The parallel dimensions is related to the possibility of choose our future from several options.

- Dreaming with a DOOR TO HELL or to a dimension, similar to hell, tells us to be more thoughtful about our actions, because otherwise many difficulties await us.

- If we dream that the DEVIL BRINGS US TO ANOTHER DIMENTION, says we should not fear the future, because things can always be changed, such as doing more, or changing attitude.

But if the dream causes us MUCH ANXIETY OR CONSTANTLY REPEATED, it may be evil spirits that visit us in our dreams, especially if you get sick shortly or have difficulty, in which case we suggest light a blue or red candle to our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) and consider That the devil does not exist, most, evil spirits that we can close the door with a little help from the True God and our guardian angels.

- If we dream we TRAVEL TO A PARALLEL DIMENSION means we have the ability to change our destiny, and what we see in the parallel dimension or the meaning of the things we see in it, is the likely fate that can change, either doing more, or changing attitude.

- Dreaming about TRAVELING TO A MAGICAL WORLD, means we want some Divine help to reach higher spiritual level, or in order to change our destiny.

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