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Dreams: Do

To dream of a dock, augurs that our living conditions will be altered.

The medicine is associated with aid to our health or our souls.
- If medications are for someone else, it's because that someone is in need of our help.
- If we as physicians, is a warning that we must meet our body and soul.
- If in the dream we see a doctor and smiling at us means we have a good understanding with our family, friends, allies, partners or so. Which also it will be good for our health, business, affairs or to our soul.
- If we see someone we know as doctor and smile, means we have a good understanding with that person, it will also be beneficial to our health, business, affairs, or for our soul.
- If we dream that a doctor takes our data (Name, address, age, wight...), it means that we should take note of an issue that requires our attention and that we must take all necessary measures.

Document folder:
This dream tells us that we want a change in our work or business, and at the same time is advice that tells us to try to save and anticipate bad times.
- To dream of a document folder is too full, the dream tells us that we have too much work, so we are advised to seek the way to change our lifestyle.
- To dream that we lose a document folder, it means that we have very little chance of success.
- To dream of an empty document folder, means probable failures.
- To dream of a document folder full of bills, means probable loss of money.

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Avoid a hazard or obstruction means that we have taken the necessary precautions and measures to avoid any problems, which is good. But if we fail to dodge the danger or obstacle means that we have neglected too much or we have not taken enough precautions.
- To dream that we are driving and suddenly someone almost hit us, but we managed to avoid it, it means that we were neglected, but then, we take the necessary precautions and measures in order to succeed in our projects.
- To dream that someone shoots at us, but we managed to dodge the bullets, it means that we were neglected, but then we take the necessary precautions and measures to escape danger.
- If in the dream we drive a car and in the passenger seat we see one of our small family (A son, brother, cousin, nephew...) and happen to we drive along a bumpy avenue but we let deftly dodging, means that, for things to go well in our lives we must continue taking good care of our little family.
- If we dream that we are driving a car despite we not knowing how to drive, but we managed to dodge the cars coming at us and never crashed, it means that we have control of our lives and our destiny, but even so, we advised to keep in mind the advice of people who appreciate us and have more experience than us.

Dodo bird:
The dodo was a bird that became extinct because they lost their ability to fly, and our dream to see a dodo or hear his name reminds us that, although it seems that things are calm, we should not stop studying , practice, keep fit, or prepare and so on, because at any moment the situation can change and if they take us unawares can end very badly.

This sign represents loyalty, support, guidance, loyalty, and if it is white may be related to marriage.
- If the dog is FRIENDLY, it means that we are sincere and well.
- If you see a dog PLEADING, it is a council that tells us to come back on track.

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This dream tells us we need to aspire to higher moral principles, and better relationships with others.

- This dream shows a lack of stability and balance in terms of the problems that plague us, and we recommend face problems with maturity.
- If in our dream we see a doll (male) old and in poor condition, says that approach problems through our own fault.
- Dreaming of a voodoo doll that someone tells us we are doing or are planning to do witchcraft. It can also mean the continuation of envy, ill will, gossip, and or bad faith.
- If in our dream we see a doll on cockroaches, means that we will defeat our enemies, and if the doll is dressed in blue and white stripes, means we are doing well (they're the good guys), but if we see dress black, then it means that we are not doing well.

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Doll house:
- If the dream is unpleasant, says that we have a difficult relationship with a relative or family with whom we live, and if we see these dolls is because they represent the families with whom we have a difficult relationship.
- If the dream is welcome and no dolls, means we have a good relationship with our family.

- Seeing a dolphin, tells us that we are on track, it can also mean that we have the leadership needed.

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It tells us that we have support and protection to resolve distressing or painful issues.

Domino game:
Indicates innocent pleasures.
- If we put too much passion in the game and lose predicts indiscretions.
- If you dream to win a game of dominoes, it means we want to be praised.

Don Ramón:
Ramón, don (From: The character of the series: “El chavo del 8”):
- If in our dream we see Don Ramón working as a shoemaker, it means that there is someone who is better not to hire or entrust any work, since he does not have the capacity to do it properly.
- If we dream that the father of our girlfriend(boyfriend), partner or ex; It looks like Don Ramón, it means that our girlfriend(boyfriend), partner or ex, is an informal and irresponsible person.

Donald Trump:
To dream about Donald Trump, it means there is a threat that may be real or not, but it is important to take precautions.

- If we make a donation, promises us the ingratitude of those who owe us favors.
- Receive a gift, portends a favorable change in our position.
- If we got a donation from a man, the improvement will occur thanks to the advice received.
- If they come from a woman, we will receive help from our friends.

The pack animals reflect the person's animal.
- If the donkey is strong and healthy are a symbol of success and wealth.
- A weak or sickly donkey predicts losses.
- If we say we are dead broke.
- If you buy a donkey, increasing our means.
- View multiple donkeys portends quarrels with colleagues or subordinates.
- The violence against the donkey are the insults we receive or do it ourselves.
- If the donkey is loaded is a symbol of success and fortune.
- See us as a donkey loaded is that we are victims of our lower personality.
- If the donkey is white indicates joy and optimism.
- If red, passion and anger.
- Gray, sadness and betrayal.
- Black, mournful and pessimistic.

