- If the drinking-glass is BROKEN it means separation from someone we love.

- To dream that BREAKS FULL GLASS OF WATER and it spreads along the ground indicates the permanent loss of a one love.

- If we dream A CANDLE INSIDE a glass and it happens that the flame starts burning glass, and either melted or not, means sometimes to avoid danger, you need both the bright side of things, like the dark side, which means that sometimes we must be firm even though they might think that we are being bad or too sever, for example, when someone scolds (without violence) because your child did something wrong, you may even feel bad about it, but it is necessary, or when denounce a felony, because we know that someone can go to jail, but it is preferable that these people continue hurting others.

- If the drinking-glass is EMPTY means sorrow.

- If in our dream we GRABBED A DRINKING-GLASS TO DRINK WATER, but before starting to fill the liquid, we realize we have cockroach eggs, tells us that we should not trust too much on those who are close to us, or that we should seek to clarify something; because if we are unwise, or not clarify things well, we expect sorrows and disappointments. But if in dream, let that glass and take other and this time the glass is clean, and then we fill with clean water, tells us that there will be no problems or at least avoid them succeed.

- If in our dream we see a full glass of LEMON PEELS (like when we squeeze a lemon, and the only thing left is the peels without juice), it means somebody is doing something that no one loves us, for example: someone who is using witchcraft rites, for anyone near us, or that we do not find the couple. (Note: In some rites of witchcraft, they tend to put things in a glass jar as part of their rituals or superstitions, the fact is that it usually happens when we dream we are inside a glass cube or see strange things in a drinking-glass, as in this case, in which whether or not to believe in witchcraft, and either work or not, lets us know the feelings and intentions of other people).

- If the drinking-glass is filled with a LIQUID other than water, then we must find the meaning of that liquid, for example, if full of vinegar, portends fights and setbacks.

- If we see trash, but it is most noticeable is a PLASTIC-CUPS WASTE means that there is someone who envies us and tries to hurt us, and if the plastic-cups are brown, is envy is related to our luck in love. In both cases we suggest to have it in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises.

- If we are drinking from a LUXURIOUS drinking-glass, means good fortune.

- If we dream that someone gives us a full drinking-glass of WATER, it means comfort or health. And if we offered a glass of mineral water, then, means that our situation will improve.

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