Numbers can have several meanings, such numbers are unfavorable, such as 6, 21, 66 and the favorable numbers such as 2, 4, 5, 8, 9.
Although it may also be a clue to something or someone, even sometimes can refer to a number which we will see in the near future, for example, a file number, list, phone, someone's age, a law... (and if the number you see in the near future ends in 6 tells us that there will be some difficulties in that case but with a little effort can counteract the bad luck, but if it falls on 5 then says that everything will be favorable).

1 2 3 4 5

- If we dream of a NUMERIC CODE, as they serve to number things or as a key to classify something, means it is important to defend our interests, and if we see someone puts a bar code to something, it means that someone tried to defend their interests.

- If in our dream we COUNT OR LIST SOME UP 4 OR 5, it means that we must bring order in to what we do, to have good luck.

- If we dream that DISAPPEAR an unfavorable number (6, 21, 66, 666), for example: If we dream a number six goes away, you have the possibility of avoiding a difficulty. And if that disappears after the unfavorable number we see something that has a good meaning , tells us that we are able to avoid the difficulties that can approach and how to achieve it tells us things we see at the end and having a good meaning.

- If in our dream we see a CLOSED DOOR AND UP WE NOTE THAT THERE IS A NUMBER THREE or SIX, means there is an issue that has not been completed and we must end before proceeding or to achieve a final solution. It may also mean that we expect a number of difficulties before to achieve a final solution.

- If we dream of a number that looks like a COUNTDOWN, for example: 321, 54321 (note the order: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1), it means that an important date/event is approaching that we should take advantage of.

- If our dream focuses on a number EIGHT or simply we see a number eight tells us that a favorable date approaches, such as: December 12, the start of a season, our The birthday... which we can use to do something important or start a new project, so good luck on that we do.

- To dream about the number FIFTY-TWO (52), it means that a favorable period is about to begin, such as a good streak, a time of opportunities, etc.

- If in our dream we see the number FOUR or FIVE, augurs success and good fortune.

- If our dream relates well with the number NINE, tells us that its meaning has to do with maternity or fertility.

- If in our dream we just VARIOUS NUMBERS or quantities, for example: 9184, 7827, 7234, 8278... It means that we desire to make money.

- If we dream of the number ONE, it means that we are number one, that is, that we are the best at something, or that we must choose who we know is the best. It can also represent loneliness or that among several options/things, we must choose only one; depending on our current situation.

- If it is QUANTITIES can mean success as when we see, two, four, five, seven, nine, twelve, or thirteen things, because those are sacred numbers. But if we see six things, it means the opposite.

- If in the dream, we see or hear a number, and WE REMEMBER SOMETHING, for example, an address, phone number... It tells us that the message of the dream is related to that which reminds us that number.

- SEVEN: dreaming of this number, or dream of seven things: It means that with a little effort we can find the right way or solution to a problem.

- If in our dream we see the NUMBERS: SIX or THREE, augurs difficulties ahead, as these are unfavorable numbers. And the same means, if we dream a number and we realize that end in 3 or 6, for example 84786.

- The number THREE can have several meanings, depending on the context of the dream, since it sometimes refers to the past, present and future.
On the other hand, if there are signs related to love, then it refers to a love triangle.
But if we see three points aligned vertically, it represents good fortune.

  • In certain cases it is related to the three Cosmic Spheres (the underworld, this world and Heaven), For example, if we see a friend/relative who ALREADY DEPARTED FROM THIS WORLD, in a wheelchair, but a moment later, We see trying on three pairs of shoes, it means that he is already in Heaven thanks to our prayers (the wheelchair means that he was wrong but when trying on the third pair of shoes, it means that he has reached the third cosmic sphere, that is, the Heaven).
  • If we see three people in a BED, it represents a probable love triangle.
  • Sometimes the number three tells us about the past, present and future, for example: If we see three skulls with CANDLES burning on them, it means that the Good Spirits have always taken care of us and will continue to do so.
  • If in the dream we see things DIVIDED into three parts, vertically, it represents the past, the present and the future. What it tells us, that we must analyze the past to understand the present, and be able to change the future.

  • Another case is if we see a line of three things, for example, three POINTS that form a vertical line, it means good fortune.

- If we dream that someone tells us that a certain person whom we know is: TWENTY-ONE, it means that that person has some sexual identity problems.

- If in our dream most notorious TWO is a number, it means that sometimes you need both the light side, as the dark side, which means that sometimes we must be firm although it may seem that we are ill, for example, when someone scolds (without violence) to his son, because he did something bad, you might even feel bad about it, but it is necessary.

- If we dream of bills of ZERO dollars, soles, euros (local currency), it means that we will not have money problems. And if we dream that we see high-denomination bills, but we convert them into zero dollar bills... it means that someone is trying to sabotage us or make us witchcraft so that we do not have money, but we are stronger and smarter than that person, so we do not we will have difficulties in that regard.

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