This sign represents an annoying, irresponsible, disruptive or unstable person, depending on the context of the dream.

- To dream that someone we know drive, but also noticed that he has alcoholic BREATH, means that person must learn to be more responsible

- If we dream that one of our BROTHERS come home drunk, it means that we must be more responsible.

- If we dream that out drunk from a party and someone tells us that somebody CRASHED, it means that if we are not sufficiently responsible and prudent, some may end badly.

- If a woman sees in his dream to his EX BOYFRIND or someone with whom she maintains affairs and sees him drunk mean that person cannot give any stability, which advises you forget it.

- If a woman dreams that a GUY IS DRUNK AND KISSING HER but then apologizes , it means that someone she like but not very sure if reciprocate or not , especially because she has already done to upset or because there is something dislikes him.

- If we dream that we are in the company of our girlfriend (boyfriend) and drunkards MOCK us, it means there is a very annoying person who is looking for ways to separate us, so we must be cautious.

- If in the dream SEE TO A DRUNK means we have doubts as to our goals or purposes that is, tells us that we must be clear what are our most important goals or purposes.

- If in the dream we see SOMEONE KNOW DRUK means that person is irresponsible and we should not really trust him(her).

- If we dream that we are on the TELEPHONE with a friend and suddenly started talking as if we were drunk and the call is short, it means that if our friends do not call us is because we have been far too intrusive in the things we say or how we act.

- If in the last days and months our wife(husband) got lost, and dreamed that she (he) TELLS us that soon return, plus we see drunk, mean that she(he) did not return at least not return soon and the reason is because she(he) left us for some irresponsible and selfish reason.

- If we dream that WE ARE DRUNK it means that we do not have clearly defined our goals or that we need to have one.

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