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Dreams: Ja-Ji

Jacaranda tree:
- If we see a lush and full of flowers jacaranda, it means that we enjoy good protection, but if we see dry, it means that there is a danger and we have no protection.

- This sign tells us how prepared we are to deal with future situations, so if it looks good means that we are well prepared, but if it looks bad means the opposite.

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Jade (Greenstone):
It means that something good is coming.

Means risk of loss of money.

The jaguar is associated with the war, but also the courage to face a difficult situation. It can mean several things:
- If the jaguar is aggressive jaguar indicates that we should have an aptitude more peaceful and kind to others.
- If the jaguar is not aggressive, it means that we have the courage to face a difficult situation.
- If we see a drowned jaguar, warns us that we need courage to face difficult situations.
- If the jaguar is injured, the same as above.

Jaguar (From: Automobile):
- If you dream to drive a classic Jaguar, tells us that other people see us as mature but still attractive.

This sign is usually related to changes in our lives. But if there is an arrest warrant (this is, the written order of a judge to catch someone and take him to jail) relates to prison, so that if the arrest warrant is against us, tells us that is likely to apprehend an enemy, but if the order is against an enemy, then who we are in danger of going to jail, either by demand or by a reckless, but if a cop stops us ( without a warrant), for example, because we do not respect a road sign or see us doing something wrong, then, means that we feel guilty about something.

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Dreaming jam, says that there will be family joy.

If you dream of a jasmine, means loyalty, whether from us to someone else or someone else to us, as long as not a jasmine black, because then it means the opposite.

This dream augurs a future pregnancy or childbirth.

- If we dream that we put a SPIDER IN A GLASS JAR, represents an insidious and treacherous person, but who know well how to manage and prevent us from causing problems (This dream we are confirming that indeed, we are handling this well person).
- A jar full of TRANSPARENT LIQUID means joy.

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Jason Voorhees (From: The character in the movie "Friday the 13th"):
- If in the dream just see Jason Voorhees or see it chasing someone (Someone unknown or someone we do not like) represents a desire for revenge.
- But if we dream that Jason Voorhees haunts us, it means that someone is trying to take revenge on us in some way, unless we kill him, since then, means that person does not achieve its objective.

In most cases a jaw relates to our willpower also represent spouses, partners, accomplices, or two, depending on the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.
But if we see a stranger with a big jaw tells us that we can get to having unpleasant situations between spouses, partners, accomplices, or children.
- Its size shows us how big or small is our willpower. If this is the jaw of another person, then, refers to the strength of will of that person.
- If in the dream kiss to our ex girlfriend, but then we see that his jaw was broken, it means that we still love, but feels hurt by something.

- If we dream that we are driving a car and suddenly a very jaywalker is crossed, and we run over, means it is very likely that soon we harm someone to defend our interests, which in this case is not bad, because it is the only way to prevent an injustice.


- When in the dream the most notorious is that we wear a blue-jeans, that are our size and we look good, means we have the courage and determination to deal with difficult cases. - If we see a friend or relative who has already left this world, and see that he(she) wear a blue-jeans and white-shirt, it means that he(she) visits us in dreams to tell us an important message that relates to mean other things we see in dreams, and also tells us not to worry because he has already made it to Heaven.

This dream tells us to give more priority to our interests.

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Jeep (Cars):
- If in our dream we see a jeep, tells us that we have the strength and determination to carry out our projects.
- If it is a white jeep, tells us that in addition to above, tells us we're doing the right thing.
- If in our dream driving a red jeep, tells us that we have the strength and determination to win an important battle.
- To dream that we are in a mall and want to buy a red jeep, but ultimately did not buy, it means that we need strength and determination to achieve win an important battle, but if we want to buy a silver jeep and we do not, then, means that we are missing strength and determination to achieve win an important battle, plus we need to have better protection.

Jelly beans:
- To dream that you eat sweets such means pleasant moments with those close to us.

Disadvantages promises and disappointments.
- If we sink means we can be deceived.

Jerez wine like most wines, represents fertility and sometimes wealth.

To dream that we wear a jersey (In good condition), it means we are well prepared to face the situation.

