The dwarves in dreams represent the search for knowledge. It may also mean that we feel slighted or not we are considering.

- If in our dream we see UGLY DEFORMED DWARF, reflects our ignorance and smallness. Combating this can mean one of the means to achieve true wisdom.

- If you dream that we are into the woods and SCAPE TO A DWARF, it means we are underestimating, however we have the means to change that situation, that is, we are taken into account or not depends on us.

- If you dream that KILLED A MIDGET OR DWARF with a knife, it means that we were considering, but then find ways to end this situation, although drastically.

- If you dream to KILL A DWARF WITH KNIFE, BUT THEN COMES BACK, or come back more, it means that we were slighted, but then we found a way to end this situation, albeit in a drastic, but it is likely that the problem is repeat.

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