- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WE KNOW TO EAT A LEMON means that the person you expect times of distress.

- If in our dream we EAT A LEMON, or eat something with juice lemon, means discomfort and distress.

-If in our dream we SEE DRIED LEMONS, says we need new protections, example: If we have at the head of the bed an image of Our Divine Lady (Virgin de Guadalupe), but it is very battered, means that we put a new one; it can mean that we need light a candle to our Divine Lady and our guardian angels, etc.

- If in our dream we SEE A LEMON, reminds us that in life there are many bitter moments, however, are important for health the soul or business.

- If in our dream we SEE A PLATE WITH RICE AND LEMON ICE CREAM, says that in order to achieve relief from our suffering in love and or in As for our business, we have to endure before sometime of distress.

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