Jerusalem cricket:
- If in our dream we see this insect, means that there is a looming threat.
- If we dream that we kill it, is advice that tells us to stay away from dangerous situations.

- If the jewelry BREAK or see them broken, it means frustration.
- If we BUY JWERLY, warns us that it is very likely that we will have lost money, soon.
- If the jewelry look DIRTY or in poor condition, it means difficulties in our business.
- If the jewels are FALSE or fancy, tells us to avoid vanity and presumption.
- If we FIND JEWERLY, we are told to avoid dangerous temptations.
- If FOUND IN A CAVE, means finding wisdom.
- If in the dream, someone GIVES US, JEWELRY, means that we avoid borrow or lend money.
- If the jewels are GOLD tells us that we should be proud. - If we LOSE JEWERLY, it means problems with our goods.
- If we are PRECIOUS JEWELS, or semiprecious stones, such as jade, turquoise, diamonds, emeralds, etc., may mean that we have found knowledge and important truths.
- If the jewels are SILVER, means we'll have good luck.
- If we see jewels on a square or rectangular TABLE, it is a tip that tells us that we should not be proud, with someone in our family.
- IF we are WEARING, it will mean slander.

by letter.

Jewelry Chain:
- If it is a jewelry chain, whether gold, silver, platinum or fantasy, it means imprisonment.
- If in our dream we see a broken chain (jewelry, whether gold, silver, platinum, or fantasy), it means that we have saved from going to prison, it can also mean that we got rid of a difficult problem.
- To dream of a jewelry chain with medal, of any material, which has the image of a frog (pendant with an image of a grog), it means that there is a danger of ending up in prison because of someone who has ill will and that will do anything to harm, including witchcraft.
- If it is a jewelry chain with religious images, tells us that we will have peace and harmony, except in the case of a crucifix, because then it means confusion, and or penalties.

- To dream of a Jew or who is Jewish, which means there is something we have not fully understand. What we suggest to analyze the situation well.
- Dreaming of a yarmulke (beanie used by some Jews), means that we are being too closed, which advises us to be more sociable.
- If in the dream we see a wicked Jew, tells us that we have a very skillful and manipulative enemy, which advises us to be careful not to underestimate the enemy.
- If in our dream we see a wicked Jew in a library, tells us that we have a very skillful opponent, who also knows a good look at the situation, we study, experience and know treacherously attack, which advises us to prepare, and study their habits, to overcome it.


Jicama/Mexican turnip:
Fresh jicama represent wealth and prosperity.

Jicara bowl:
- If we dream that someone gives us a jicara bowl full of water, it means comfort or health.

Jig Saw:
- Seeing many power tools, of various types (jigsaw, polisher, sander, etc.), means that in order to complete or do a pending job well, we must try harder and look for better tools than the common ones, for example: Query discs, better books, ask for advice, etcetera.

The sign of the Jin-Jang represents balance of opposites, but sometimes we can see represented in two opposite things or something divided into two distinct things such as: If we look in the mirror and see with half shaved hair and half good , means we must find the balance so that we are not neither too good nor too bad , another example is, if we see two animals, one small and other big an animal or burn but not the other, (Which are contrary or that happens to everyone else) tells us that we must prepare to defend our interests and the meaning of animals can give us more details on that we must defend our interests.
So there are two cases: One.- Two distinct halves means that we must seek the balance between good and evil , that is, neither be too good for others to abuse us or too ill to anyone we support. Two.- Whether it is two different things, means that we must defend our interests even though they might think that we are being bad or too sever.
- The Jin-Jang in our dream symbolizes the balance of opposites (Good-bad, light and darkness, day-night physical-spirit.....)
- If in our dream we see a stone sign of Jin-Jang, means we have the courage and strength to defend our interests, even though they might think that we are being bad or too sever, this is, tells us that we are doing well.
It may also mean that sometimes we do something wrong to prevent a bad much worse, and in this case, we say we do the right thing even though they might think that we are being bad or too sever.

Jingle (From: Tinkling sound):
It means that we must be discreet in any matter.

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