The diapers in our dreams represent the immature aptitude of an enemy.

- Dreaming of a bag that contains a dirty diaper (With excrement) means that we are having difficulties or we will have them soon, because of a dangerous enemy who also has sufficient economic resources, which makes things even more difficult.

- Dreaming that we slip with a dirty diaper (With excrement), means that we are being insecure, but at the same time it tells us that we must act at the same time with security and prudence, since we are entering a delicate terrain, since we have a dangerous enemy that can lead us to ruin. What advises us to first analyze and plan things well and then carry it out with security and determination.

- If a teenager dreams that her mother has another baby and she wants to carry the baby, but she notices that she is wearing a yellow cloth diaper (Especially if she does not use that type of diapers in the place where she lives), It means that if I had a baby at this time, she would go through many shortcomings and difficulties.

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