If we simply see dust in the dream, it means that we are being negligent or careless in something. It can also represent the danger of something going bad or ending badly.
But if we see things full of dust, then it means that something is not right and is related to the meaning of the dusty thing.

- If we dream of a truck or a BUS full of dust, it means that there is a danger that our affairs or business will end badly because of our negligence or negligence.

- If it is something in POWDER, it means the following:

  • If we dream of a bag full of COURGETTES POWDER, it means that in order to avoid that certain business or matter fails completely; we must do things in a different way.
  • To dream of MILK POWDER or with an advertisement of milk powder, it means that it is important to be firm in our decisions, even if it seems that we are being bad, or otherwise there is a risk of losing money or even our assets.

- If in our dream we SHAKE the dust of a shirt, it means that soon we will get rid of a problem.

- If in our dream we see SOMETHING DUSTY or linty, tells us that something is not right and is related to the meaning of dusty thing, (if the thing has a good meaning powdered says something like: "but something is not right ").
And if in the dream we see something dusty but we cleaned it, then we say that the difficulties will disappear.


Dust off:
- This dream tells us that we want to escape of certain tests.
- To dream that we dusted off a familiar book or a book by a specific topic, it means that it is important to revisit the book or study more about the book, as it is a knowledge that we have to apply soon, and which we can get to avoid a difficulty.

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