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Dreams: Ic-Im

- If we see ice in our dream, it means we are losing vitality. It can also mean: Disease.
- If we dream we travel on a boat made of ice, it means that we are failing to thrive.
- If we see ice in the drain or sewer, it means that someone (Girlfriend, Boyfriend, wife, etc.) could be aggressive (Either physically or verbally) if we act cold or distant to her(him) form.

Ice Age:
It represents a period of cold or emotional distancing.
- If we dream that we try to escape from the ice age, and we see someone we love, it means that we are trying to avoid a rift.

Ice cream:
If we eat all the ice cream, means we are well on the sentimental.

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Ice-cream seller:
- If we dream that we ask a sundae with a cherry to an ice-cream seller, but to serve or prepare the mace wrong, for example ice cream mix old with new or beats it all; tells us that we have not done well in love, plus it is easy things worse or even ruin it even more.

Ice pick:
- If a man has a girlfriend who has lately turned away from him, without reason, and dreams that someone stings the eyes of a Barbie doll with an ice pick or with a sharp object, while telling her that she has to die, it means that there is someone who made her move away from him, whether through gossip, intrigue, threats and/or witchcraft.
And the same thing means if a woman dreams that someone stings the eyes of a Ken doll while telling him that he has to die.

Ice pop:
- If we taste an ice pop and is nice, mean pleasures.
- If we eat all the ice pop, means that we are well on the sentimental.
- If the taste of the ice pop is nasty or too cold, it means loss of vitality or disease.
- If someone tells us the price or we stole the ice pop, means that we are being too sentimental.

- Means that soon we'll be in a compromising situation that can lead to a break with your partner or a financial failure.
- If in our dream we see an iceberg melts, it means financial recovery, or returning with our partner, depending on our current situation.

- If in our dream we taste a slush, and its taste is pleasant, it means pleasures.
- If we eat all the slush, it means that we are well on the sentimental.

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To dream of the ideal of a university (Like those who usually write in their emblems, for example: Wisdom, Effort, Dedication, etc.) means that the best thing is to seek new opportunities to develop our capabilities.

Identify (Feel relationship):
- If in our dream we see what happens to someone, but at the same time we identify with that person, or thought the same could happen to us, the meaning of what happens to that person applies to us.

Identity card
- To dream about an identity card augures that we will receive unpleasant news that we can leave in a delicate situation.
- To dream about our credentials and or our military service card or to we have one, means that we have received bad news or soon we will receive them, but if we stand firm in our good intentions and our duty in the end everything will be fine and on our behalf.
- If we dream to go to a place, and someone asks us our ID card, but it happens that the name is scratched and unreadable, and therefore us back, but we still allowed to pass in, it means we are going unnoticed, or that no one has noticed what we have done (or will not realize what we plan to do, if we take out).
- If in our dream we see our credentials with a white paper on it and both held by a clip, it means that if we are a little more thoughtful and do things right, we will have no problem, nor will end in a delicate situation.

- If in our dream we see a ideography (Writing by images or signs), it means there is something we have failed to fully understand, but it is important to analyze in order to achieve decipher.

- If we dream that our brother(sister) said that his partner is a loafer, it means that she(he) is unhappy with your partner. It can also mean that we are unhappy with some of our girlfriend(boyfriend) or partner.
- If we dream that we are idle, the dream warns us, that it is not a good time to rest and tells us to react and be prepared for any eventuality.

This dream means that we are attracted to him or about what it represents, but if we have the dream often means that we are being too timid or that we must overcome an inferiority complex.

- To dream that we are very ignorant, means bad luck.

- If someone ignores us in our dream, it means that we must put aside our fears, or that we are indifferent towards someone or something in particular.
- If in our dream ignore someone we know, means that we are indifferent to that person. But who is ignorant to a stranger, means it is likely soon to be indifferent toward someone who needs our help.

Announces fears in the completion of our projects.

Ill will:
If we dream that we have ill will to someone, it means the failure of our business or important matters.

- To dream that we did something illegal, it means that we must respect more the moral or social norms and also that we should be more prudent in what we are doing or think to do.
- To dream that our mother tells us that something is illegal, it means there is something we are doing wrong, (in the sense of respecting certain social rules and be more discreet, cautious or avoid doing certain things or attitudes, because they can get to complicate situation).

- If in our dream we see an illegible map tells us we do not like the way things are, but also tells us that we will not achieve what we want until we can understand or decipher something.

