If we are alone driving a car indicates desire for independence.

- To dream that we drive a car ASLEEP, means that something is happening to us unnoticed, which advises us not be complacent or negligent.

- If the person driving is a CHILD, means lack of maturity.

- If you dream to travel in the car of someone we know, and noticed that the car DRIVING ALONE without anyone touch means that person (the owner of the car), this influence in our lives too.

- To dream that we must to drive a car, but NOT KNOW DRIVING, BUT when we try, we realize that we can do, it means that if we decide to take charge of our destiny, we realize that we can actually do.

- If driving OTHER PERSON means that we are not masters of our fate.

- If we traveling WITH OTHER PEOPLE, the actions of the passengers, including us, will reveal what our attitude to those around us.

- To dream to we drive on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD, means there is a difficult situation in our life.

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