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Dreams: Di-Dn

To dream that you have diabetes or who got sick from diabetes, it means that we must protect more our health and avoid making too many tantrums (make angry). It may also represent depression and despair because of a difficult situation that we face.
- Dreaming in one place, they do not let persons with diabetes, it means that if we make too many tantrums, we canít achieve what we want. This dream advises us to be calm and handle things calmly.
- If in our dream we see a bottle of vitamins or medication for diabetes, in a bookstore, it means that we must strengthen our health and our knowledge (Taking care of our health and learn more things in order to avoid a negative change). r

It is a warning that warns against hasty decisions.
- If we dream that someone we know is a medical exam and tell him that is sick, it means that this healthy. But if you tell him that this healthy, it means that you have a disease.
- If we dream that someone we know is a medical exam and tell him that he does not have AIDS means suffering from a venereal disease. But if he is diagnosed with AIDS means that is healthy and not suffering from any venereal disease.

- Talk it augur that our activities will be met in secret and closed associations.
- If we dream that we speak in a dialect, it means distrust and we are restless, who speaks to us, who can be a dangerous enemy.
It can also mean lack of communication with those around us.
- If we dream that one eye of fire speaking a strange dialect, traps us, means that a scurrilous spirit was bothering us, this dream advises us to pray before bedtime.

- If dreams we see ourselves talking in another language, it means that we must learn more about languages because they are in need or we can possibly need.

- To SEE A DIAMOND in our dream, tells us that we have enough strength and determination to face the problems that may arise, so that tells us that we will have good luck in the future.
- If the dream is related with an ENGAGEMENT, predicts: A promise of marriage.
- If in the dream we see a beautiful woman who is wearing an engagement ring with diamond with a HEART SHAPED, represents a lucky compromise.
- To dream of a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN to bring put an engagement ring with a diamond considerably big, represents a successful compromise. r

Diana, princess:
- If in our dream we see Princess Diana tells us that our mother is likely to be reached become a terrible mother-in-law, or that we may have a terrible mother-in-law (As if our angel told us: "Remember what happened to princess Diana").

The diapers in our dreams represent the immature aptitude of an enemy.
- Dreaming of a bag that contains a dirty diaper (With excrement) means that we are having difficulties or we will have them soon, because of a dangerous enemy who also has sufficient economic resources, which makes things even more difficult.
- Dreaming that we slip with a dirty diaper (With excrement), means that we are being insecure, but at the same time it tells us that we must act at the same time with security and prudence, since we are entering a delicate terrain, since we have a dangerous enemy that can lead us to ruin. What advises us to first analyze and plan things well and then carry it out with security and determination.
- If a teenager dreams that her mother has another baby and she wants to carry the baby, but she notices that she is wearing a yellow cloth diaper (Especially if she does not use that type of diapers in the place where she lives), It means that if I had a baby at this time, she would go through many shortcomings and difficulties. r

- If we are diarrhea, means that we avoid waste.
- If we dream that defecate over clothing plus stool is diarrhea, tells us that waste, we can bring problems of money, and we can leave in an awkward and embarrassing situation.

This dream tells us that we are leaving drag by events without doing anything to control them.

To dream that we live in a dictatorship means that a person has subjected us to their whims or is manipulating us somehow.

This dream is a message that warns us that it is desirable to study and improve our knowledge, it can sometimes be a specialized dictionary, for example, a legal dictionary, then the message is more accurate, and tells us that we must expand our knowledge on laws or consult a specialist.

This dream represents something that can end negatively, if we do not pay attention to what the meaning of the other things contained in the dream tells us.
On the other hand, we must also consider the dreams of symbolic death, as when we dream that our girlfriend(boyfriend) or ex is dying; which is when the dream is already warning us that there is a danger that this person will leave our life forever, either because he goes to live far away, marries, and so on.

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This sign is associated with our energy.
- View scarce fuel or diesel, means apathy or lack of resolve to make things right.
- If we see diesel in abundance means we're doing well, because we have enough energy and decision.

