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Dreams: Da

It symbolizes the desire for aggression and the unconscious threat.

White daisies are related to a promise of love, unless in our dream we see them deflating, in which case it means an ephemeral love.
- If in our dream we see a plastic bag with earth and we notice that there are daisy petals in the ground, it means that there is someone who has been trying to resort to any method at his disposal, even to witchcraft, to avoid that we have good luck in love.

Dalai Lama:
If in our dream we see the Dalai Lama or a priest of a religion good, means we have a little Divine help.
- You can be a comfort, good luck in money, good luck in the spiritual, or in the familiar.

Predict: Next joys.

- If in our dream we see a Dalmatian dog appear, it means we have challenges associated with a friend or to marriage, but if the dreamer is a child, then, means that their parents are having marital problems and want some Divine help. This dream we are advised to bring an offering to a sacred site (such as a bouquet of roses).
- Also see: "Dog".

- Build promises support and security in our efforts.
- Destroy it, desolation and sadness.

- To dream of something damaged or broken, it means that we got rid of that which is damaged, or its meaning. In which case it is advisable to seek the meaning of what is damaged in this dictionary.
- But if you see damaged or broken in our dream has a meaning well, then, means the opposite, for example: If you dream of sweeping, means that we will soon see our problems solved according to our wishes, but if we dream that we are sweeping with a very damaged or broken broom means we have a problem that we have failed to resolve according to our desires.

- If we are injured, it means hurt our pride, as if someone hurts us.
- If you only get hurt, it means fear of getting sick or having an accident.

This dream usually is associated with the relationship we have with our partner.

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Dance hall:
- If in the dream, we meet in a dance hall, the dream promises us an unexpected meeting.

- A dancer or ballerina (To opposite sex) is our partner, someone we would like as a couple, our suitor, or a platonic love, and is related to the meaning of the other things we see in dreams.

- Seeing us in our dream avoiding a danger, means that we will have luck and success in our projects.
- If we see our children in danger, it means that there is a danger nearby, especially if for example, they were going on a trip or were near unreliable people. In these cases, it is also convenient to consult the meaning of the other things that we see in the dream to have more details.

- To dream that we dare not do something, it means that we are afraid to do something that is related to the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.
- To dream that we dare to do something, it means that we are ready for action.

Darkness represents doubt, failure, uncertainty and dangers or concerns; depending on our current situation and the context of the dream. Unless we see a light in the darkness, because then, represents hope or possibility of changing things.
Although keep in mind that even if it is a negative sign, we can always revert to our prayers or an amulet to help our guardian angels to be near us.
- If in the dream we see a DARK BASEMENT means we have a concern that relates to an issue that we must analyze.
- If in our dream we see BED AND ALL DARK, but to one side, we see a light coming from a lamp or similar, means that we have difficulties in love, but there is hope (We still have a chance or can happen unexpected change our situation).

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It means there is a risk of conflict situation.

Dash (Orthographic Symbol):
- If recently we made a document or homework, and in the dream we see a number 6 in one dash of that document, means that we write in that dash, is wrong, so we must correct. But if besides the above we see a toilet, it means that we must definitely remove it.

Dash board, car:
- If in the dream we see the dashboard of our car and we think that we do not know if we will have enough gasoline for our trip; it means that we need more determination to achieve our projects.
It can also be advice that tells us to put more energy into something.
- A peeling dashboard means that we must take better care of our car, for example, put a protection on it, such as an amulet and at least wash it more often.

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Daughter in law:
This dream is a warning that there may be a probable family reconciliation. It can also be with respect to a reconciliation related to a friendship.

- This dream tells us it is important to note the date, because it has great importance.
- To dream that we forgot the test date, tells us that there is something important to remember also advises us to be more sure of ourselves.

Date, romantic:
- If we go on a date and everything happens smoothly, predicts a new love.
- If there is any hiccup means we unrealizable desires.
- If in our daily living we made a date with our girlfriend(boyfriend) and dreamed that she(he) cancel the date because it has a lot of work, it means the opposite, that is, means that it will be us who will have to cancel the date because we have a lot of work.
- But if we dream that we cancel the date because we have a lot of work, then, means to be her(him) who canceled because it has a lot of work.

Dates (From: The fruit of the palm tree):
It means mutual understanding, sincere and deep thoughts.

- Early in the day means that we begin a new cycle friendly for our social climate and of our affairs.

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by letter.

This dream warns us to be cautious and not trust that we have had some successes.

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