- If we dream that someone we know ASK FOR A LOAN, it means that someone who has something in common with that person is likely to ask us for a loan.

- If we have an older brother and a younger brother, and we dream that our older BROTHER/SISTER asks us for something borrowed, for example, that he borrows our iPod, it means that it is very likely that our younger brother/sister will soon borrow us our ipod.

- If we dream that someone of the opposite sex asks us to lend her(him) our CAR, it means he likes us or at least she(he) would like to have sex with us. But if we dream that we lend the car and it happens that it is stolen, it means that it is better that we do not correspond or make deals with that person because a disaster could occur.

- To dream that someone we know asks us to borrow something from our CLOTHES TO CHANGE, means that this person is jealous of us, or that he(she) would simply like to be in our place.

- If we dream that someone we like goes to our house and then we lend him the COMPUTER and then she(he) disappears, it means that in reality he does not like us and all he wants is that we help her(him) with something from school or the job (Depending on our current situation).

- If we dream that the neighbor asks us to lend him ELECTRICITY (A cable with electric current to connect to his house because the electricity company took away the power, for lack of payment) means that we must be more discreet in terms of our incomeS, because some Gossip could begin to comment that we have money and that can cause someone else to try to take advantage of us.

- To dream that someone lends us MONEY means economic difficulties.
But if we dream that we lend money to someone we know, then it means that person may have money problems for our cause.

- If we dream that we borrow something WITHOUT PERMISSION, it means that it is better not to do improper things to try to get something difficult to achieve.

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