To dream of digging, is a sign of the search.
- If in our dream we dig in the earth and found something, the meaning is that of what we find, for example: If we find coins means good fortune, because that is the meaning of finding coins, but if we find garbage then means there are bad feelings all around us, because that is its meaning.

- To dream that we have a good digestion, it means promising developments.
- To dream that we have a bad digestion, it means anguish and dislikes.
- If in our dream we see human excrement, but noticed is poorly digested beans, means that we are having good luck in the economy, but we are wasting money and we are using it in things we do not benefit at all.

- Build promises support and security in our efforts.
- Destroy it, desolation and sadness.

Dimension, Parallel:
The parallel dimensions is related to the possibility of choose our future from several options.
- If we dream we travel to a parallel dimension means we have the ability to change our destiny, and what we see in the parallel dimension or the meaning of the things we see in it, is the likely fate that can change, either doing more, or changing attitude.
- If we dream that the devil brings us to another dimension, says we should not fear the future, because things can always be changed, such as doing more, or changing attitude.
But if the dream causes us much anxiety or constantly repeated, it may be evil spirits that visit us in our dreams, especially if you get sick shortly or have difficulty, in which case we suggest light a blue or red candle to our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) and consider That the devil does not exist, most, evil spirits that we can close the door with a little help from the True God and our guardian angels.
- Dreaming with a door to hell or to a dimension, similar to hell, tells us to be more thoughtful about our actions, because otherwise many difficulties await us.
- Dreaming about traveling to a magical world, means we want some Divine help to reach higher spiritual level, or in order to change our destiny. r

Dining room:
- The dining room represents family relationships (Also see: Table).
- If in our dream we see someone we know or something to remind us of someone we know in the room between the living and dining area, says it is likely that the person known soon become part of our family.

Dinosaurs in our dream relate to a skill that must change, and in most cases refers to an old skill. Although there are exceptions, since in some cases are associated with wisdom and Divine (being very old and large animals) for example: If in the dream we see a talking dinosaur and also gives us advice on our situation now, what we say is interpreted literally. As for the different types of dinosaurs, if in our dream we clearly recognize that type of dinosaur is, the meaning does not vary much, except in the case of a tyrannosaur, marine dinosaur , flying dinosaur , or a hybrid.

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In this dream, if we are obtaining, it means rewards and successes. But if the dream we fail, tells us that we must change our attitude or better analyze our plans to succeed.

It means that there are issues or businesses, delicate to treat.

- If in our dream we ask someone about where it is a place or a street and he gives us wrong address, it means that we must defend our interests putting aside our fears, but also tells us to be prudent and distrustful to prevent someone dispossess us of what is ours by right.

- Find the manager means that new relations will not result entirely beneficial.
- Being the director, in a dream foretells next hope of success.

The dirt, mean that something is wrong, or something goes wrong, but if in our dream we see ourselves cleaning it, it means that the difficulties that could happen in the future, have disappeared.
It may also happen that in our dream we intend to clean it, but do not do it, then it is a warning that it is important to begin to make more effort in the things that are important or in any pending matter we may have.

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Dirty persons:
- If in the dream we see a DIRTY MAN, and we notice that he smells bad, it means that there is something that is not right, besides that there is someone who is doing something wrong against us.
- If in our dream we SEE A DIRTY PERSON, it means that there is someone who is doing something wrong against us.
- If in the dream WE ARE DIRTY, it means that we are doing something that is not good.
- If in the dream we see a filthy man and we notice that he smells URINE, it means that there is someone who is doing something wrong against us, besides there is something we should be careful with.

- If we are not able to move because of a disability in our dream, it means that we are still undecided. It can also be related to a loss which we have failed to overcome.
- If we dream of a young, disabled man, it means that our enemies have not been able to overcome his defeat, or still have not resigned.

- If we dream, we disagree with someone, it means: annoyance, quarrels, evil intentions, discussions.....

