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Dreams: Dr-Dz

- Watch a dragon means an internal struggle against our instincts in order to free our soul. This dream has advised to seek the truth of things beyond what our instincts tell us.
- If we dream that we carry a sword and her fight against a dragon, representing the fight against our own instincts, and if we win the fight means to achieve a higher spiritual level, if we overcome, means that it is probably not what we achieve; if no one wins, it means the future is uncertain, and if we run away and hide, it means that our insecurity is preventing us achieve a higher spiritual level.

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It symbolizes lightness, thoughtlessness, frivolity and inconstancy.
- A BLUE dragonfly says that to avoid a difficulty we must show better feelings such as loyalty, companionship, kindness, good disposition, and so on...
- A GRAY dragonfly says that inconstancy and lack of reflection are causing a depressing and difficult situation.
- A GREEN dragonfly means that in order to avoid difficulties we must be more fair to others.
- A PURPLE dragonfly means that if we do not think things right, we can get deceived. And if we dream of people walking purple dragonflies, it means that we have been having problems by a deception and we want that it finishes.

This dream warns us that there may be fights accompanied by violence.
It can also mean that someone is trying to harm us through witchcraft or dirty tactics.

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Drain opener:
- To dream of a toilet, covered and filled with feces of diarrhea, mean that it is difficult to avoid overspend, but if we uncover using a drain opener, means we will soon find a way to avoid waste.

If we dream that we win a draw, it means probable loss of money or property.

The things we see within the drawer represents the resources we have to get something we want, except that what we see in the drawer has a bad meaning, since then represents obstacles we must overcome to achieve what we want.

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This dream refers to insecurity or fear for something that worries us.

- If in the dream we see someone we know with dreadlocks, it means that it is a complicated and informal person in some aspects.

Dreams, Contradictory:
Sometimes, in our dream, things may appear that have opposite meanings, for example: If in our dream we see clean water (It means that our feelings are good, and that we will have a long and lucky life) and we also see dirty water (It means that evils or problems of a moral nature are approaching). So, what we have to do is see what the main meaning is, which may be the last one we saw in the dream, or the one we saw in greater quantity, for example:
If we saw clean water first and dirty water at the end, the one that dominates is dirty water, which means that currently everything is fine, but a bad thing is approaching, and to be able to get rid of that danger we will have to try much more.
But if the first thing we see is dirty water, and in the end clean water, the main thing is clean water, and in this case it tells us that an evil is approaching, but, everything will be fine and we will be able to overcome any difficulty, but at the same time tells us that we should not change our strategy, even if it seems that the danger has disappeared, or stop trying, so that the last thing happens, that is, what clean water means, and we completely get rid of the problem (which means dirty water).
The case is to see which one dominates more, either because we saw it last, because we see it at the same time but in greater quantity, because it is higher or because it is more noticeable. Finally, it is also possible that in our dreams we see two opposite signs in the same quantity or mixed with each other, for example: We may see the same quantity of clean and dirty water; Another case may be that we see ourselves fleeing at night, in the latter case a moonless night is a bad omen, but fleeing is a good sign, so in these types of dreams we see the two aspects mixed.
In these cases, our dream tells us that sometimes to avoid a danger, it is necessary both the light side of things, and the dark side, which means that sometimes we must be firm even though it seems that we are being bad, For example, when someone scolds (non-violently) their child because they did something wrong, they may even feel bad about it, but it is necessary; or when we report a serious crime, since we know that someone can go to prison, but this is preferable to those people continuing to hurt others.
- Another case is, if in the same night, we had a dream that has a bad meaning, and then later we had another dream that means exactly the opposite; for example: If in the first dream we saw money in bills (it means money difficulties) but in the second dream we saw excrement (it means good luck economically); tells us that we were about to have bad luck financially, but our guardian angels have saved us from that bad thing that the first dream means, since what matters most is the last dream.
Note: All the dreams that we can easily remember serve us (especially the dreams that we remember for days, are True messages from angels or God), that is, they are the most important.