- To dream that we are illiterate means that we spend a period of uncertainty.
- See an illiterate, meaning that we impose easily.

To dream that something is illogical, it means the opposite, that is, something is logical. But if something is logical dream means that something is not logical, for example: We're acting illogically.

The light is associated with what is True, and the new knowledge.
- If in our dream we see a good light, it means that we have confidence in ourselves, which is good, but if the light bothers us means the opposite, ie we need to have more confidence in ourselves.
- A light in the darkness, always represents hope, this can be, for example: the light at the end of a tunnel or just a light out in the dark.
- If in the dream we see that light comes on, it means that soon acquire important knowledge or to discover something that was hidden.
- It can also happen in the dream see the light off, then it means confusion, in this case, tells us that we must seek the True and better analyze the situation.

- If we dream that we discover the tricks of an illusionist, it means that we have discovered or will soon discover the tricks of someone who was trying to deceive or defraud.
- If we dream we do a magic trick with fire, but it happens to us goes wrong and begins to burn everything, means that recently you tried to make a prank but all got out of control (For example: What we have tried to do a prank, but eventually someone discovered and punished us).

by letter.

.. Image.
If we see our image in a mirror, it represents the reflection of our consciousness allows us to see how we see ourselves; this dream can also help us to see how good or bad for our actions.
But if we see our image in a photograph, then it tells us that as we see it, is how we like to be.

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Imbecility (Medical term):
- If we dream that one brother goes to the hospital and tell us that he turned imbecile or there is danger it becomes imbecile, means that there is an issue that needs our attention, in addition to handle it wisely to not look like fools.

- If in our dream we are imitating something good or by following a good example, it means good fortune.
- If in our dream we are imitating something wrong or following a bad example, it means bad luck.

- If you dream of an imitator or an imitation that does not have to do with following a good or bad example, means that we suffer shame or humiliation.

Imitation jewelry:
If in our dream we see imitation jewelry, means that we must avoid vanity and presumption.

- If we dream that someone says we are going to review our business or certain matter (A Matter of our waking life) immediately, it means that we must go to review our business or that matter, although it is not necessary us to go immediately. But if we dream that tell us "Go check it when you want or when you get a chance," it means that we should go check it immediately.

An immigrant is a person who is looking for a change in their living conditions. - If a man dreams of immigrant women, and notes that are very beautiful, it means luck in love, but as long as he can offer a change in their living conditions to a beautiful girl who knows.
- If we dream that we as immigrants in another country and we are in a difficult situation, means that sometimes, in order to achieve positive change, we must do more than we initially thought.

Presages a radical and profound change in our living conditions.

- When in dreams we want to move and can not, hides an inferiority complex or fear of not knowing how to behave as occasion requires.
- When we want to move but simply there is a passivity, reflects a state of physical exhaustion or nervous, so that the dream we recommend taking a break.
- If you dream that we suffer from paralysis, tells us that we are mired in a serious indecision. It can also be a defeat we thought to overcome but that has not happened in any case we are counseled to resign.
- If we have a waking nightmare and feel we can not move, or that there is someone next to us (when no one on our side) means that a Being of the underworld is disturbing us. In this case, the first thing is not to be afraid, then, should light a blue candle to our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe).

- If in our dream we are being immodest, it means we are doing something improper, or we have done something improper, which advises us to avoid re-do or behave that way.
- If we see someone we know being immodest, that means the person has done something improper or out for it.

- If we see someone we know do something immoral, it means that she/he has done, or is about to do, something unseemly, frowned upon by society, or some treacherous action against us. So we must be careful with it. r

Means likely inappropriate and harmful decisions.

Important/ Importance:
- To dream that everybody cares that happens to us, it means that no one gives importance that happens to us or that we are doing. But if we dream that nobody cares that happens to us, then, it means there are many people who do care that happens to us.

It tells us that our behavior towards the people around us will be crucial in our relationships.

- To dream that someone is impersonating us, means that in our waking life, someone has tried to take our place, so we should not allow.

This dream tells us that these efforts will be insufficient to improve our situation.

- If we dream that something is practical, it means that we being too much practical.
But if we dream that something is impractical, then, it means that we must be more practical.

Improbable/ Unlikely:
If we dream that our pet makes improbable things, for example: Act as a person and also we are surprised by it, that tells us that we still do not understand how we could do something or that influenced so we did.

The better improvise in our dream, better make it out of a difficult situation in our waking life, but if we do well, then it means that we must study the situation better before attempting anything.

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