To dream of a desert means that we should not have feelings that nobody loves us.

- If in our dream we see a COYOTE WALKING IN THE DESERT, it means that we should not think that all people are dishonest.

- If we dream of DESERTIFICATION (that is, that forests and fertile lands become deserts), it means that there will soon be war somewhere, or that the war will continue.

- If we see ourselves walking between DUNES or we only see them, the dream predicts difficulties that are approaching.

- If we see something GREEN IN A DESERT, it means hope.

- If we make a HOLE IN A DUNE and lie down in it, it means economic losses.

- If we see an OASIS in the desert it means the following:

  • If we see an oasis in the FAR, it means that soon all our difficulties can end.
  • To dream of we FIND AN OASIS, when in real life we have many difficult problems to solve, it means that these will end soon and we will be able to have peace of mind.
  • If we see ourselves LEAVING AWAY FROM AN OASIS or abandoning it, it means that a difficult task awaits us that we will have to face with our own resources.

- To dream of a desert SOIL, means that we should not think that nobody loves us, since there are many people who like us and love us, both in our family and outside of it.

- If we see a TORTOISE in the desert, it means that there is someone who has been sabotaging us in some way, so that we are always like a turtle, that is, that it is not possible for us to move forward quickly, and this causes us to stagnate in life or in a certain matter.

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