It symbolizes happiness in love, and destiny.

- If you see a WHITE DUCK IN OUR BED means good luck in love.

- If in the dream we see a BLACK DUCK IN THE DINING means future difficulties and discussions with our family, and in most cases is for the reason that our family does not like our girlfriend or boyfriend.

- If we EAT means we will have benefits and domestic bliss.

- To dream that we FEAR THAT A DUCK PECKING US, means that we are afraid of a situation we can not control.

- To dream a duck FLYING announces visitors or news.

- If you see FLYING IN COUPLE means marital happiness.

- If we listen a duck QUACK, warns of the danger that surrounds us.

- To see a duck SWIM means marital happiness.


We promises fame and fortune, unless they are black, because then warns against immorality.

It means we will have good luck in love and we will achieve a good destination.
- If you dream of a flying goose, it means that we will receive news or views, soon.
- If you hear the honking of a goose, is a warning of a looming threat.
- If you see a goose swim or fly in pairs, means we will have happiness in our marriage.
- If we are eating goose, means good fortune at home.

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