If we see our image in a mirror, it represents the reflection of our consciousness allows us to see how we see ourselves; this dream can also help us to see how good or bad for our actions.
But if we see our image in a photograph, then it tells us that as we see it, is how we like to be.

- If we see ourselves in the MIRROR or see something in the mirror, it means the following:

- If it is a PICTURE it means the following:
    Normally this dream is interpreted looking for the meanings of the images we see in the picture.

  1. If the picture is BEAUTIFUL, augurs happiness.
  2. If in table overlooking the BLUE OR GREEN, means good fortune.
  3. If we see a RELIGIOUS picture, it means that we have peace in the soul, unless there is a crucifix in, because then it means: Confusion.
  4. If it is a SAD picture indicates that we live in unreality.

- If in the dream we see one of our AMULETS OR ONE OF OUR RELIGIOUS IMAGES misplaced, means that we must place well or leave it in the right place.

- If this is the image in a PHOTOGRAPH, it means the following:

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