This dream represents something that can end negatively, if we do not pay attention to what the meaning of the other things contained in the dream tells us.
On the other hand, we must also consider the dreams of symbolic death, as when we dream that our girlfriend (boyfriend) or ex is dying; which is when the dream is already warning us that there is a danger that this person will leave our life forever, either because he goes to live far away, marries, and so on.

- When in our dream we see the ANGEL OF DEATH OR GRIM, it means that an evil spirit is bothering us in our sleep, although sometimes it means that there is a danger nearby.

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- If we dream of a BABY AND THAT SOMEONE DIES, it means that we have a dangerous enemy that is planning to harm us.

- If in our dream WE SEE OUR BROTHER (SISTER) DYING, it means that something can end badly.

- If we dream that our EX -GIRLFRIEND (Ex-boyfriend) die represents a symbolic death, for example: That it is very likely that soon you will get a new partner or that is to marry someone else.

- If we dream that a FRIEND or that our best friend dies, it means that it is likely that soon we can no longer count on someone's help. It can also mean that there is a danger of displeasure or disagreement with that friend and that this can lead us to the end of that friendship.

- If we dream that we try to talk to our friends or relatives, but nobody answers nor sees us, and the next moment WE KNOW WHAT IS BECAUSE WE DIE RECENTLY AND WE HAD NOT REALIZED, means there is a danger of death; that advises us to get an amulet such as a silver coin or a four leaf beach clover and bring it with us for a few days while the danger passes.

- If we dream that we die because of LIGHTNING, it means good fortune.

- If in the dream we see one of our relatives dead and under the MATTRESS, it means that our relative can be in danger, and at the same time tells us that sometimes doing the most comfortable can endanger our relatives , so we should try to act prudently or at least take the necessary precautions.

- To dream that our MOTHER-IN-LAW/ FATHER-IN-LAW dies, means that there is a danger that something bad will happen unexpectedly.

- IF WE ARE ALREADY OLDER, it can mean the proximity of death.

- If we dream that we travel in a bus or in a PASSENGER VEHICLE AND LOOKING AT THE WINDOW we see many DEAD PEOPLE, it means that there is something that can end badly, and advises us not to do things that we know are risky.

- If we dream that being in a place, somehow WE KNOW THAT MANY PEOPLE DIED THERE AND especially if we do not manage to pass, it means that we have a dangerous enemy that is using talismans of entailment (Malignant talismans, such as: the so-called burials) to prevent us from doing something or to prevent us from defending ourselves against him.

- To dream that we turn the knob of a door that leads to a basement and they also SAY THAT IN THAT PLACE DIED A LOT OF PEOPLE, means that things can take a negative turn because of someone who has been making us witchcraft and or Dishonest tactics to cause us harm. This dream advises us to show strong character and try to avoid misunderstandings, in addition to using an amulet made of silver.
(Note: In some witchcraft rites tend to throw, soil of a cementery or bury fragments of bones that belonged to someone, as part of their rites or superstitions, the fact is that when that happens we usually dream that we are told that in a certain place died many people, so that regardless of whether we believe in witchcraft or not, and whether it works or not, it allows us to know the feelings and intentions of certain people).

- If we dream of SOMEONE WHO ALREADY DIED, BUT WE SEE IT AS A LIVING PERSON, we must pay attention to his expression, so that if he is angry it is because we feel guilty with something related to that person; if he is not upset, it means that we have overcome his death. But if the dream is less simple and we see an important sign, for example: If we see it in a car, avenue, it gives us advice, it tells us something, and so on, it is about someone who visits us in dreams to give us a message important that we should take into consideration.

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- If in the dream we see DEAD STUDENTS or we see students die, it means that our situation can get worse.

- Dreaming that they are BORN, DEAD TWINS, means that something that started well may end badly.

- If in the dream we see a UNCLE/ AUNT/ NEPHEW/ NICE, DEAD AND BLOODY, it means that there is a danger of a misfortune happening, which advises us to be careful with what we plan to do or are planning to do. What advises us not to do it or at least do it in another way.

- If we dream that we SEE A WOMAN DYING, it means that something can end badly, be it a business, project, love, friendship, etcetera.

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