- If woman dreams of wearing lipstick APPROPRIATELY, says she should be a little better than it is, in their daily lives.

-To dream that we EAT LIPSTICK, means it is likely that soon we will have to suffer the consequences of deception, or of our deceptions.

- If a woman dreams of wearing lipstick in EXCESS, means she is acting treacherously.

- If a MAN, DREAM, THAT BRINGS PAINTED LIPS means probable shame and disgrace.

- If a MAN DREAM THAT BRINGS PAINTED LIPS, BUT THEN CLEAN IT, means he managed to avoid embarrassment or disgrace. And if a man dreams that brings lipstick and tries to clean, but the lip is not removed, it means that is difficult to avoid shame or disgrace.

- If a woman sees her dream store of lipsticks and most notorious of the dream is that all lipsticks have the PRICE TAG means that if she want to look more beautiful, must pay a price for it, example: Going on a diet or exercise.

- If in the dream we see a PROSTITUTE and noticed PUT LIPSTICK IN EXCESS, we predicted difficult days for love, because of a hoax.

- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WE KNOW (a woman), and noticed that carries LIPSTICK IN EXCESS, means that we must be careful with it, because it is a treacherous and deceitful person.

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