- If an object disappears or a person reveals repression and disappointment.
- If you have a sexual symbolism disappears dream reveals the timidity, or feelings of inferiority.
- To dream that an ogre out of a game but then turn off the game and the ogre disappears, someone is suppressing us too, but soon succeed in controlling the situation.
- To dream that a newspaper disappears, it means that we are concerned about bad news that we received recently.
- Dreaming of a talisman or an amulet, which disappears, tells us that there is a risk to suffer an unpleasant surprise or that we remain unprotected.

It tells us that our situation can be compromised by nefarious actions of our adversaries.

- If you dream that someone makes a gesture of disapproval, that is, they do not agree with us means: nuisance, disputes, bad intentions, discussions, and so on. But if the gesture is approved, then it means the finalization of the nuisance and discussions.
- If we dream that a family member or friend who left this world approves our relationship means that we are doing well and that she(he) approves our girlfriend(boyfriend). But if we dream that he(she) disapprove our relationship, then, means that this relationship does not suit us.

- If in our dream we see something constructed or stuck with nails, but noticed that it is not well done and BEGINS TO DISASSEMBLE, it means difficulties because of our lack of security or our fear of doing things. This dream advises us to change fitness.
- To dream that our cell PHONE falls to the floor and disassembled (In the sense that only disassembled, so that we can even assembled), means things with our girlfriend(boyfriend) go bad, but still can fix the situation.
- If in our dream just disassemble something TO FIX, means that soon managed to find a way out of a problem.
- To dream that we disassemble anything, but after disarming we see UNFIXABLE, this means we still difficult to get out of a difficult problem.

It means difficult business, or significant loss of money.

- In this case, whether we disavow something to someone or we disavow something, it means that our difficulties will be resolved with a disadvantage of our partners that will not fail to remind us.

Discharge (To: Discharge from a hospital):
- If we dream that a friend or relative who has already left this world, and we see in a hospital but there tell us they still canít register with the doctor; means that has not yet managed to enter Heaven because something needs to be done, such as pray for him(her) (as if someone told us that they need to give the nod to let him in Heaven).
- To dream that your doctor tells us that we're right, it means that there was a possibility that we might have concerns but everything is fine. But if we dream that we get from the hospital but left with a limp, means that although it seems that everything was resolved, even something not right.

Suffering his application, announces that the rigor of the penalty is painful to us.

Discman CD player:
If we dream of a discman, the meaning of the dream depends on what we hear, so if we like what we hear, means happiness; but if we do not like, then it means that a problem is coming.

Means that in real life we need to show a different aspect.

This dream tells us that there is evil around us, can also refer to probable ridicule.

It portends painful moments, conflicts with family, friends, coworkers or neighbors.

- To dream about discounts on goods or products, tells us we have new opportunities that we must take advantage.

This dream tells us we are realistic about someone.

- If we dream that we come to a shop and the shopkeeper is discourteous, means that we are to force someone to do their jobs well.

- To dream about discover something or to someone discovers something, it means we will have a surprise that will favor our interests.
- To dream that we stole something and then we escaped before we discovered, means that there is something that is still difficult to achieve, because of our lack of confidence in ourselves.

- If we dream that someone we know says, that he does not want to us do something, because he does not want to us will discredit (Not in the sense of being something dishonorable but something that is supposedly inappropriate for our class or prestige), it means to that person does not want to us do something, because he fear that their interests are affected in some way

- This dream is a reflection of ourselves.
- If we dream that we discriminate against someone, it is a tip that tells us that we should not discriminate against others.
- If we dream that we defend someone being discriminated against, it means that we have good feelings towards others without distinction, but there are those who are reluctant to accept our ideas.
- If we only see other people discriminate against someone, it means confusion and difficulties; It may also mean that we are underestimating our enemies or adversaries.

To dream that we discussed with people from a high cultural level then it means we will have satisfaction in major efforts, and if we discuss peacefully with people less educated than we are, we say we will be scorned and ridiculed.

by letter.


