To the left an old diver and to the right a modern diver.

Diving with ease and without tiring, portends that will succeed both economically and loving.

- Diving in CLEAR WATER means that we are clear and noble.

- If we are diving and the sea or river, rage or CURRENT DRAGGING us indicates that our passions are stronger than our will.

- If we DROWN indicates that our ambitions will vanish.

- If in the dream we see an ENEMY in a diver's suit, he represents an enemy who always attacks treason (Someone who likes to do things underwater, that is, to treason and without anyone noticing).

- If we are LEARNING TO DIVE, we doubt our willpower.

- If we SAVE SOMEONE from drowning means that avoid dangerous passion for us.

- In TURBID WATER, passion with evil thoughts.

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