Dreams, False:
Not all dreams are real messages, because sometimes we can be confused by evil spirits, for example: If we wake up at midnight or three in the morning from a nightmare, it is for the reason that someone was doing a ritual , and our guardian angel woke us up to avoid being robbed of energy, and there are no real messages in those kinds of dreams / nightmares; the same if we have a dream on a red moon night.

Dreams, Repeating/Recurring Dreams:
- When a dream is constantly repeated, or even when interpreting several dreams that we have had for a certain time, we see that the same theme is repeated, very often, it means that there is something that we have not yet understood or resolved. In most cases it is because we have not managed to understand the message of our dreams well, and this may be because there is a problem that is difficult for us to accept, and therefore it becomes more difficult to correctly interpret our dreams. So in those cases it can help us to be pessimistic when trying to interpret the dream. Since to solve a problem, you must first accept that there is a problem.
- Although there is a second case, for example: If we constantly dream of our ex-girlfriend (ex-boyfriend) even though we no longer love that person and we even have a new love whom we love, it means that our ex wishes to return with us and His thoughts are so intense and constant that they are producing this situation (They are dreams caused by a type of unconscious telepathy that manifests itself in our dreams) although there are cases in which it may be caused by witchcraft, in any way, the ideal thing to end with This type of dream is that when we wake up we tell them firmly and definitively, as if they were in front of us, to stop bothering us because we no longer love them, in order to break the psychic bond.

Dreams that we do not remember complete:
Sometimes we have a dream but we do not remember it completely, in these cases it means that our near future is uncertain, but it depends on us. The fact is that the dream tells us about something that we must change or not change, so that our near future is favorable, that is, it depends on what we do now and is related to the meaning of the things we see in it.

Dream that we dream, To:
- If we dream that we were dreaming, as when we dream something and then wake up, but then we wake up again, because although we thought we had awakened, we were still in the dream: It means that we have traveled to various cosmic planes.
- To dream that we dream that someone cuts our feet, means that there is someone who is trying to resort to a psychic attack, to prevent us from doing something against them or to prevent us from defending ourselves against their tricks.

Dreams, Unstable:
- If we dream of the person we like, but in some dreams she/he smiles at us and in others he rejects us, it is because his mind is unstable in terms of his feelings and thoughts (she/he has an internal conflict), so he cannot decide on how much whether he likes us or not.
- If in our daytime life we are in a battle, for example, in a legal battle and sometimes dreams (Its meaning, already deciphered), it tells us that we will win and in others that we will lose, it means that the battle is difficult, but also There is something we are doing wrong, for example: In a legal battle you have to be discreet; not brag; keep our strategies as secret as possible. (There are even times that when the meaning is favorable, it is better not to count or write down the dream, and in the event that we consult an expert, the ideal is that once we know the meaning, we erase everything and keep it in the most absolute secret so that the future does not change).

Dreams, Weird and long:
Sometimes we can have long and strange dreams, which usually look a bit like a play, since each character plays a specific role and there may be several acts, for example, at first we may see a series of signs that have a good meaning, and then another series of things appear but with a negative meaning.
These dreams sometimes tell us a little about what has been happening to us and what may happen to us in the future.
The first thing we must do is consult the meaning of each thing we see in the dream and then try to understand the whole idea, as if we were putting together a story. The fact is that sometimes the dream is very rare, because first the meanings are good, but later, as in a second act, the signs have opposite meanings, for example, at the beginning of the dream we may see yellow water ( means disease) and then later on we will see orange juice (it means health), then, since the last thing we see is what something good means, it tells us that we will soon enjoy good health, but at the same time it tells us that it is important not to Let's change our strategy, such as continuing to follow the doctor's instructions, because if we change our strategy, the first thing we saw in the dream would happen, that is, the yellow water that means disease.
On the contrary, if we had first seen the orange juice and then the yellow water, then it means that our health may deteriorate, in which case it advises us to take all the necessary precautions to be able to face any problem that may arise, for example going to what we check the doctor, and/or get a charm to have good health.

