The doors in our dreams relate to the possibilities and opportunities that we have to accomplish something, so that if we open talks about possibilities and opportunities that relate to what we see through it, but if we dream that canít pass or is difficult for us to get through the door, it's because we need to do something to achieve our goals.

- If in our dream we see our AUTOMOBILE WITH OPEN DOORS, and noticed that a monster is looking into our car, means that we must be more cautious and avoid negative things come into our lives.

- If a family member or friend recently died and we dream of a CEMENTERY and in it we see an open door of color red, blue, green, yellow, or brown means that our relative or friend already in Heaven and only visit us farewell. But if the door is closed, it is because we need to pray for him(her) to open the door and can enter Heaven (since the door is the door of Heaven).

- If in the dream we see a BLACK CLOSED DOOR and see that wall tiles are broken, tells us that our merits at work are not being recognized.

- If we dream that we are CHANGING CLOTHES, BUT THE DOOR IS SOME OPEN (slightly open but not completely) and through it we see walking to a friend or family member who has already left this world, is he(she), which tells us that it is our guardian angel and advised us to be careful with what we do or decide to do and someone may be watching.

- If WE CLOSE THE DOOR ON SOMEBODY means we're end or break off an engagement, friendship, commitment, loyalty, partnership, etc..

- If the door is CLOSED it means that we still need to reach a definitive solution.

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- If in our dream we see a COVERED WITH A BLACK BLANKET door tells us that even failure to achieve a final solution, since before we solve some problems.

- If we have DIFFICULTIES TO PASS, tells us that we have to make some sacrifices in order to achieve our goals.

- If in our dream we see a GLASS DOOR means we have special parapsychological abilities or that we are beginning to develop parapsychological abilities, so it can be very useful.

- If in our dream we see a door HALF OPEN, it means that we are able to achieve something important, but we are missing do something.

- If we KNOCK THE DOOR OF A HOUSE AND A WOMAN OUT means success; and if it is a beautiful woman, means success in love. But if we knock the door and go, but as we will see that a woman goes, means that we are evading the success or we are not doing something that was helping us succeed, but if we go back, then, means that return the road to success.

- If in our dream we see a door of MELAMINE OR IMITATION-WOOD THAT IS CLOSED, means that even missing so we can achieve our objectives, we can only accomplish the work, perseverance, being steadfast in our purpose, be dedicated, also be patient, because otherwise we risk suffering shame or humiliation.

- If in our dream we see NEPHEW(NIECE) FACE A CLOSE DOOR, tells us that even failure to achieve a final solution, plus we can even have unexpected surprises, we may be adverse.

- If in our dream we SEE AN OPEN DOOR, means that we can see through it is a possibility or an opportunity.

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- If in our dream WE OPEN A DOOR augurs marriage, it can also mean that we have the ability to do things that most people canít, which can lead to something good as a miracle or get something done important.

- If in our dream we see a closed door, but then WE OPEN BREAKING WITH THE HELP OF OUR SWORT means able to overcome any difficulties can occur.

- BUT TO OPEN A DOOR SEE SOMETHING NASTY or something that has a bad meaning, then, represents disappointments, for example: If we dream to open a door and see a lot of bubbles, it means that we can suffer disappointments in love affairs or work (as the bubbles have meaning bad).

- If in the dream we see SCRATCHES OR DRIED FLOWERS AT THE ENTRANCE DOOR OF OUR HOME, means that someone is trying to sabotage or damage to us somehow.

- If we see a SECRET DOOR, means we have a good relationship with God and an ascetic life.

- Looking at SEVERAL OPEN DOORS means we can have several options to choose or several possibilities to solve a problem.

- In this dream is important to note the details, for example: IF THE DOOR IS SMALL OR NARROW means a difficult road.

- What in our sleep, see SHOW THROUGH THE DOOR is a possibility, which is related to what we see lean, or their meaning.

- If in our dream we see SWORDS NAILED ON A DOOR THAT IS CLOSED, means that even something missing to make our arguments convincing, and or to achieve success.

- To dream we see a WOMAN CLOSING DOOR WITH INSIDE and at the same time tells us that she is looking for something, it means that we still need to do something to achieve a final solution, plus some troubles are coming, but also tells us that we should not worry too much because overcome obstacles with ease and with a little patience.

If in our dream we see an open door or an open portal formed by a WHITE LIGHT, means that we will be successful in our projects.

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