- If in our dream we see a donut and especially if it's a glazed donut, tells us that we feel lost, and still trying to find ourselves and our purpose in life.
It can also mean that we are well on the sentimental, depending on the meaning of the other things we see in dreams or in our current situation.

by letter.


The doors in our dreams relate to the possibilities and opportunities that we have to accomplish something, so that if we open talks about possibilities and opportunities that relate to what we see through it, but if we dream that can’t pass or is difficult for us to get through the door, it's because we need to do something to achieve our goals.
- If in our dream we see our AUTOMOBILE WITH OPEN DOORS, and noticed that a monster is looking into our car, means that we must be more cautious and avoid negative things come into our lives.
- If a family member or friend recently died and we dream of a CEMENTERY and in it we see an open door of color red, blue, green, yellow, or brown means that our relative or friend already in Heaven and only visit us farewell. But if the door is closed, it is because we need to pray for him(her) to open the door and can enter Heaven (since the door is the door of Heaven).

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Door car:
- If in our daytime life we wake up in the middle of the night, we go back to sleep immediately and dream that it is night and we open the door car, but at the same time we feel fear, it means that we should not go back to sleep immediately, because Someone was making us witchcraft and that could cause us problems the next day, so if we wake up again, we must wait about twenty minutes before going back to sleep.
- If we dream that the door of our car is loose or that the insurance broke down, it means that we are not sufficiently protected, so we must take more precautions than usual.

Door lock:
To dream about a door lock, means it is very likely that soon we will have to face some problems or in a dilemma.
- If we open the door lock means that we will solve the problem.
- If we do not open, will not solve our concern.
- If we force the lock door indicate that we do not stop at nothing to achieve our goals.
- If we wake up in time to we open the lock door, only reflects the effort we make to awaken.
- If in our dream we see a closed door, and noticed that there is blood on the lock door, the dream tells of an adversary who is trying everything to go wrong to us (Someone who wants us to close all doors); but if we open in the dream represents the possibility of defeat.

- If we dream of a doorman who is also a taxi driver, it represents someone who tries to prevent us from doing or achieving something. But if we get in your taxi, it means that for now there will be no way to prevent that person from preventing us from doing something.

If in our dream we see an open doorway formed by white light, it means that we will be very successful in our projects.

A certain indolence or decision could hurt us.

Dreaming with double things, it means prosperity and good luck.
But if we dream we see double means:
- If in our dream we are walking with the person we love but a moment later, we see double (We see two of her (him)) and with different clothes, or we see with two faces; It means that she (he) is not as we thought.

Double bass:
Means good luck in love, it can mean intimacy and understanding.

Double entendre:
- If we dream that we are reading a document (A document that we know in our waking life) and in doing so we realize that what it says is in double entendre, means there is something in that document, we have not understood.
- If it comes to puns, it means the following:
If we are in a battle of puns in the dream, the meaning depends on who wins or say the last pun, so if we win meant success, but if we lose, then, means failure.

Double personality:
- If we dream that our brother has a split personality, but a moment later, the disorder disappears, it means that we should avoid being too fickle.

If in our dream we doubt, means that something is not right.

The dough of corn or wheat represents the raw material, that is, it tells us that we have the resources to do things right.
But if we see dough in our pen and when trying to clean it, the pen is damaged, it means that we are not using our resources well (This last dream is related to a job or task).
- To dream that we prepare a good dough, means that we are preparing to carry out something promising or a promising project.

A dove, usually associated with marriage and love.
- If you see a pigeon in a CAGE, probably means marriage. But if we escape from the cage, it means trouble in love, at least in the dream, suddenly the dove came back, because then it means that there may be a difficulty, but easily overcome.
- If we see a dove INTO EMPTY CAGE, means there may be a difficulty in our love affairs, but easily overcome.

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- If in our dream we see ANYTHING IS DOWN OTHER THING, we must first look up the meaning of both, and their sense is, that the meaning of what is down is less important than, what is above, for example: If we see bills (meaning poverty) and over we see a white paper (meaning no problems), tells us that in future we will not have money difficulties, since the role is the one above and therefore it beats this below.
- If we are UNDER THE STAIRS of a house or building, tells us that we should not try to evade the problems, but on the contrary, we must face the problems in order to overcome them.
- If in the dream we passed UNDER A BRIDGE, tells us that we must be aware of what may come and especially warns us that we should not try to evade the problems, but on the contrary, we must fight them to overcome.
- To dream that we can breathe UNDERWATER, tells us that we would not have to take important decisions or take any responsibility.

Down's Syndrome:
- If we dream that we had Down syndrome, but that they gave us a medicine to be normal, it means that it has been difficult for us to improve in our work or activities, but soon a good opportunity will come to improve or get out of stagnation.

If in our dream we feel downcast, it means that we are going through times of moral fatigue, or exhaustion of the difficulties, which tells us that we must not lose hope and it is important to continue to strive to achieve our goals.

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