Darkness represents doubt, failure, uncertainty and dangers or concerns; depending on our current situation and the context of the dream. Unless we see a light in the darkness, because then, represents hope or possibility of changing things.
Although keep in mind that even if it is a negative sign, we can always revert to our prayers or an amulet to help our guardian angels to be near us.

- If in the dream we see a DARK BASEMENT means we have a concern that relates to an issue that we must analyze.

- If in the dream we found a TEACHER IN A DARK BASEMENT means there is an issue that concerns us, and tells us that we need a council doing to understand or decipher the situation.

- If in our dream we see BED AND ALL DARK, but to one side, we see a light coming from a lamp or similar, means that we have difficulties in love, but there is hope (we still have a chance or can happen unexpected change our situation).

- If the BLACK COLOR means uncertainty and lack of light, is the opposite of blue and dawn.

- To dream about a BLACKOUT means that we are in the dark, unable to find the exit to our problems.

- To dream about a DARK HOUSE, means trouble in our professional activities, lack of financial resources, debts, uncertainty, and or fights in the family.

- Dreaming with a DARK STREET, means that in our waking life we have taken a dangerous path, which advises us to be cautious.

- See DARK THROUGH A WINDOW warns us that our future may be uncertain, that is, that is not very clear, so we try harder if we want to achieve our goals.

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