This dream tells us we can be concerned about our health or to be concerned for that reason.
- If our dreams we see our mother is sick means it is likely that we suffer from a disease of the stomach or the stomach.
- If in our dream we see our ailing father, means that the disease may be related to the head.
- If a child whom we see sick, it means that the disease may be from the heart.
- And if a brother or sister, it means that the disease may be on the legs or arms.
- If we dream that we contract a venereal disease, means that soon we may have health problems may also mean that we are in danger of contracting a disease. This dream we are advised to be cautious and get an amulet for your health.

It symbolizes the end of a test of obedience, a job or anything we are doing.

- If we dream we tried a meal and it tastes disgusting, it means we may have to face some very unpleasant.

- If in our dream we see a BABY DISH, full of urine, it means that our parents are trying to dominate us too much, as when we were younger.
- If we see a BROKEN DISH it means difficulties of money.
- If in our dream we see DIRTY DISHES, it means difficulties in our affairs or in our business.
- If we see a EMPTY PLATE, it means problems of money.
- If we see ourselves FILLING A DISH, it means that we will begin to reach our objectives.
- If we dream that FOOD FALLS from our dish, it means that even if things seem safe and easy, we should not trust, because any carelessness could ruin everything.
- If we dream of a FULL DISH, it means good luck in the economic.
- To dream that we do NOT WASH WELL THE DISHES, it means that there is something that we have to correct or do well so that everything goes well in our affairs and businesses.
- If we dream that we WASH THE DISHES WELL, means that difficulties that may arise in the future, will disappear for good.

Announces a complicated and tangled situation.

This dream predicts us hostile and reprehensible by those around us.

It warns of likely family discord.
- If in our dream, we hear that someone says that one of our relatives, friends, acquaintances, neighbors..... has been dishonored, it means he (Our family member, friend...), to done something dishonest in real life.

This dream tells us that we will have successful initiatives that ensure a favorable change for our companies or issues.

This dream tells us that soon we will need the help of our friends to overcome a confusing situation.

- If in our dream we feel dislike for something, represents transient concerns.

- To dream that we have a dislocated arm, it means disease and penalties.

This dream shows us a difficult situation, whether material or spiritual to which we can see faced and we must end as soon as possible or we can bring unpleasant consequences.

- To dream that you get fired from work means disagreements in our professional activities, which advises us to be cautious and avoid unnecessary arguments.
- If dismiss an acquaintance means that we do not like to associate friendship with the business, which is not always convenient. It can also mean that it is better to be inattentive to someone who partner with him(her) in a risky business.
- If you dream that we are fired from a job and then we replace with a robot, it means that there is a danger that we lose our job or someone replace us by someone else (For example: A girlfriend, boyfriend, group, team, etc.) ; because we are not respecting the rules or regulations, which may be fair or unfair, but that would be the reason, if it happens.
- If we dream that our chief chides us and warns us that if we do a certain thing, we will dismiss, means there is something we are not doing well and that relates to our employment or business.

- To dream that we cause disorder means disorders that we will be responsible.
- To dream that endure disorder, means that we suffer the discomfort caused by an aggressive person.

- See a mob that dissipates (That everyone is going their own way), it means that we got rid of a danger or difficulty.

- If in our dream we feel displeasure for something, represents fleeting concerns.

- If in our dream we see a paper cup emptied, (As if it had been filled with water but then took it and left it there) means likely penalties and lost money because of slander. This dream advises us to defend our interests, but we fear that someone thinks we did something wrong.

It indicates that we can go through difficult moments. Conflicts with family, friends, neighbors or coworkers.

- If we dream that someone we know is disrespectful, it means that reality is too respectful or shy. But if we dream that someone we know is too respectful, it means the opposite, that is, he(she) is being disrespectful.

It tells us that we canīt achieve a victory with cunning and lies.

- If in our dream someone is distant to us, means that we must put aside our fears, or we're being distant towards someone.
- If in our dream, we are distant to someone we know, it means that we are distant towards that person.

