This dream warns us that there may be fights accompanied by violence. It can also mean that someone is trying to harm us through witchcraft or dirty tactics.

- If we dream that we travel in a BOAT, through the drainage pipes, it means that the soul of someone we know and who died recently or long ago, is trapped in an underworld, so he needs our help, so that the angels rescue him from that site, which we can do with our prayers.

- If we dream that we walk near a MARKET, next to which there is an open drain lit (dirty water stream), it means that if we go to a certain place where dishonest people abound, we can expose ourselves to fights and traps.

- If in the dream we see a SWIMMING COMPETITION in the drainage channel, it means that there are people who try to harm us through witchcraft or dirty tactics, for the reason that they think they cannot compete against us.

- If in our dream we see a large and UNCOVERED DRAIN LID (like the ones on the avenues) and inside it there are a lot of coins, it means that in the future there may be many fights accompanied by violence.

  • But if we dream of a large drain where there are many coins, and we go down to it and begin to take out the coins, it means that we have the possibility of avoiding future fights accompanied by violence.

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