This sign in most cases are associated with love and pleasure.

- If WE EAT ALL THE ICE CREAM, means we are well on the sentimental.

- If in our dream TELL THE ICE CREAM PRICE, it means we being too sentimental.

- If a man dreams he is eating a STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM, it means good lucky in love, and good luck thanks to that love. This dream advised take the opportunity.

- If we dream that we ordered a ICE CREAM WITH A CHERRY, but serve or prepare it badly mace, for example, ice cream mix old with new, or beats it all, tells us that we have not done well in love as well it is easy to make things even worse, or even spoil it.

- If in our dream we STOLE AN ICE CREAM, means that we are too sentimental.

- If in our dream we eat an ice cream, and its TASTE IS PLEASANT, it means pleasures.

- If the ice cream TASTE, IS UNPLEASANT, it may mean loss of vitality or illness.

- If the TASTE IS VERY COLD, means loss of vitality or illness.

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