Dream A WOMAN WEARING A DRESS and remember well was what color or pattern that had, tells us that the meaning depends on the meaning of the color or the pattern, for example: If you wear a dress white, means we're good. And the same means, if a one WOMAN DREAMS TO WEARING A DRESS of Certain Color or pattern.
- If we see someone we know, wearing a BLACK DRESS means that we should not trust that person.
- If in the dream we see a dress for FEMALE CHILD means that a dangerous enemy is near.

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It augurs a favorable change to our situation.

Dressing room (From: The actors' dressing room):
This dream counsels us that we must improve our image and be more diplomatic towards others, so that we are better accepted or that our ideas are better accepted.

See us adrift in a dream, it means that our life has no clear direction, which tells us that it is important to get well-defined objectives.

- Seeing manual or electric drill tells us that we want to spend more time on our hobbies or continue a job that we have pending.

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Drill, dentist:
- If a child dreams of a dentist's drill or going to the dentist, and he uses a dentist's drill to fix his teeth, it means fear of his dentist, or dentists in general.

Drill, to:
- If we drill with a electric-drill to fix something or to do something useful, it means that soon we will get out of a problem or we will fix a difficult problem.
- If we dream that we drill with a electric-drill, a safe, to open or steal it, it means that something is difficult for us to achieve.

Drilling machine (Machine to drill earth or stone):
- If in our dream we see clean water flowing from a hole just made by a drilling machine, it means good luck or that we will soon solve a problem.

- If the drinking-glass is BROKEN, it means separation from someone we love.
- To dream that BREAKS FULL GLASS OF WATER and it spreads along the ground indicates the permanent loss of a one love.

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- If in our daily living we are sick, and we dream that we drink a crystal clear water, tells us that soon heal.

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If we are alone driving a car indicates desire for independence.
- To dream that we drive a car ASLEEP, means that something is happening to us unnoticed, which advises us not be complacent or negligent.
- If the person driving is a CHILD, means lack of maturity.

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If in our dream we are drooling, means it is likely to deceive us or that we are victims of a breach of trust.

- If in our dream we see a dropper, tells of dubious achievements or that there is the risk that anyone will doubt our achievements. Which advises us to take the necessary measures to prevent that from happening.

Dropping hints:
- It represents that there is a risk of criticism finishing in a complicated situation.

Dreaming of drowning, in most cases, is related to problems/difficulties that are suffocating us or making us too desperate.

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This dream tells us that difficulties are coming within the family or some obstacles.
- If we dream that we are drowsy, while someone we know tells us something, it means that that person is very boring or we simply have no affinity with them. It can also mean that we are likely to have some problems with it soon.

by letter.

It means that we will have some expensive pleasures that will bring dire consequences.

Drug traffickers:
- Dreaming of a band of drug traffickers, means that if we do not have the proper precautions, we can get to suffer attacks by dishonest people.
- If we dream that we dress with clothes that belong to a drug trafficker, it means that the uncertainty in the future is making us behave dishonestly; that advises us to change our aptitude and have more faith in the future.

If we dream of a drum or that someone plays a drum, it is a warning that important changes are approaching that will change our lives.

- If we dream that WE ARE DRUNK it means that we do not have clearly defined our goals or that we need to have one.
- If in the dream SEE TO A DRUNK means we have doubts as to our goals or purposes that is, tells us that we must be clear what are our most important goals or purposes.
- If in the dream we see KNOW SOMEONE DRUK means that person is irresponsible and we should not really trust him (her).
- If a woman sees in his dream to his EX BOYFRIND or someone with whom she maintains affairs and sees him drunk mean that person cannot give any stability, which advises you forget it.
- If a woman dreams that a GUY IS DRUNK AND KISSING HER but then apologizes , it means that someone she like but not very sure if reciprocate or not , especially because she has already done to upset or because there is something dislikes him.

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Dry off:
- If we dream that we GET OUT OF A POOL DRY (without getting wet), it means that we have got rid of many difficulties, despite our lack of care.
- To dream of drying something or that SOMETHING IS DRYING, it means that our relationships with someone who is close to us can change.
- If in our dream WE DRY OUR TEARS, it means that our worries will end soon.

