If in our waking life we have children, this dream tells us that we can be concerned about them, and advises that we should make sure they are good, or they do not have any problems we should know.

- If we dream that our child DIES IN AN ACCIDENT, it means that if we are not prudent enough we can put our child at risk. This dream advises us not to leave it to the care of unreliable people and to remove it from risky situations.

- If we dream of one of our children DEAD AND IN A COFFIN, it means that it can be in danger. It may also represent a probable separation or distancing (For example: For legal custody, start distancing ourselves, depending on your age and current situation)

- If in our day-to-day life, we have a GIRLFRIEND(BOYFRIEND), who is divorced and has a child, and we dream that his son asks us something, it means that his son tried to defend his interests (that he tried to reunite his Parents again).

- If in our dream we see one of our children (One of our small children), but of MORE AGE than it actually has, it means that we would want to have less responsibility towards him (We wish he were already big), but the truth Is that it still needs a lot of care.

- If we dream of one of our children AS WHEN HE(SHE) WAS A CHILD, means that he(she) needs our help, for example: In our guide and our advice.

- If you dream of one of our sons (who is now a teenager or an adult) AS WHEN HE(SHE) WAS A CHILD, AND ALSO WE SEE SICK, means it is likely to get sick, so we advise him(her) to take care of your health and protected against contagious diseases.

- If a woman dreams that her sister has a child (or that her sister has another child in addition to it has in reality) with a BIRTH DEFECT or with a feature that does not like, means that this worried or can get to be, if she get to get pregnant soon, because of that there is the possibility that your child may be born with a congenital problem, or some feature that does not like. This dream advised to wait for a better time, or at least go to a doctor to make sure there is no risk, in the second case it may be a minor concern, for example: That the dreamer this concerned that the likely dad is not good looking enough, and that the baby can become more like him than her.

- If in the dream we see one of our children or small family with BRUISES, tells us that we must be careful in the next few days, as it may fall (for example: In a stroller, crib.....) or injury.

- If in our dream, we are CARING A FAMILY MEMBER THAT IS BABY, and suddenly we noticed how the baby start to get sick, says it is likely to get sick or be in danger, so we must ensure that this good and he(she) will not have any problems.

- If we see one of our children CONNECTED TO A PROBE or bringing a probe connected where they give you medicine or something similar, means that we must ensure that our son(daughter) is well and that will not have no problem because of our lack of understanding.

- If a mom dreams that HER FRIEND, TAKE YOUR CHILD TO DENTIST means it is convenient to do the same with his own son, and if it did then it means she did the right thing.

- If we see one of our children, but WE SEE WITH A DIFFERENT FACE (we know it's him(her) but his(her) face looks like that of someone else) means we are not knowing how to understand their emotions and problems.

- If we dream that we DROP one of our children or babies family, tells us that in the next few days we should be careful, as they may fall from somewhere (for example: In a stroller, crib.....) or injury.

- If in the dream we see that one of our children is DROWING and we do not help, it means that there may be a looming threat or that our child may be in danger. But if in the dream we helped and saved, then it means that we have gotten rid of a hazard.

- If we dream that one of our children is ELECTROCUTE, it means that we must take good care of our children and not leave them to the care of unreliable people. It is also important to be careful with psychic attacks, especially if they are still small (In this case we advise you to pray with them).

- If we see our children ENDANGERED means there is a looming threat, especially if for example: If he(she) were to leave home or around people were unreliable.

- If we dream of a person with several children, and who GIVES US ONE OF THEM TO TAKE CARE, it means that there is someone who wants us to take care of things that do not correspond to us.

- If you do not have kids, but we dream that we HAVE A CHILD (a son more than two years) in most cases means we want to have children, although there are several exceptions, for example:

- If you dream that one of our children, is lost and thought it was because someone knew of him(her) by INTERNET and use your data to kidnap him, means that we are concerned about because of our son's friends (because we not know if they are a good influence or not) or because of a similar issue. Anyway, this dream we are advised to ensure that their friendships are reliable, and that the places he(she) usually go, also be reliable.

- If a mother or a grandmother, dreams that warn that KIDNAPPED one of your children or grandchildren, but then check and realizes that they are all (not kidnapped anyone) means that it has escaped the danger that happens something bad to one of their children or grandchildren, even so, this dream advised not overconfident.
But if she dreams that they kidnapped one of his children or grandchildren, then, it means that your grandchildren or children are in danger.

- Dreaming that we KILLED OUR SON, means that we are angry for his bad attitude; It may also be because we feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities we have towards them.
But if we dream that we kill our children and hide the corpses so that no one knows, it means that we feel guilty for mistreating them in some way or for not giving them all the attention they deserve, in addition to our fear that others go to think that we are bad parents.

- If a mother dreams that her daughter is PREGNANT and it is distressing dream, it means that this worried about her daughter, for example: For whom to marry, because someone can take advantage of it, because they may suffer a dishonor it can be pregnant, and so on. In any case, this dream advised to make sure your daughter is well, it can also be advice that says you should teach your daughter to take precautions, rather than just tell do not, for example: Saying "Do not, and if you disobey me at least take the following precautions....."

- If in a dream, we SEE A SON OR OUR CHILDREN, means we can be concerned about them, and advises that we should make sure they are good, or they do not have any problems we should know.

- If in our waking life, one of our children is SICK, and IN THE DREAM SE SEE IN THE SAME CONDITIONS, but also happens in the dream, suddenly comes someone we know, and starts cleaning the bedroom or Our son's bedroom, means that person can help us in our situation, either because know a good home remedy or because a knows a very efficient doctor.

- If in our WAKING LIFE, WE HAVE NO CHILDREN but in the dream we have a SICK SON, means that there is something that is worrying.

- If we dream that someone VIOLATES OUR DAUGHTER(SON) it means that someone is treating she(he) badly, or that it will do soon and can be: Other children, a teacher, cousin, uncle, etc., it advises us to be vigilant and talk with her(him) to see if you have a problem we should to know.

In these cases, it is advisable to consult the meaning of the other things we see in dream for more details.

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