It means we can soon reach an important economic help.

Predict happy circumstances.

- If in our dream we see someone we know, but we see his face darkened so that we canīt distinguish his face, it means that we have failed to understand the person well.

If in our dream someone calls us, but we not paying attention, because we are distracted with something else, but then we realize and we will reply, it means that there is something that is going unnoticed, or that there is something that we must do more attention.

This dream is a warning that something bad can happen.

Disturb, to:
- If we dream that someone is bothering us, it means that a person is causing us problems or tries to provoke them, meddling in our affairs, which advises us not to allow it.
- If we dream that a pesky spirit or a poltergeist is disturbing us, it means that there is a person who is trying to make us have problems, either by meddling in our affairs, or by making us witchcraft, which advises us not to allow it and to get an amulet, such as a four leaf silver clover.

This dream announces that we will be adverse events.
- If in the dream we cross a street, but in doing so we see a ditch full of garbage, means that to achieve a change of situation, we have to fight against adversity and against people with ill will

Ditched class/Played hooky:
If we dream that we ditched class, it means that we are missing out on a good opportunity to prosper.
- If we dream that we ditched class, and then we find some vagrants that scare us, it means that we should respect the rules and put more effort into our studies or work (For example: Do our homework, get there early, etc.), since otherwise we could get to see ourselves in a difficult situation in the future.
- If someone who still attends school, dreams that he ditched class and that his mother accompanies him, means that sometimes his mother does not respect social or moral standards.

- Use it in nice condition and happily announces pleasures at home.
- Lay at it augur neglect or difficulties in family life.
- See a deteriorated divan means family quarrels.
- Seeing a broken divan means the same as above.

Dive, take a:
- If in the dream we just take a dive means that we can quickly get into trouble. This dream advises us to take things calmly and analyze the situation well.
- But if the dream we take a dive from the diving board of a pool, represents the ups and downs of our lives. Although it can mean difficulty and danger of our projects and issues are not carried out favorably, especially if it's a 3-meters platform height or more.

- Diving with ease and without tiring, portends that will succeed both economically and loving.
- If we drown indicates that our ambitions will vanish.

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To dream that someone divest us of something means that there is a danger of someone stealing us or abuse us in any way.

- This dream, tells us that our marriage relationships have been difficult, so we must make an effort to make things better or ask for some help.
- To dream that our parentsí divorce, it means your marriage relationship is not quite right, which advises us to do everything possible to unite more-

Feeling dizzy means we can lose control.
- If we dream that our mother has dizziness means that we must analyze the situation well in order to avoid losing control of our affairs.
- If someone who is entering high school, dreams that he is going to look for his brother to high school and that when he gets, see your brother dizzy, it means that now that he enters high school, he should be responsible for not Lose control (For example: Because living with older children, there is a danger of falling into drugs, alcoholism, an unplanned pregnancy, etc.).

Dizzy (From: Sensation of falling):
If in our dream we fall from a ladder and feel dizzy, it means that our personality is changing, or that something is about to change in us, to know that is to change, we must pay attention to the meaning of the other things that appear in our dream.
- If in our dream got on an elevator and start climbing feel dizzy means that the way we think about our work is changing.
- If you dream that got on an elevator and going up or down, feel dizzy and then suffer an accident in it, tells us that the way we think about our work is changing, but it will be better to analyze things well, as there something can go wrong.
- If in our dream we fall from a ladder and feel dizzy, it means that our personality is changing, or that something is about to change for us to know where is the change, we must pay attention to the meaning of the other things that appear in our dream.
- If only felt dizzy for no apparent reason, it may mean a change in our personality, or in our lives, which can be good or bad, depending on the meaning of the other things that appear in our dream.

To dream of DNA tests, it means doubts about our origin, and if the other things we see in the dream have a negative meaning, it means that our doubts are founded; but if the other things have a positive meaning, then it means that our doubts are unfounded, that is, that those doubts have no reason for being, so we should not worry.

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