Dreaming of drowning, in most cases, is related to problems/difficulties that are suffocating us or making us too desperate.

- If in the dream we get on a BOAT, but then it TURNS, it represents the difficulty to achieve a change. And if we dream that after turning around, we begin to drown, it means that the difficulty in achieving change will be even greater.

- To dream that our GIRLFRIEND (boyfriend) dies drowned, and partly because of our carelessness, means that he/she feels that we are suffocating or dominating him/her too much, which can lead us to the breakup of the relationship, which which advises us to give it more space and freedom.

- If WE SEE DROWNED, it means that we will have some difficulties, unless in real life we are tired, in that case it means that we already deserve a pleasant vacation.

- Seeing SOMEONE ALREADY DROWNED in our dream warns us that we will have good luck.

- If we see SOMEONE WHO IS DROWNING and we don't help him, it means that there may be a danger nearby, unless we help him, then, it means that we have got rid of a danger.

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