The left represents evil or that we're leaning to the side of evil.

- To dream that we can only see with our left EYE means that we are only seeing the bad things of something or someone. This dream advises us to take into account both the good things and bad. But if we dream that one can see with our right eye, then, it means that we are only seeing the good things and not the bad.

- If in our dream we see a man wearing a black GLOVE in the left hand, represents a person who is trying to trap us in some way, so we must be cautious.

- If in our dream we are simply LOOKING LEFT or see that something is directed to the left, it means that we are not doing right. The same means if we are walking to the left.

- If we dream that many small SPIDERS out of our left arm, means that we must be careful not to do bad or wrong things, as there is a danger that we fall into a trap, it added to that can generate gossip and backbiting.

- If we dream that we have a WOUND on our left hand but our dad brings us to the hospital and that we sew represents a wound to our pride, but also tells us that if we respected certain limits there would be no problem. It may also mean that we are angry with our dad, but in the end everything was resolved.

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