This sign represents the mobility and freedom.

- If we dream that we GROW THICK HAIRS ON THE LEGS and shave to us, but come out again and again, this is a message that says we should not lose the way and make the same mistakes over and over again.

- If we see INCLINED TO OUR LEGS, means that we are respected.

- If we dream the LEGS OF A WOMAN and is wearing a pantyhose (nylon or silk) black, signifies success in love, but also tells us that something is not right.

- If we dream that a FLY IS IN ONE OF OUR LEGS, tells us that we should not lose the way and make the same mistakes again and again.

- If in our dream we see a WOMAN LYING IN BED, AND NOTICED THAT HAS NO LEGS, is difficult to establish a relationship or difficulties in love because of someone who has undergone it, for example , a relative who does not want to get married.

- See our FEET ARMED WITH CLAWS, represents courage and determination.

- If we are WITHOUT A FOOT OR WITHOUT A LEG, without our channel pain, means lack of determination and courage. And if the loss does not cause us pain, it means that we can not move forward with our purposes.

- If we are WITHOUT SHOES, is a warning, that we may be subject to the other, but if we are wearing shoes, it means the opposite.

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