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Dreams: Ni-No

- It means that we have few means to face the things that are presented to us.

To dream about nice means news or one unexpected surprise.
- Dreaming our nice in front of a CLOSE DOOR, tells us that even failure to achieve a final solution, plus we can even have unexpected surprises, we may be adverse.
- If we dream FAMILIES AS THEY WERE when we were kids, means lack of maturity.
- If we dream that SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS to our nice, means to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future, we should take more seriously the important issues that we have pending, even those to we think are not as important, in addition to strive most.
- Dreaming with a little niece TRYING TO COOK SOMETHING but fails to do well, tells us that we can soon get to have an unpleasant surprise because of our lack of experience and that we still have much to learn.
- If in our dream our niece, tells us that we misplace your TURTLE, tells us to be cautious about what we are doing or planning to do, because we could be left unprotected, That is, we can come to be in a dangerous situation.

- See a niche means that we are going through difficult times or uncertainty.
Also see: "Tomb", since it has the same meaning.

Represents probable dangers, or uncertainties.
- If we dream of a window at night, without see the moon, means that our future remains uncertain, both in material things and in the spiritual. If you see the moon, means we have a hope of solving a difficult problem.
- If in this dream we see the moon and cause an unpleasant sensation, tells us something good.
- If we have an unpleasant dream, which is not the moon, the dream we will be showing our fears, we must overcome.
- If we dream that it is still night, and we see a lake where the moon is reflected, means that soon we will have made all our purposes.
- If we dream that it gets dark, it means approaching a problem.
- Dreaming kill a turtle at night, tells us not to do things reckless or risky as it could run out protections and in imminent danger.
- If in our dream we see aggressive waves and it is night, tells us that we must be careful with our instinct, as there is a danger close.

If in the dream we see in a nightclub, augur an unexpected encounter.

If a woman dreams of a red nightgown or bring a red nightgown, means lust.

If we have a nightmare, especially if repeated, means there is a very important issue that must meet. And for that we should analyze well the meaning of all things that appear in our nightmares.

Nightmares, malignant:
The Malignant nightmares can be caused by various reasons, from seeing and murder and real exorcisms movies to psychic attacks.

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Nightmares, shared (When several people have the same nightmare):
Sometimes it happens that two people have the same nightmare or someone has a nightmare and soon someone else dreams the same. So that can be caused by two reasons: • It happens between very close people, as it can be between brothers and that happens is that the emotions that the nightmare causes us are so strong that we transmit it telepathically to someone close to us.
• Sometimes this phenomenon can be caused by evil spirits that visit us in our sleep, especially if we soon get sick or have difficulties. This dream advises us to light a red candle to our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe), in addition to not showing fear and being brave.

Nightmares that started from a traumatic experience:
If in the past we went through a traumatic situation and since then we have had nightmares that remind us of this event, it is for the reason that traumatic situations as well as acts of great evil, usually attract evil spirits that take advantage of this type of situations to accentuate our fears and emotions, since that is how they can feed our vital energy. In this case, the ideal is to use a psychic weapon to discourage those Beings, for example, place a folding knife or Swiss Army knife under our pillow and rub the plastic or wooden part before sleeping and after a nightmare, in order of hurting the invading spirit and that it does not return.

- If in our dream it is notoriously related to the number nine, it tells us that its meaning has to do with motherhood and fertility.

911 (Nine hundred eleven, emergency number):
If we dream that we call 911, it means a lack of security in ourselves.

- If you dream you are a ninja and fight against someone else, it means: If we win, we predicted success, but if we lose we forecast failure, unless we begin to striving more.
- If in our dream we see a ninja carrying a sword in hand, means we have a dangerous enemy, but if we leave, it means that we will win.

Ninja star (Shuriken):
- If in our dream we see ninja stars, it means trouble in our family relationships.
- If in our dream we see a ninja star stuck in a drawer means to avoid future problems in our family relationships, we must be firm in our determination, even though they might think that we are being bad or too severe.

-- If we DREAM WITH A NINTENDO, it means the following:
• Dreaming of the nintendo console, or playing with it, tells us that we have the ability to manipulate others or to do what we want.
• If we are no longer children and in our dream we see a child who is playing a videogame, it means that we should avoid behaving immature, because that does not look good, besides it is not necessary, since we have the ability to face any situation that may arise.
-- TO DREAM THAT WE ARE WITHIN A VIDEOGAME, as if we were inside the virtual world, means that someone is manipulating us.
To see more meanings, consult: "Videogame".

To dream of a woman's nipples, means childish needs of protection and love.
- If a man dreams that his girlfriend has nipples of displeased or DEFORMED appearance, it means that his girlfriend has not been able to satisfy his needs for love and sensuality.
- If a woman dreams that MILK SKIN comes out of her nipples, it means she is ready to have babies and will not have to worry about money matters.
- If in the dream we see a woman with naked breasts and we notice that her nipples are REVENTED, it means infantile needs of protection and love that we have not been able to satisfy.
- If we dream that we TIGHTEN the nipples to someone of the opposite sex (Sensually), it represents sexual and love needs, which we have not been able to satisfy.


