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Dreams: Le

- Lead means that we are lacking wit and analysis of the situation, to be able to solve the problems that are happening.
- It can also mean that our partner is not understanding us, so we should look for more communication.

The leaders represent our desires, inclinations, temptations, or trends.
- To dream of a just leader, tells us that we lean toward justice, which is good.
- To dream of a Nazi leader, means overwhelmed feelings of hatred and revenge. This dream advises us not get carried away by such feelings.

Leaf through:
- If in our dream just leaf through a book on a particular subject, it tells us to study more about that topic.

A leak represents losses of money. It can also mean that there is something we must fix to avoid continuing to lose money.
- To dream that is raining and there are leaks in the CEILING of our bedroom, it means that we can come to suffer for something that goes against our principles and that has to do with sex and the couple. And if we drop water leaks in hand, the message is more specific, because it is a board that tells us not to do something that goes against our principles (Something about issues of sex and the couple) as this may result in us suffering.
- But if there are MANY LEAKS or we see water sprout water from the walls, augured mourning.
- To dream that there are water leaks in our house, but that we REPAIR them, means that suffering, dangers or money problems were approaching, but we have avoided them because we have made a good decision.
- To dream that there is a leak in the TUB, means suffering in order to achieve our purposes, in addition, the dream tells us that there may be some dangers.

To dream about leash resents a dependency, for example:
• If we dream that we walk our dog tied his leash and noticed that the dog is DIRTY, it is a dependency that is hurting us (For example: When someone too dependent, such as our parents, a girlfriend...)
• If we dream that we walk our dog tied his leash and noticed FUR IS FALLING, means there is a dependency that is hurting us and can lead us to ruin.
• If we dream that we walk our dog on his leash and then TRY ENTERING A MALL, but do not let us with dogs and therefore we do not, it means the same as above.
• If we dream that we walk our dog on his leash, and walked with the dog to a commercial center, but later, the guard takes you out of the place, because do not admit dogs, means that we are too dependent on someone, and it can lead us to ruin.

What we see in dreams go, it is something that got rid. In this case, the important thing is to find the meaning of what is going to know that's what we're falling apart.
- If in our dream we see a man dressed in black and carrying a sword in hand, means that we have a dangerous enemy; but if we go, it means that we shall overcome.
- If we dream that someone leaves us (dumped us) in the church the day of our wedding, it means fear of rejection, this dream advises us to have more confidence in the opposite sex.

- If in our dream we see green leaves it means prosperity and good luck.
- If the leaves are dry and fall, it means diseases and problems.
But if our dream we see dry leaves on the roof of our house, then the dream is more specific, because it means that our ambitions and desires may end up getting sick, for example, by overwork, in which case it is advisable is take a break or at least lower our level of work.

To dream of a leech augurs us difficulties in our daily life.
- If we dream that a worm or a leech SUCKS THE BLOOD, it represents someone who is taking advantage of us or who is exploiting us in some way.
- If we dream that there is a leech in our SHOE, it means that our girlfriend, partner, or the person we like, has been taking advantage of us in some way.

This dream predicts dislikes, and discussions with family members.

The left represents evil or that we're leaning to the side of evil.
- To dream that we can only see with our left eye means that we are only seeing the bad things of something or someone. This dream advises us to take into account both the good things and bad. But if we dream that one can see with our right eye, then, it means that we are only seeing the good things and not the bad.

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Leftover (Of food):
- If in the dream we eat leftovers from the previous day or from previous days, it means that we have resentment to somebody. This dream advises us to put aside our resentments and focus our efforts on important issues.
But if in the dream we see the food leftovers of someone else left, represents someone or something that someone else did not want, for example, a divorced person.
- If a man dreams of a strawberry filled cookie, that represents a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend who made him spend too much. But if it's someone else's leftovers (leftover strawberry-filled cookie), then it represents a divorced girlfriend/ex-girlfriend who was spending more than he should.

Only the totality of the dream and the circumstances of the dreamer will explain to us what the legacy consists of.

