rather we must analyze and plan things well, so as not to worsen the situation.

It augurs: Tenderness and passion.

- To dream of a list of things, means that we can have many things to worry about.
- If we dream that we are in a classroom and the teacher is ready to verify our attendance, it means that we must not forget to continue studying and preparing more, either to follow our studies or, for example: Go to the library to be able Have sufficient knowledge to face the difficulties that may arise.

- If in the dream we drink a liter of milk bodes abundance, fecundity, prosperity and health.

- If in our dream we see ourselves litigating, it means that we will be responsible for the problems of somebody.
- If in our dream we see someone litigating, it means that we will have some difficulties.

What happens to the liver, it is what can happen to our courage or our material goods.
- If we dream we eat raw liver and the next moment we began to vomit, it means that if we upset too a certain person, he will claim us for something, whether rightly or wrongly, but anyway we could be harmed, what which advises us to be cautious.

Living room:
The living room, represent our current situation in this case is important to pay attention to what we see in the living room, because it relates to our situation (also see: chair).
- If in the dream we see that the office, gym, classroom or workshop, we attended; THIS IN OUR LIVING ROOM, talks about our current situation with respect to that place that we see in our living room, so that the meaning of the other things or details that we see in the dream tell us how is our current situation with respect to that site.
- If we see WALLS OF OUR ROOM IN BAD SHAPE, means that our lack of security can bring us problems.
- If we see WALLS OF OUR LIVING ROOM in bad shape, and we are fixing them, it means you will soon find a way out of a problem.
But if we dream that our living room wall is in poor condition and repair just a bit and say that then we will repair, it means we have found a way out of a problem, but we are not performing as it should be or that we are being negligent, what we can bring problems in the future.
- If we dream a DOG URINE IN OUR LIVING ROOM, tells us that our current situation is delicate, which advises us to avoid situations and or, dangerous relationships.

The lizard, represents the sensuality.
- If we dream that someone we know, wearing shoes with skin of lizagarto, means that it is a sexy and attractive person for the opposite sex.
And if we are the ones who wear the leather of lizard shoes, the meaning applies to ourselves, for example: If we wear leather of lizard shoes, tells us that we are attractive to the opposite sex, but if the shoes look worn, Then, it means that being attractive to the opposite sex will not help us the next time to achieve that we want.
- If in our dream we see a lizard of fluorescent colors (Very bright), tells us that someone, who already left this world and who is already an angel, tries to communicate with us and tell us a message that has to do with sex and the couple.
- If we see a lizard fighting a cat, means that we must be careful with the affairs of sensuality as it could get to be gossip if we are not discreet enough.

Lip-syncing (Mime to a song):
- To dream that we do lip-syncing to a song, means that we must respect social norms more.
But if we see someone else doing lip-syncing or trying to lip-syncing to a song, it means that there is someone who is not respecting the rules, which advises us not to allow it.

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