It means that we will not achieve a better social position and honor as we wanted.

If in our dream we hear screams, or that someone is making a lot of noise, it means the warning of a near danger.
- If the screams or noises are heard in the distance, it means that it is likely that someone slanders us.
- If the noise or screams are loud and very close, it means: Serious slander.
- If in our dream, we want to scream, but we cannot, it means that there is a serious danger approaching.
- If we see someone scream and make noise with a drum, it means that a change is coming in our life, which warns us, that we must be prepared for it.

It means we're going through precarious and unstable circumstances.

Non-working days:
- If we dream to attend school on a Sunday, or on a non-working day, it means we need to study and prepare more, and in this case also tells us that we need to study extra hours, for example: Take a course adjustment, or if we were already taking, then, he tells us not to stop attending our course.
- If we dream that an employee of the Treasury, makes us an inspection or give us a notice in a non-working day, and that bothers us or we find it odd, it means that to avoid problems with law enforcement authorities, we do things with enough time and in appropriate hours and days, for example: If it comes to contracts, preferably, it should be in the morning, and before signing them, we must verify or inspect them enough time.

The noodles have the same meaning as the food in general, as appropriate. But with some exceptions, for example:
- If we dream that we are at a party and eat noodles, it means difficulties related to a tangled matter (Complicated matter).
- If in our dream we see noodles scattered on the floor, it represents some problems and entanglements.

by letter.

Nopal cactus:
The nopal represents the tree of life, and the road to Heaven.
- To see a nopal in dreams means our self-sacrifice, that is, sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice ourselves a little for others to find harmony at home or at work.
- Dreaming of a nopal in the middle of a lake, means success in all our projects.

This cardinal point represents the difficulties, if we are orienting to the north, means that we can have tough days, so we must now analyze our situation to avoid any future problems.

North Pole:
- To dream about the north pole means that we will soon have to face a difficult problem.

The nose represents our vision of things, and in the negative (when is too long or there is something nasty in it) is the lie and dishonesty.

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This dream tells us that we should not stay in the past.
- If we dream that we see photographs with nostalgia, it means that we are staying in the past, which tells us that we must look to the future.

- If in our dream we are being a notary, means we must act responsibly to prevent someone can get to have difficulties because of us.
- On the other hand, if in our dream we see a notary, means that we are who we get to see us in trouble because of someone else.

Note down:
- Taking note of something, it means that the disorder may be harmful to us.
- If we write and distinguish what it says, means we will have good news to relate to what I wrote.

- See a notebook, tells us that we should leave the past behind.
- If we are open notebook and is is blank, it means we want to erase the past.
- If we dream open notebook and is blank but with many cockroaches on it, means to we want to avoid reappear old gossip and old suspicions.
- If we see a notebook and we feel sad, it means that our past has not been very good, but if we feel happy, it means that our past has been good.
- If you dream that you tear pages to a notebook, it means that we got rid of some difficulty that had to do with something from the past.

It means that we will receive welcome news about what we write in the notes or what we see in the notes.

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- If we dream that we want to get our shoes fixed to a certain establishment and before we leave, our brother says: "Do not sign anything" means that there is someone we like, but it is someone who does not It is convenient, so it is better that we do not compromise with that person in any way.

- This dream tells us that soon we will be informed of things that we will suffer the consequences, and of which we can very little to do to save the situation.
- But if it is a store sign (Those who stand above the entrance to the stores to know what they sell there), tells us that there is information that is important and has to do with what that say or the image that we see in the sign.
- If in our dream we see the entrance of a store and notice that there is a stone sign with the figure of a Chinese dragon, it means that we have the strength and the wisdom to carry out our purposes. It may also mean that the making known of certain knowledge or the seeking of certain knowledge can give us the strength to achieve our purposes.
- If in the dream we see a sign pointing to several directions; represents the probable paths that we can choose in our life, which advises us to analyze the situation well, to see which suits us best. But if we remember what one of them said, besides that what the sign says is related to something of our day life or reminds us of our day life, we must pay attention to the position in which it is in relation to others, So if we see it up, it means that this is the option that suits us best, but if we see that there are others higher up, (like the one shown in the illustration), it means that we must choose a better option.

- To dream that someone notifies us that we are sued, means probable losses or failures in an issue or business. It can also represent not very serious business offers.
- If in our dream we see that they notify a claim to one of our enemies, it means that that person can have losses, or failures in an issue or business.
- If we see the notification form for which we are going to sue someone, it means that there is someone who could be affected by our cause.

- Here we must pay attention to the plot of the novel, and the meaning of what we see there, to be able to consult its meaning.
- If we dream about the book of a novel, we must pay attention to the plot of the novel, since something that is told in it is related to our current situation.


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