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Dreams: De

It means that we will help in the difficult days, we must take advantage of, like good advice we get to receive, especially if they come from people with more experience than us.

This dream tells us that we can change things for us.

In this case there are two types of dreams: a) when it comes to normal dream, in which case, the meaning depends of the expression on having our family or friend, so that, for example, if he are angry is because we feel guilty about something related to that person, and b) The dreams in which a relative or friend who left this world we visit in dreams.
In the second case the people who have gone we can visit us for several reasons: If we see in the dream and there are negative signs, tells us that they need our help, as it is through our prayers, for example, can burn a incense stick and say the following prayer: ďOh God / allows the Coyolnawal / guide the soul of my (father, mother, friend, uncle, grandfather, as applicable) / to you / I promise you / be true / and make your fasting /Ē
The Coyolnahual is an angel among its functions is to bring the lost souls to Heaven.
But when there are no negative signs, then it is because they want to say we do not care for them, as they have managed to get to Heaven, or because we want to give a big tip, whether we talk about our current situation, or that this message contained in the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.
If we did not have a good relationship with that person, that person could visit us to try to reconcile with us.
And there are also cases where our beloved pets who have already left this world come here for the same reasons as mentioned earlier.

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It means that there is something we do not want to hear or do not want to know about.
- If we dream of deafness, it means that we are refusing to follow good advice.
- If we see a deaf person, it means that she is the one who is belittling our advice.

- If we dream that we communicate through the language of the deaf-mutes (Fingerprint language) with someone we like, it tells us that if we want to know if that person likes us, we must pay attention to certain signs, for example: If when we are around of that person touches their hair, or celebrates everything we do is because they like us. But if she's indifferent or more interested in looking at someone else, it's because she doesn't like us.

Death penalty:
- If we dream that we are condemned to the death penalty, it means that we must think well in our decisions, since otherwise we can get into serious problems.

This dream warns us that our opponents can get to know our intentions and know well use them to their advantage, so that the dream tells us that we must be wary and not be complacent.
- If we dream that we are in a discussion program (Take part in), means that we can come to suffer shame, or that our adversaries can discover our intentions and use them against us.

- If we debris, means fear and grief.

The dream that we have debts , in most cases tells us that soon we will receive unpleasant news , at least , to dream to pay our debts, because in that case , we predicts an improvement in our economy.
- If we dream that us ENTER DEBTS, means unpleasant news.
- If you dream that PAY OUR DEBTS means that we have a financial improvement.
- If in our dream we see a PICE OF PAPER IN WHICH WE OBSERVED DEBTS of money, such as a statement, means that if we are not cautious enough, soon we can get to see financially strapped and numerous debts.
- If in our dream we SEE DOCUMENTS that says that even have debts, is a tip that tells us to pay our outstanding indebtedness.
- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WE KNOW, PAY ITS DEBTS, it means that person will have a financial improvement.

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Objects with deburring (That plastic or metal that stands out on the edges of some new objects but of poor quality) means that we should seek a better knowledge and make things better.
- If in our dream we see a mirror, but we notice that it has deburring, it means that we are not well protected against psychic attacks, which advises us to seek greater knowledge.

This dream tells us that our ambitions are real and well-considered.

The head symbolizes the soul and intelligence. If we see the severed head predicts the loss of a position to take a better one. You can also interact with the phrase: "I 'm losing my mind" (which implies that something is worrying us too or we are losing focus for thinking about someone).
- If in the dream we see the decapitated head of our exgirlfriend(exboyfriend) means that she(he) is raving about us (Do not stop thinking of us).
- To dream that someone else is being beheaded or that we are decapitating represents poor judgment or a bad decision.

- If in our dream we see a transformer or a robot that transforms into a vehicle, tells us there is something to be deciphered. But if it is a Decepticon, then represents a person hypocritical and false, for example: someone who tries to make us believe it is our friend, when in fact it is our enemy.
- Dreaming of a war between transformers and decepticons, tells us that soon we will have to fight someone who is pretending to be our friend.

It tells us that our situation can be compromised by nefarious actions of our adversaries.

If in our dream we are deciding something, we must pay attention to what we decide, and seek their meaning, since that is what we will be deciding in real life.

