This dream reveals a desire for something to be able to change our current situation.

- Receive an ANONYMOUS LETTER there is something that disturbs our conscience.

- If we either BREAK OR BURN the letter presages break with a friend or a relative.

- If it is a large envelope, basically have the same meanings, and some more since in a large envelope can be sent more things, for example: If we dream that we received a standard letter size CONTAINING A LAWSUITE, tells us that we a concern about a court case.

- If we write the letter and it is DIFFICULT TO WRITE IT, reflects fear.

- Dreaming of a letter of INVITATION, it means we need to have new friends and ambitions. And if we dream we give an invitation card to someone, it means that we need to have more friends and ambitions, yet we must be cautious.

- If you dream of the letter of INVITATION TO A WEDDING, it means we need to have more friends.

- Dreaming that we receive a LOVE LETTER FROM SOMEONE THAT WE LIKE or love, means that we want that person like us or love us as much as we to it.

- If we dream that receive MANY LOVE LETTER, means we want to find our ideal partner. But if the dream is a picture of our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) between the letters, means we have a little Divine help to find our ideal partner.

- Dreaming we READ A LETTER, means that we will receive news soon.

- If the envelope is TRIMMED IN BLACK, cannot open, open it and contains something unpleasant or empty indicates fear.

- If it is UNREADABLE, means disagreement or unkept appointments.

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