- If in the dream we see a woman wearing a black leggings, means success in love, but also tells us that something is not right

It means that our interests can be seen at risk if we do not have some support.

Lego (From: buildable toys):
- If in our dream we simply see a toy block, it tells us that we have found the missing piece, for example: A knowledge that we needed to know in order to succeed.
- If in our dream we build a lego or buildable toy, it means that we must look for the best way to do something that is important.

This sign represents the mobility and freedom.

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Leibniz (The chess player and philosopher):
- To dream of Leibniz, tells us that to succeed in life is not only a matter of mathematical calculations, that is, it is not just a matter of study and prepare, but we must also learn to deal with many things, for example, learn to deal with insidious people...

- If in our dream we see a lemon, reminds us that in life are many bitter moments, however, are important for health of the soul or business.
- If in our dream we eat a lemon, or eat something with juice lemon, means discomfort and distress.

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Lemon Tree:
- It represents difficult and distressing moments.

- If we dream that someone we know ask for a loan, it means that someone who has something in common with that person is likely to ask us for a loan.

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- If the dream we see the lens of the camera of a cell phone, but we see it of giant size, tells us that we should focus our efforts better, for example, look at people with whom we have more possibilities and forget about those that look less promising.

Lentils represent prosperity and good fortune.
- If we dream that we have a bag of lentils and that someone steals it, it means that it is likely that soon we will have good luck in money matters, but there will be someone who wants to steal, so we must be prepared.

The lion is associated with war, but also with the courage to face a difficult situation. It can mean several things:
- If we see a family of leopards, it augurs joy and union in our family.
- If it is a drowned leopard, it warns us that we lack the courage to face difficult situations.
- If the leopard's aptitude is aggressive, the dream will be associated with the animal instinct, which advises us to be more rational.
- If in our dream we see a hurt leopard, it means that we lack the courage to face the difficult situations.
- If we dream that we are a young leopard, it means that we have the courage, determination, strength and leadership that is required, however, we need to learn to listen to the advice of those who have more experience than we.

by letter.

This dream tells us that we may be concerned about our health or that we will be concerned about that reason.
- If in our dreams we see our mother sick it means that it is probable that we can suffer a disease related to the belly or the stomach.
- If in our dream we see our father sick, it means that the disease can be related to the head.
- If it is a son that we see sick, it means that the disease can be from the heart.
- And if it is a brother, it means that the disease can be in the legs or in the arms.

This dream reflects personality conflicts, if it is repeated constantly, the dream advises us to seek medical and spiritual help.
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This dream warns us that we must combat immediately any excess of placidity or carelessness.

This dream reveals a desire for something to be able to change our current situation.
- Receive an ANONYMOUS LETTER there is something that disturbs our conscience.
- If we either BREAK OR BURN the letter presages break with a friend or a relative.
- If it is a large envelope, basically have the same meanings, and some more since in a large envelope can be sent more things, for example: If we dream that we received a standard letter size CONTAINING A LAWSUITE, tells us that we a concern about a court case.
- If we write the letter and it is DIFFICULT TO WRITE IT, reflects fear.
- Dreaming of a letter of INVITATION, it means we need to have new friends and ambitions. And if we dream we give an invitation card to someone, it means that we need to have more friends and ambitions, yet we must be cautious.

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Letter chain:
- If we dream that we receive a letter chain, it means that someone is looking for a way to manipulate us.

It is a bad sign, which announces that joys follow the loss, especially if we eat them.

To dream that we are playing with a videogame and that they always kill us, but then we realize that it is because we choose a very high level, it means that we have to set lower goals or start with small things and then set ourselves increasingly bigger goals, but little by little.

Dreaming of a lever means that we will receive support, which can help us overcome some difficulties.

- To dream that we levitate means that we want to reach a higher spiritual level.

Lex Luthor:
- If we dream of a supervillain, for example, with the Wason, Lex Luthor, etc., represents an enemy difficult to overcome. But if we see it as a cartoon, then, it means that there is a danger that an evil person will make fun of us.

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