Dryer, Clothes:
To dream of a clothes dryer it means that our relationship with someone may change or that our way of thinking about someone/something may change soon.
- If we dream underwear of our same sex in a clothes dryer (or we see our underwear in the dryer), it means that our way of seeing things with respect to sensuality (sex), may change soon, but in any way We must not forget to be responsible in the intimate.

This dream tells us that we are trying to hide mistakes that we have not committed or for which we are not responsible.

Drywall is the raw material to build temporary walls, since it is not a very resistant material, so dreaming of drywall means that we lack security or that we are afraid to do something.


It symbolizes happiness in love, and destiny.
- If you see a WHITE DUCK IN OUR BED, means good luck in love.
- If in the dream we see a BLACK DUCK IN THE DINING means future difficulties and discussions with our family, and in most cases is for the reason that our family does not like our girlfriend or boyfriend.

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- If we beat in a duel in our dream, the dream augurs discussions with our partner or with friends.
- If in our dream we see a duel, it means there will be discussions among others as family or friends.

If we are singing a duet, the dream augurs improvement in our affairs related to love.

If we are receiving this title, it means that give us a new position.

- View a dump in our dream, says that there are circumstances unfavorable to our interests.
- If we dream to travel in a car with our ex, and suddenly we stop and left her(him) in a dumpster, it means that we got rid of her(him) in some way (That we break up with her(him), or did something on purpose so that the relationship ended in a way).

- If we are walking through dunes or just see them, the dream augurs approaching difficulties.
- If we make a hole and lay down on it, it means economic losses.

This dream warns us of danger or threat that is coming. It could also mean trouble.

This dream tells us that there can be changes in our lives.
- If the door is open, or the guard is kind to us, it means the change will be soon.
- If in the dream there is desperation or violence, it means that the change will be against our will.
- If the guard, is not friendly, or is dark, it means that we must analyze the situation and our behavior well.
- If we escape the dungeon indicates good luck.

It means we will have good luck.

- If we dream that starts at dusk, means that we may have to face some dangers.
- Dreaming dusk while walking, means the same as above.

Dust/Dusty things:
- If in our dream we see something dusty or linty, tells us that something is not right and is related to the meaning of dusty thing, (If the thing has a good meaning powdered says something like: "but something is not right ").
And if in the dream we see something dusty but we cleaned it, then we say that the difficulties will disappear.

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Dust off:
- This dream tells us that we want to escape of certain tests.
- To dream that we dusted off a familiar book or a book by a specific topic, it means that it is important to revisit the book or study more about the book, as it is a knowledge that we have to apply soon, and which we can get to avoid a difficulty.

Dust picker:
If in the dust picker we see something that has a good meaning, it represents something that we are losing or despising.
But if we see in the dust picker something that has a bad meaning, then it means that we are doing well, since we are getting rid of something harmful or useless.

- Dreaming of a DVD disc, tells us that we need to strive more to accomplish the task that has been entrusted.
- If we dream we bought a DVD disc and realize that this faulty, tells us that approach some difficulties to accomplish the task that has been entrusted.

- If the dwarfs are deformed and ugly reflect our ignorance and smallness. Combating this can mean one of the means to achieve true wisdom.

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It means that we will have the esteem of our professional relationships, thanks to the solution of our problems.

Dying man/ Dying woman:
In most cases it means that there is something that can end badly or something that is about to end.
- If in our daytime life we have a bad relationship with one of our parents or both, and we dream that one of them has cancer or an incurable disease and that for that reason he will soon die, it is a council that tells us that Let's make an effort to have a better relationship with him(them) and take advantage of his advice because although he will not die soon, someday he will do it and then we will feel very sad for not having taken advantage of them when they were alive.
- If we dream that we support our dying partner while we pray, it means that we are afraid that he will abandon us.

To dream that we have dyslexia, means there is something we have failed to understand at all, or that there is something that although we understand well, sometimes we miss, so in this case we advised to be more careful in that we do.

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