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Dreams: Na

This dream tells us that difficulties are approaching.

Nail polish:
Predicts: Cunning, treachery, hypocrisy and gossip.

Nails of hands or feet, most often related to difficulties and concerns, but also should pay attention to detail, as if it is painted or ingrown toenails, the dream gives us more details about the difficulties.
- If in our dream we see a person whom we know with your nails painted of BLACK COLOR, tells us that she is an evil person.
- The INGROWN TOENAILS represent difficulties and sorrows.

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Nail clipper:
To dream of a nail clipper (just seeing it) means that difficult relationships will come.
- If we dream that we cut our nails because we already had them too long, it means that there is something that we must get rid of soon, such as something that is hindering us or harming us in some way.
- If we dream that we are cutting our nails with a nail clipper, but suddenly we make a wrong and cut our skin, it is a comparison with our daytime life, so it tells us that if we do not do things carefully we can end up have difficulties in the future.

Nails, wood:
When we see our dream just nails in good condition, represents things that can help us in our work.

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Naira (Nigerian currency):
If we live in Nigeria, we should see: "Money". But if we do not live in Nigeria: Dreaming of naira in bills, means that are coming economic difficulties; although sometimes it relates to money difficulties caused by someone who looks like a foreigner or is foreign.

It indicates that a sincere and devout person is part of your environment.

- If in the dream we hear (no view) one of our BROTHERS calling us by our name, it means that our actions or what we're planning to do, we are endangering ourselves. This dream advises us not to be reckless.
- Sometimes in dreams we see things that have a meaning that relates, for example with love and yet we see the sister of a friend who is very small or simply we have no interest in she, but happens to her name is the SAME AS SOMONE WE LIKE, then it means that the dream has to do with that someone we like and having the same name, because sometimes what dreams encode messages in various ways, as a kind of riddle we must decipher.
- Sometimes a name refers to another name, for example, if a man dreams that he is in love with a woman who is CALLED: "Saline" and that she corresponds your love, it means he will be lucky in love with someone and to know who it is, we can rearrange the letters to find out who it is, in this case it could be someone named "Selina" (s, a, l, i, n, e = s, e, l, i, n, a), even it is not important if we are missing a letter. And we can also apply the same method names.
- If we dream a COP stops us but we managed to escape and were relieved because he does not have our name or our fingerprints and for that reason he canít find us means that we got rid of a guilt complex, but also tells us that some things are better not say or comment.
- If you dream that an agent, actuary, officer or court employee tries to notify a claim, but fails to do so because NOT HAVE OUR FULL NAME, means that there is someone trying to harm us, but canít do so; this dream advises us not rely too much, for example, not give our personal information to strangers.

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It shows our desire to have a child.

To dream that we are taking a nap or that we are going to take a nap, means that something is passing us unnoticed, it can also mean that it is not a good time to rest.

- If we dream that someone shoots us in the neck, it means that there is a danger that someone will betray us.
- If we dream that someone hits us on the back of the head, it means temporary problems.

- To dream that we carry, a drum full of naphtha, means that we have the energy and the motivation to do things well.

It means that we must protect our interests of greed in our relationships.

This sign tells us that we must be prudent and fix what is wrong.
- If in our dream we see napkins (the kind that are used to clean), but we notice that they are plastic, it means that there is a person who tries to pretend that he is trying to fix things with us (for example, who tries to pretend that she's being more considerate...), but she's actually being hypocritical.

Napoleon Bonaparte:
- If we dream that we shot Napoleon's soldier to defend our house, it represents our struggle against someone who wants to impose his ideas on us by force.

This flower means death, or rebirth. It can also mean vanity, and selfishness.
- If dream is unpleasant, predicts the death of someone close.

Narcotics (Sedatives):
Dreaming of narcotics, it means that our relationships can engage in unlawful things.

- If in our dream narrate a story, means we need understanding about our concerns.
- If a child dreaming that someone tells the story of a child who died, means a looming threat.

It relates to something that we can be difficult and tedious.
- A narrow road means that our margin for maneuver is limited.
- To dream that climbed a narrow staircase or becomes narrower, as we climb, means we have a good chance of success, however it will be a difficult and tedious battle.

Naruto (From: The character in the animated series):
- To dream that we have the spirit of a nine-tailed fox in our interior, like Naruto, means that we are consenting to a bad aptitude in ourselves.

Nasty ghost/Pesky spirit:
- If in our dream we see a nasty ghost, means poverty and difficulties.
- If we dream that a nasty ghost bothering us, means that a person is causing us problems, or tries to provoke, either meddling in our affairs or making witchcraft, which advises us not allow it and or get an amulet, such as four leaf clover silver.

This dream augurs changes in our lives.
- If we are in a distant country, and we were there, we say that our thoughts are unstable.
- If we are to become a foreign nation or we go to that place, and we are watching what is happening during the journey, augurs changes in our lives, but if the trip begins and ends:
- If travel begins and ends, or suddenly we are in a place of fun, means we want a change in our lives, as long as the dream is accompanied by a feeling of joy. If, however, the feeling is of sadness, it means that we fear something changes in our lives.
- If you see that other people travel to a distant nation, the dream augurs that our opponents will give up.

This dream is about something in us that we are suppressing, in most cases refers to the repression of our instincts, for example, can mean sexual repression, in which case the dream tells us that we should not repress much.
- Seeing a native woman, means that we will succeed, as long as we stop repressing ourselves too much.

- If we dream that someone advises us to resort to naturopathic medicine, it means that among several options, we must resort to the most natural or at least the one that contains the least chemical substances.

If in our dream we feel nausea, tells us that there may be a danger that is coming and that could affect our interests.

It tells us that the dream is related to our passage through this world.

- If we dream that we want to buy something (Something that has a good meaning), but they tell us that they can not sell us that, because we are not soldiers of the navy, it means that there is something that we are not managing to obtain (That is related to the meaning of that they do not want to sell us) for the reason that we are disobeying a higher law either Divine or that comes from ourselves.

Dreaming of Nazism or things related to Nazism, usually associated with evil and revenge.

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by letter.

Nazi concentration camp:
- If we dream that we are in a nazi concentration camp, it means that we must seek a better relationship with others, to avoid unpleasant situations.

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