A dove usually associated with marriage and love.

- To dream that a brown colored pigeon enters through the window of our BEDROOM, represents the love and sensuality that comes to our life.

- If you see a pigeon in a CAGE, means probably marriage. But if we escape from the cage, it means trouble in love, at least in the dream, suddenly the dove came back, because then it means that there may be a difficulty, but easily overcome.

- Dreaming of a DEAD DOVE, it means that our marriage plans will be frustrated, but if we see it revived, it means that we still have opportunities to keep our plans are frustrated.

- If we dream that we have a pet pigeon but let it go and then come back full of brick DUST, it represents an ex girlfriend(ex boyfriend) whom we let go, and who, though, try to build something with someone else (Form a relationship), do not It worked, for the reason that she(he) keeps thinking about us.

- If in our dream we see a dove FLYING, means: Upcoming news of someone we love.

- If you see a dove or pigeon FLYING AND THEN LANDING ON US, means that the news will be exactly as desired.

-If we see a dove INTO EMPTY CAGE, means there may be a difficulty in our love affairs, but easily overcome.

- If we see a PAIR OF DOVES, means love.

- If we are TRYING TO CATCH A DOVE, but we made it and the bird managed to escape, means we can not get someone's love.

- If in our dream we see TWO DOVES, A WHITE AND A BLACK kissing, it tells us that in order to make love last, we must look for the right balance between good and evil, because if we are too good we will only achieve that others take advantage of us, and if we are too bad there will be no one to tolerate us.

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