When our dream we are deciphering a code or something, it's a warning that we will have some news of importance will seem rare and can change some of our customs. - The dream may also be related to that decipher, so if it's good, it means good luck and if that we interpret is bad means bad luck.

Deck cards:
-- Dreaming about PLAY DECK OR SEE A DECK means mistrust, can also mean disappointment and loss, which advises us not get carried away by circumstances, without, struggled to control the situation.
-- If in our dream we see APPEAR A NAIPE, OR ONLY SEE A NAIPE, means:
• If is a card of BATONS, it means difficulties.
• If is a card of CUPS it means success and happiness.
• If is a card of HEARTS means good fortune in love, unless the card is broken, because then it means the opposite.
• If is a card of SWORDS, means that soon we will succeed with our courage, it can also mean economic prosperity.
• If is a card of COINS it means good luck in matters of money or a good reward for our efforts.

Decoder device:
- If we dream that we have parabolic antenna or a cable box to see more channels on our TV, means timidity and distrust and if we have much more channels in the dream, the shyness will be more.
- To dream that we have a decoder to use Internet, means good luck in our work.

- If a child dreams of a family member or friend and also sees a room that has walls decorated with puppies, it means he trusts that familiar or friend.

by letter.

- To dream that something is falling, it means the opposite, that is, to something will be more abundant, for example: If we dream that we reduce the salary, it means that they are going to increase the salary.

This dream tells us that will be appreciated by people around us.

- To dream that someone says he deducted us part of our salary or part of the money he owes us means that someone thinks we owe something, either money or something else.

- If the deed is our name it indicates that our rush to solve problems makes us neglect the essentials.
- If the deed is in the name of another person, announced changes in perspective that we may disappoint.

- If we dream that someone pushes us and we fall into a very deep pool, it means difficulties or difficulties ahead because of a relative or someone in our environment.
- If we dream that someone blows us or pushes a deep pool and we fall into the depths, but basically we see two coins or see multicurrency and took two of them, it means that we have had difficulties or have, because of someone our environment, which may even worsen, and the only way to avoid passing or to continue happening, is to be firm and defend our interests even if it seems that we are being bad or too severe.

To see a deer in our dream, tells us to be alert to any situation that may arise.

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This dream portends penalties.

Default, lose by:
- To dream that we lose by default means a likely failure because of our lack of courage and bravery. This dream advises us to strive for our purposes.

If in our dream we are defeated, it means that we can suffer shame or humiliation.

- To dream that you buy something and have defects, means approaching jealousy, difficulties, envy, or misunderstandings, depending on the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.
- If you dream to buy a CD and realize it have defects, says that approach some difficulties to accomplish the task entrusted to us.

Defective :
- Dreaming of things defective, means approaching jealousy, difficulties, envy, or misunderstandings, depending on the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.
- If you dream to buy a CD and we realize that have defects tell us that approach some difficulties to accomplish the task entrusted to us.

Defending :
- It means that our ideas can not be accepted with pleasure.
- If in our dream we see a person trying to attack someone with a compass, or concerned to defend with a compass, it means that someone wants to impose their ideas by force, and if it is someone known, is is precisely because of that person.
But if in the dream are we, who try to attack or defend with a compass, the dream tells us that we should not try to impose our ideas by force.

If we dream that we have a difficulty, it means that there may be obstacles in our projects, but if we try a little, we can overcome them.

- If we dream that we are deficient, working poor, poor quality or something that is deficient, it is a warning, telling us that we should seek more knowledge and do better.

This dream tells us that we have to bear the consequences of our mistakes

- If we are deformed, then we must see which is the part of our body that is deformed and then we find its meaning, for example, dreaming that we have a deformed arm, means sickness and sorrow, if it's one leg: means lack of courage and determination, if the head means that we are concerned about what they think of others, if they are the eyes means that we lack courage to face difficulties, and so on.
- If we are a hunchback it means we will have good fortune.

- It means we can suffer damage to our economy. It can also mean that a friendship is broken by fatigue.
- If we dream that our friends defraud us, means we have very little support from our friends.

It means that some of our ideas, can help us to improve our current situation.

If we dream that we have a deja-vu, it means that we must take into account our experience, to avoid mistakes.

It tells us that we can suffer for gossip about our private life.

