If there are sexual implications associated with sex and sensuality. But if there is no sexual implications, is to be free from all hypocrisy, unless the nudity is uncomfortable, because then it means that we feel helpless and that we are failing to adapt to circumstances.

- If in dream, we are nude in front of others, and we feel ASHAMED, it means that we feel helpless and we are not able to adapt well to circumstances (school, work, a new family, new friends, etc.).

- If you see one of our BROTHERS NUDE, is to see ourselves free from hypocrisy.

- But if we see a BROTHER OR SISTER OF THE OPPOSITE SEX, and we are excited, it means that our sex life is difficult and boring.

- If we dream nude and DEAD PEOPLE, and also the dream is morbid, tells us to beware of our sexual desires, as some may end very badly.

- If in dream we are nude and we are HAPPY, it reflects the fatigue that causes us to pretend we are continuously imposed by society.

- A NUDE PERSON KNOWN, is to see her as she is, and in this case the meaning of the other things we see in dreams can tell us what their real intentions towards us. At least the dream to be sensual, since then, means that we have sexual desires for that person.

- View OTHER PEOPLE NUDES, it may be sexual desires, or the desire to know the intentions and thoughts of others about us.

- If the nakedness dream, we find it UNCOMFORTABLE, reflects the helplessness, powerlessness we experience social or professional. It may also represent that we are ashamed of our own body.

- SEE US NUDE, is to be free from all hypocrisy.

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