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Dreams: Nu-Nz

Nuclear bomb:
Nuclear bombs in our dreams represent a important changes that is coming and is usually related to a social changes.

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Nudist/ Nudist field:
- If in our dream we see a beach or a nudist field, it may be sexual desires, or the desire to know the intentions and thoughts of others about us.

If there are sexual implications associated with sex and sensuality. But if there is no sexual implications, is to be free from all hypocrisy, unless the nudity is uncomfortable, because then it means that we feel helpless and that we are failing to adapt to circumstances.

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- If we dream that we number something, it means that it is important to defend our interests and if we see that someone numbers something, it means that someone will try to defend their interests.
- Number wrong, means bad luck in our activities because we are not defending our interests well enough.

Numbers can have several meanings, such numbers are unfavorable, such as 3, 21, 66 and the favorable numbers such as 2, 4, 5, 8, 9.
Although it may also be a clue to something or someone, even sometimes can refer to a number which we will see in the near future, for example, a file number, list, phone, someone's age, a law... (and if the number you see in the near future ends in 6 tells us that there will be some difficulties in that case but with a little effort can counteract the bad luck, but if it falls on 5 then says that everything will be favorable).
- If we dream of a NUMERIC CODE, as they serve to number things or as a key to classify something, means it is important to defend our interests, and if we see someone puts a bar code to something, it means that someone tried to defend their interests.
- If in our dream we COUNT OR LIST SOME UP 4 OR 5, it means that we must bring order in to what we do, to have good luck.

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Number, phone:
This sign can have several meanings according to the context of the dream, so that a simple phone number means that we need to contact someone.
But if it is the phone number of the person you like, then it all depends on how the dream develops, so if she/he gives us her/his number it is because he also likes us, but if he refuses, it is because he does not like you.

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It means that we will experience some difficulties to overcome our problems.

Numeric code:
- If in our dream we see a numeric code, means that it is important to defend our interests, and if we see someone puts a barcode on something, it means that someone tried to defend their interests.
- If in our dream we see a money bill with a barcode or a numeric code on it, means that to you can avoid problems of money, you must manage money in a better way and defend your own interests, but others think that you're being bad or too severe.
But if we first see bills then disappear and instead appear one bill with a barcode or numeric code, means that first we were having money problems, but then the situation changes because we have begun to manage money in a better way and defending our own interests.

This sign in most cases speaks of a complex of guilt or puritanical aptitude (Follow certain moral rules in an exaggerated way).
- If we dream that we are MARRIED TO A NUN (or monk, the case is that of the opposite sex), it means that we want to marry someone, but there is a feeling of guilt that prevents us, which advises us to get rid of that feeling that It is unjustified.
- If a WOMAN DREAMS THAT she is a nun, and that she has sex with someone of the opposite sex, it means that her sex life is difficult because of a guilt complex, which advises us to get rid of it is complex that is unjustified.

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- If in our dream we see some nunchucks tells us that soon we will succeed thanks to our value.
- If you dream that someone wants to sell some nunchucks or one kendo, but we do not buy, it means that we need to value, which can also cause you to not achieve success.
- If in the dream we bought one nunchucks or one kendo tells us we have the courage, so that we can succeed.
- A nunchuks with nails stuck in them, tells us that the lack of value we can cause difficulties.

- See a nurse in our dreams, predicts the presence of someone who will give us valuable tips, and appreciation.
- If a man dreams who fall in love for a female-nurse or a nurse fall in love with he, means he will have good luck in love, but as long as take into account the advice of someone who appreciates.
- If a woman dreams of falling in love with a male-nurse, means the same as above.
- To dream that we got married to a nurse (of opposite sex) and we have a son, it means that we want to get married and have children, but we must take into account the advice of someone important to us, (For example: It can help us to avoid making a mistake or to avoid future financial difficulties).

Nursery school:
- If we dream that the house of someone we know has a nursery school, it means that person wants to have children. But if we dream that in addition to the nursery school, also has a cult (For example, a floor of this house is nursery school, another is for a sect and another is where the person lives), it means that person wants to have children, but if she were to have it look in too much difficulty.

It represents wisdom and what is True, it can also represent fertility and the renewal of things.
In some cases it represents a woman, for example: If we dream bread crumbs with remains of nuts, it means money difficulties because of a woman (For example: A girlfriend who makes us spend too much, in which case the ideal is to put a limit to not overspend).

Nut, cola:
- If we dream of a tradition or custom in which the cola nuts are present, it means that sometimes it is important to respect the traditions or ways of thinking of others, or at least find a middle ground between the way of thinking of others and ours (That instead of looking for what we are different, it is better to look at what we look like).

Nut palm/ Palm kernel:
Palm nuts represent prosperity and good luck.
- If we dream that we make palm kernel oil and that we get it right, it means that we are doing things well, which will bring us prosperity and good luck.

Nutella (Chocolate spread):
It represents happiness in the family, but it could also represent sweet and passionate moments.

Dreaming that we eat nutritious foods means good luck.

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Dreaming of a nymph, means that our appreciation for a person will be larger and even more sincere and happy.
It may also mean that our feelings toward another person will change, to become positive, which will bring us happiness.

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