To dream that we delay to doing something or we arrived late, means that the time we have to do something important is limited.
- If in our dream, we see that we are delayed, it means that the time left to do something important is limited.
- If in our dream we hear that someone has a delay, it means the same as the previous one.
- If we see ourselves arriving late at the station and we miss the train, it means that because of our fault in real life we are missing opportunities to improve.
- If the train arrives delayed, but by then we left, it means we miss an occasion because of our precipitation and impatience.

- Eat something delicious, means promising developments.

- If in our dream we call something, it means that someone will cause us undue discomfort to ask something.

- If in a dream, we are insane, it means that we will go through troubled times in which we will be adverse events.
- Seeing other people insane, tells us that evil actions against us are prepared.

Demolish/Tear down:
- What shot down in our dream is what disappears from our lives. The name of it down will tell us the loss.
- If in our dream we see a house torn down, but as long as it is not where we live, means that we get rid of a problem.

- To dream that you have demonic powers, means you have a special talent for spiritual things, but you have no experience, so sometimes you do not understand and you can even come to think that is wrong.

Demonic activity (From: A place invaded by evil spirits):
To dream about demonic activity means that there is a scurrilous spirit that is bothering us, it can also mean that there is a difficult situation in our family.

- If in our dream we are demonstrating that something is true, or any evidence of it, means good fortune.
- If it is a prophetic dream and sees evidence, means that this evidence can be very useful (For example, in a lawsuit or a major issue).

- If in our dream we simply see people protesting a fair cause (without us being there), or we see people protesting to defend us, it means that we will get back on the right track or simply tell us that we will save ourselves from something bad.
- If in the dream we see several demonstrators or people on strike and one of them asks us to give him money, and we give him a shiny coin, it means that there is someone who could take our good luck or something Is ours by right; But if we remain undecided as to whether we give the currency or not, it means that the future is uncertain.
- If in our dream we see a group of protesters against us, it means there are people who try to prevent us from achieving our purposes. This dream advises us to be strong in character and seek the most effective means to achieve our goals.
- If we dream that we see a group of protesters in front of us, who looking to have mental retardation, it means that there are people who try to prevent us from achieving our purposes, besides that there is a risk that we will look like fools. Which advises us to be strong in character, in addition to seeking the most effective means to achieve our goals.

Is the chance to return harmless to some people who are hostile to us.

- When the most notorious of the dream is that we wear denim jeans (blue colour), which are our size and look good, it means that we have the courage and determination to deal with difficult cases.
- If we see a friend or relative who has left this world, and we notice that he is wearing blue denim jeans and a white shirt, it means that he(she) visits us in dreams to tell us an important message that is related to the meaning of the other things we see in the dream, and also tells us not to worry because he has already reached Heaven.

- Dreaming to dent our car by mistake, it means that we can make a mistake or a rash.

Dental implant:
It symbolizes concealment and deceit. - If we who we put a dental implant is that we want to hide from others any features or facets of our character that we are not satisfied. If we look in the mirror with dental implant indicates that if we could we would hide ourselves.
- If it is others who have a dental implant, it is people known in real life, of whom we do not want to recognize their behavior towards us.

In most cases this dream augurs difficulties in love, disloyalty.
- If a mom dreams that her FRIEND, TAKE YOUR CHILD TO DENTIST means it is convenient to do the same with his own son, and if it did then it means you did the right thing.
- If in the dream we went to the dentist and we PUT AN RESIN/ AMALGAM means that there is a danger that something ends (a courtship, friendship, marriage, business, etc.).

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It means that we are against what many consider truth.

It means that the devices used to mask the truth to others will not give us a result.
- If we dream that we smell bad, so we put deodorant, it means that we will manage to get rid of harmful behavior.

Deodorizer blocks:
- If in our dream we see a deodorizer blocks, it means that it is important to get rid of a feeling of guilt that is unfounded. And if we see two deodorizer blocks, then it means that in addition to we must get rid of the feelings of unjustified guilt, we must prepare to defend our interests.

If in our dream we feel depressed, it means that we are going through times of moral fatigue, or exhaustion of the difficulties, which tells us that we must not lose hope and it is important to continue to strive to achieve our goals.

- If we dream that we are traveling on board a plane and suddenly begins to depressurize, means to keep our business fail, and to reaching the level we want, we must take all necessary measures and precautions.

If we see a train derailed predicts next unpleasant prospects.

