The things we see within the drawer represents the resources we have to get something we want, except that what we see in the drawer has a bad meaning, since then represents obstacles we must overcome to achieve what we want.

- If in our dream we see the drawers of OUR DESK, whether we have at home or the one we use in our work, tell us how are our affairs work, and is related to the meaning of what we see in them, for example:

- If we dream one ALOE with red bows in their fleshy leaves, this in a drawer, tells us that we will have good luck in our affairs and although there are people who try to harm us, will not succeed because we are well protected.

- If the drawer is EMPTY, it means that a complicated and difficult situation approaches, but lasted a short time.

- To dream we see a NINJA STARS EMBED IN A DRAWER open means that to avoid future problems in our family relationships, we must be firm in our determinations, even though they might think that we are being bad or too severe.

- If we dream that we OPEN A DRAWER AND IS FULL, it means good luck.

- If in the dream opened a drawer and there we see DEAD PIGEONS and more so if they are black, that means some people are trying to sabotage our hopes of marriage and or prosperity.

- If we dream a WHITE ROSE IN A DRAWER, means that if we act more honestly, we will earn the esteem and confidence of others.

- If in our dream we see a SILVER BOOK in a drawer, it means we will have good luck in our projects and a special protection.

- If in our desk drawers see TURTLES, the dream tells us that our work is very slow which can be harmful to us in future.

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