- If we dream that someone called with a nickname or alias-derogatory to someone we know, means that someone does not have any respect for that person we know or is angry with him.

It means: Acts little thought, this dream tells us that we should be more reflective in our actions.

To dream of a desert means that we should not have feelings that nobody loves us.
- To dream of a desert soil, it means that we should not think that nobody loves us, as there are many people who love us both family and others.

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If in our dream we are deserting, means fatigue or difficult demands to bear.

- If we are being disfigured, means loneliness and helplessness of moral.
- If we see someone defaced, means we will be responsible for any errors or faults committed.

- Reveals that we are projecting something whose realization will be as good or bad according to the design (if the design is beautiful the project will be good, if the design is wrong, the project will go wrong).

- To dream that we desist to do, what we must to do, means a probably failure because of our lack of courage and bravery. This dream advises us to strive for our purposes.

-- If it is OUR DESK, where we work or study (in our waking life), means that the dream is related to our work and the meaning depends on the other things we see, for example:
• If we see that on our desk there is one computer in good condition augurs success in our work, since a computer in good condition means success in our work.
-- If in our dream we SEE A DESK (Unknown desk), means difficulties and efforts in vain, in this case the meaning of the things we see in the dream can give us more details, for example:
• If we see bills or a credit card on the desk, it means money difficulties approaching.

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Desk, school:
- This sign augurs us a change in our condition in the near future. It can also mean that we must analyze the situation well.
- If we dream of a broken school desk, it means that in the future we can avoid a negative change in our situation.

This dream says we can have family disagreements.

It tells us that our luck will change soon and positively.

- If in our dream, we feel desperate, so even woke up at that time, it means that something is not right, so it is a call to check our current situation.

- If we dream that someone we know despises us, it means the opposite, that is, that person appreciates us.

- If we dream we are in a fight or in a competition and were disqualified for cheating, augurs difficulties because of that we do not respect social norms. What's advisable to start respecting social norms.

- If we try something sweet dream means pleasures.
- If ours is a treat, it means that we are well on the sentimental.

- If we dream that riding a motorcycle, but we suddenly becomes unstable and fall of that, it means we are doing need to act with more confidence in ourselves.

To dream that we have a destiny in life, means the opposite, that is, what happens in the future depends on our effort and/or a good strategy. r

To dream about detective means suspicions or concerns nearby in this case will be useful to consult the meaning of the other things we see in the dream to know or suspect that our concern relates.

Detector, Metal:
- If in our dream we see a metal detector to those used in airports and protected places, to see if anyone carries weapons, means suspicions or concerns nearby.

- Dreaming of something this deteriorated means likely problems, and the meaning of the thing damaged can give us more details of the likely problems that relate.

If we detest someone in our dream means failure of our business or our important issues.

It tells us that we will receive unexpected news that hinder us things.

- A device that works well, predicts success and good fortune.
- A device that stops, it means delays in our business or projects.
- If malfunctions, broken, missing, damaged, means difficulties and failure.
- If we have an accident with a device, means trouble and failure.

- If in our dream we see a demon face to face and it makes us fear or anxiety, says it's important to face our fears and or a our adversaries, getting rid of any fears that may arise.

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Devil on your back, the:
Two types of phenomena that is the sleep paralysis and spiritual attacks, but often get them confused.
The sleep paralysis happens when we do not rest enough, if so happens, that on waking canít move a muscle as if the body does not respond to us, as though our brain awoke most of our body not yet, and that's the reason why we do not respond, but with a nice break everything returns to normal.
As the phenomenon called: "The devil on your back" is very different, since it's like to feel the presence of a person on us, as a kind of force that pushes us to the bed.
What happens is that a pesky spirit contact part of the aura, or peri spirit, which is what causes that feeling like someone is upon us and sometimes we canít even move, it is important that in this same time we must draw air through the nose and exhale through the mouth repeatedly, as this causes the ejected invading spirit, which is very unpleasant for them, we also may be helpful to place a silver amulet under the pillow as for example: a four leaf clover silver.

Deviation street:
Tells us that unforeseen circumstances predictably alter the evolution of our projects.

Be eaten by a wild animal presages torment and anguish. It can also mean that a danger of death approaches.

It represents a blessing of the sacred type.
It means that our projects are good and correct.

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